Karuna 35 years old married women- I work in government sector. I have a co-worker named Sarfaraz Alam. He always took interest in my personal life, I told him most of the things going in my life and sometimes shared my emotions with him. Few months after working together he started getting physical touched me a few times and I couldn’t say no. I saw his crotch bulge few times, I knew he had a big one hidden there. One day it became too much for me to control myself, finally got laid. He checked out my pussy and said it is as tight as a young girl’s vagina and that my husband is not able to service it, he said he is gonna loosen my pussy and make me a woman. His big fat circumcised dick was by far the biggest to enter my pussy and it was the best sexual experience I ever got. When he uses my body I feel I exist only to be used by him.

Mohini 22 F – My father’s bussiness partner Sirajullah 40 M was very close to our family visited our home regularly. I had never imagined he would be sexually attracted to me. Sometimes went shopping with him, he also owned an apparel showroom in the city. He knew I like cold coffee. Once after shopping I was drinking coffee in his car suddenly I got a jolt when he applied brakes someone was crossing the street and it was close. Half of the coffee fell on my cleavage and breasts. He saw it stopped the car and with the tissue paper started cleaning my neck and moved downwards. I was in a low neck top. I said its ok I would do it myself but he didn’t listen. Out of nowhere he kissed me grabbed my boobs. In shock my mind was blank for a few seconds then I tried to push him back but he was literally a hunk I was overpowered by him. Pulled the neckline down and licked by cleavage. I said please stop this I would tell my dad, he said you wont, he didn’t seem to care. Unbuttoned my jeans and dragged his fingers into my panty. When his fingers touched my pussy I started loosing myself, my pussy started getting a bit wet and he knew I was enjoying it. Then he drove the car to a lonely place and took out his giant cock, I had seen such big dick only in porn movies up until now. Now you are a grown up girl its time for you to play with this, he told me. Started sucking my lips I grabbed his big hard circumcised rod. Slowly he pulled by head down towards his cock I knew what he wanted. I sucked his cock until he cummed my face with his thick cock juice. That was just the started after that he fucked me many times. I had a boyfriend Jatin but he was no where close to Sirajullah, how he used by sexy body was truly amazing.

Suchita 24 : College mai farewell party thi and mostly girls wear saree in farewell parties here. Us din mujhe aur mere group ki 3 aur ladkiyo ko Yasir, Faheem aur Imran ne choda. We were just celebrating in my friend’s room and kitni jaldi they got sexually aroused. Saree khol kar teeno ne mujhe aur meri friends ko choda sari raat. I have experienced muslim boys k kuch jyada he jaldi lund khade ho jate hai and they get physical and I cannot resist their hard lunds. Jab koi muslim hum hindu ladkiyo k jism ko chuta hai wo feeling alag hoti hai. Mini mathur, shruti seth aur aisi hindu ladkiya hai jo ye baad achi tarah janti hai.

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  1. My sister kiran(18) was having sex with his Muslim BF & his friends for last 16 months & now she is pregnant for 4 weeks. She has made like a slut. How to get rid of it.

    • Sorry to say rohan but you can get rid of it now, sabse aacha hoga kii tum aapni bahan ka abortion kara do aabhi agar ho sake tho or iske baad uski saadi kisi hindu ladke se kar do , hala kii woo saadi ke baad bhi aane relation kisi naa kisi muslim ladke se bana hii legii , I have also suffered the same

  2. it was diff feeling when i was grabbed by mighty muslim male in back side of college library. he didnt care if i was agree on not and fondeled me for good 15 20 min. pressed my boobs kissed rubbed hand there and finally masterbated on my suit. i was shivering exp first time this kind of thing and then after some time i started liking it. he used my body fully and i believe we derserve it as well.

    • Don’t get her aborted. there are many faggots amongst we heendoos. she should marry a heendoo faggot like us with Muslim Son in her belly. and the marrying heendoo guy should openly accept Muslim STUDS Dominance and become Muslim MEN’S Slave

  3. i want hindu celebrity affairs with Muslims

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    Muslim masters and Hindu brothers/sisters email me.

  5. main bhi job hostel me thi tab hostel me garden ka mali muslim the age karin 45 hoga un se kai bar kee bad me o aap ne frd ko bhi inviye kiye and mughe bahut rough sex kiyeeeeeeeeee

  6. Thanx deepak. I m trying to do the same v early possible.

    • rohan, aisi galti mat karo
      Muslim Mard ka Bachha paida karna har heendoo ladki ka qwaab hai
      please don’t get her abortion done

      • galti ni wo paap h…hmari behan ko kitni bar abortn karvaoge…wo fir prgnnt ho hi jaygi…taklif hmari didi kohi hongi…kuki e mulle hindu ladki o ko prgnant krke 6od dte h..fir bi hindu ladki mulle k piche bhagti hi h..hmari behnno ki kamjori h muslim boy……my prblm …meri didi ka 2 bar prgnnt hui iske muslim bf se…2 bar abortn karwaya hmne fir bi wo is muslim lover ko ni 6odti…kitna samjaye …wo muslim ko kta samjaye wo kahta h hnari behan hi gum gum ke iske piche jati h…jab fault hi hmari behno ka h to ham muslimo ko kya kahe…log kahte h love jehad par kesa love jehad hmari behne muslim ladko ko fasane wala jehad…hmari ladkiya muslim ladko k swapn dkhti h…inhoka nam sunte hi unhoki tarif karni lagti h…bollywood m khan ke nam se sari ladkiya ka dil dol jata h…agar khan chahe to puri india ki ladkiya khan se shadi kar leti…aaj bi beutifull hindu girl muslimo se shadi kar leti h…aur other normal or ungly hindu girl ham bache hindu o k hath me aye ya na aaye…islie muslim 4 ladkiyo se shadi karta h…aur inmebi 2-3 hindu hi hoti h…aur hame to ek bi mil ni sakti…h…ham muth mar k chala dte h…yi hal h ham hindu ladko ka…hindu girl apne maje k lie muslim boy k sath enjoy k lie hamara kuch ni sochti…

  7. Shut Up. Ankit U sounds like an impotent, loser & a gay.

  8. Shut Up. Ankit U sounds like an impotent, loser & a gay. U got no respect for a girls feeling. Just sex.

  9. ya meri didi bi pregnant h frndz me meri didi aur iska bf zakir hi jante h didi ki pregnancy k bare m kya kre…zakir bacha chahta h aur didi bi par me ni…shayad hmari izzat dav p lagi h…zakir didi ko bacha krke 60d denga muje malum h…par didi zakir ka gi manti…kya kru samaj ni ata…

  10. I never tasted circumcised dick but I fantasies a lot about it.

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  12. Muslim lunds are the best lunds

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