Hindu girls come out in support of musalman guy who was accused of lovejihad

Earlier post Musalman guy who doesn’t say vande mataram drooled by hindu girls-

Now seeing hindu girls with this musalman guy many Hboys on quora got jealous and as usual messaged this musalman of being a lovejihadi

As usual the Hboy called the musalman Katuee traitor (circumcised). The biggest irony in today’s India is that the very same katuaa penis is loved by most hindu girls.
Fact check: Hindu girls are themselves going to the musalman as hindu girls usually do.
HBoys messaged hindu girl Mani to say away from this musalman. Did it work ? No, as Hboys simply cant do anything to stop empowered hindu girls from going to real mards musalmans.

Hindu girl Mani Kashyap messages this musalman as hindu girls love spreading love with musalman mards.
“Whenever you feel bad feel free to message me as a friend, boyfriend or stranger. I am always with you.”

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