Hindu girls fascination for Muslim guys

Basically I am a 26 year old Hindu guy with no life, I am a nerd. I have never had sex and never will but I am not a fool fairly intelligent, though you can call me a looser.

As a nerd I am stuck with my computer but I like it this way. I have two fake facebook accounts and in my free time I send messages to random real girls on facebook mostly Indian. Most of these messages are about sex (sexting) or has double meanings.

I have been doing this for more than a year not everyday though. Most of the girls block me some ignore me but there is something which I observed, and I came across this accidentally.

When a girl blocks my first account I send messages to her from my the second account or I talk with the girl with both the accounts depends on the situation. Note that, one account has a Muslim name and the other Hindu name. I never thought about the hindu muslim thing as I said before I accidentally came across this and forced to think about it.

First time this happened was about six months ago this was a pretty Bengali hindu girl I was talking to with the Muslim name (wasn’t intentional as I said I didn’t thought about it that time) I started sexting and she didn’t mind, send some erotic messages and she was ok with it and she even found it funny and laughed. The next day I messaged her with my other account with the hindu name sent an erotic message and after a few hours logged in to check back again and found out that she had blocked me the account with the hindu name. Both the accounts has a stupid profile pic of some hollywood actor.
I scratched my head why this double standards or I should rather say a preference for Muslim male.

This happened again after few weeks I sent a message called this girl a  ‘cunt’ she blocked the account straight away and then from another account with the muslim name called her a stupid bitch and she replied back inquiring what is wrong, then I started doing some trash talking made her angry and forced her to block me, after 20 minutes or so after sending 10 to 15 messages she blocked me. Again double standards,  preference for muslim male is a better phrase.

It happened once again the third time with a hindu girl after that I am posting this here after doing some intense searches on good found this site.

Till now it has happened 3 times you could say its too few but note this; vice versa the opposite has never happened when the same hindu girl had blocked the account with muslim name and talked with the account with the hindu name and I have a very balanced approach.
Whats there in name people say (naam mai kya rakha hai), well something definitely is there.
I went through this blog and found this to be the most logical article
and its no wonder why those search terms are at the top, my post is just one small example.

One thought on “Hindu girls fascination for Muslim guys

  1. Yes its true kutte ki tarah lat mar ke bhaga deti hain hindu girls agar apne bare main bat karo… itni bezti karti hain thread main bhi aur private main bhi ki pucho mat… muslim agar unhe kutiya bhi bolega to wo chalaki se kah degi what… kya hua… anyways come in private please…

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