Hindu girls like musalmans real discussion

I am not saying this but just quoting the views of a h guy from a legit forum. You may search the discussion yourself on google if you want. He says: “Muslim boys outpace hindu boys in terms of looks and personality if you average out. .they may be far behind intellectually bt some girls doesn’t care that. No Indian cricketer (little tingu pingu) come at par with Pakistani cricketer in terms of personality…imran khan was considered most sexist cricketer ever… for whom jamima khan fell in love…so her friend princess Diana for another Pakistani Dr. Hasnat khan. Look at MTV Roadies..most of good looking boys will be muslim. I have some muslim friends and all of them have hindu girlfriends….they don’t waste a single chance to flaunt it. I tell u one incident one day I was listening FM 91 and there was one Hindu girls requesting a song to be dedicated to her boyfriend….so what’s the big deal…I was surprised when she specifically mentioned that he is a muslim…rather I should say she proudly announced about his religion without being asked…why she needed to say that…is it a proud possession…” She mentioned he was a musalman because she wanted to do the forbidden haha. The thrill of doing the forbidden is also one of the reasons which lands h girls in the lap of musalmans. Bahot pasand aate hai inko kate lund.

23 thoughts on “Hindu girls like musalmans real discussion

  1. I’m atheist (hindu family) and my agnostic (hindu family) girlfriend has mentioned that she finds muslim and pakistani men far more attractive than Hindu. She is also often turned on my Muslim men.

  2. as a Hindu man with a Hindu girlfriend, I can confirm this is true about my girlfriend. The thought of being taken by a Muslim man is very exciting to her.

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