Hindu Girl’s Dharmik Tattoos And Love Jihad of the Katbullahs

One thing about kattar virat H guys is that they keep a close eye on hindu girls both around them and on social media, which musalman is after which hindu girl or which hindu girl is fucking which musalman, so they know it woo well whats happening between hindu girls and musalman guys. They take it upon themselves to protect hindu girls from musalmans but at the end of the day thats not how things work in real life.

Musalman mards get extra hard when they see h!ndu girls flaunting their dharmik tatoos and they dont shy away from pursuing them. It always takes too hands to clap. An average Hindu girl probably gets tons of proposals from the h guys but she turns all or most of them down then she sees the musalman mard and she is like finally something different Khan, Ahmed, Habibullah ummm. Also the defiant nature of hindu girls against their own men makes them for the musalman mards even more as she enjoys the trill of doing the forbidden.

One such H!ndu girl was Aditi. She was in a relationship with a musalman and had a dharmik tattoo on her back. She felt very strongly about his musalman boyfriend and the society which looked down upon her for having a musalman bf. It is often said about hindu women or you could say women in general “there is a difference between what women say they want and what they really want.
While having sex with Aditi, her musalman boyfriend Sheeraz took special interest in that part of her body may be because it felt more hindu.
Aditi told Sheeraz to leave that tattoo alone its not a plaything, it has special meaning and significance.
Well, that was not gonna happen since a musalman is bound to use every inch of hindu girl’s body to conquer her entirely.
Sheerzaz went ahead to fucked Aditi from behind in doggy style. He held her hairs and was pounding her from behind. Aditi was on seventh heaven feeling his big circumcised muslim cock banging her pussy. In the heat of the moment Sheerzaz tells Aditi that he is gonna cum on that tattoo. Even after hearing that Aditi didn’t do anything, instead she got so wet, she never felt so much sexual tension in her life. Finally Sheerzaz with his throbbing cock releases his huge cum load on Aditi’s back especially on her dharmik tattoo as she kept lying there exhausted and filled with the most thrilling sexual experience of her life.

10 thoughts on “Hindu Girl’s Dharmik Tattoos And Love Jihad of the Katbullahs

  1. Its the real truth you spoke Lordkhan, when i was in college, i had a friend named Mansi, she was very beautiful and her boyfriend was a muslim guy, one day we were in the study lounge and discussing over many issues, she asked me, if I know any tattoo guy, I asked what kind of tattoo she wanted, and her reply was “I want OM tattoo on the back side of my neck”. I very well understood the kind of devotion her tattoo was gonna make on the backside. Hindu girls love Muslims more then their families coz the relation of cunt and dick is bigger then any other relation. lolx

  2. about three month back i was with amir in his bed nude and he was fuking my tits and his pnis touching my lips every time. During the action his tool often touching the religius pendant i was wearing. every time it does, i use to remove it from there but he keep on doing it. finally he grabbed my both hand pushed his tool thru my mala and then into my mouth. my eyes could clearly see my pendant hanging from his tool but i was helpless. he kept doing this for some time and then removed mala wrapped it on his tool and dont know why seeing this i was wet and legs got open automatically.
    In one shot he was in. it wasnt just sex between men and girl it was way more than that. it was a pure submission of my faith and it was the destiny of h girl.

  3. These things are more common than what most people know. My wife lost her virginity to some muslim guy who was married. She knew they have no future still. To make things even worse they are Facebook buddies though we are in now in a different city. Though I believe they have not been together after our marriage.

  4. I have a muslim friend..more of a friend with benefit 😅..but aisa usne kabhi mujhe hindu ladki hone ki wajah se ya ye cheez highlight nahi ki..but ye post dekhne ke baad..I definitely want this

  5. Brilliant! Aisa hona hi chahiye. Kyunki yeh sirf hindu muslim sex ki baat nahi hai. Ye hindu faith ka submission hai islam ke aage. I love it.

  6. I am 19 in college. Have had 3 muslim boyfriends the past year. I am not religious but my first boyfriend insisted I get dharmik tattoo in lower back. He also got me dharmik tulsi necklace for valentines day. He said it will spice up our sex: I didnt mind, since he was very passionate seeing me wear it. He also had sindhoor bedside and wanted me to wear it before every sex. I have continued doing it for my second and third muslim bf and they said its the best sex they have ever had. They especially love unloading on my dharmik tattoo. I somehow find it very erotic even though many of my hindu classmates harass me for my tattoo but I dont care about them.

  7. aise tatoo banwane k piche yahi motto rahta hai k asli mard bas door se dekh k hi hame pehchan jaye aur unka sakhti skinless lund aur sakht ho jaye.. aur wo kahi jhadiyo pe hame daboch k chode.. uff bada maza ata hai aise chudne me ..
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