Hindu girls more inclined to fall for muslim males

A study / research submitted by Mr. Ronok Das. He writes: Hi I am Ronok. I did some research on the topic and the results were very interesting. I am a 30 year old hindu male with a well settled life. I own a mall, took over my father’s business. I don’t have much work all day besides I started doing this investigation or you may call fact-finding because of certain reasons and my personal experiences. I have an elder sister she went to UK to study where she married a divorced pakistani muslim guy. My beautiful sister was 24 years old then and the guy was 34. My niece also married a muslim. An aunt of mine left her husband for a muslim guy. She is 40 years old and she lives in the US now. We are not related through family ties but she was our neighbor and I used to call her aunty. She was a very pretty woman. There are other reasons as well which are really private and I would not like to disclose. It took me around four months to complete this research. I made two facebook accounts one with a hindu name and … Continue reading Hindu girls more inclined to fall for muslim males