Hindu Girls Vs H Boys

Modern day Hindu girls love to cross the lakshman rekha and break free, they are speaking up more than ever. When it comes to the musalman mards hindu girls are always on the frontline face to face with HBoys

Many hboys are obsessed with why h!ndu girls are going for the musalman lund, so when they encounter the H!ndu girl on the internet they try to shame her.
HBoys one of the paths to cuckoldry explained in a few steps. I have had the experience of walking the same path.
1- Hates Musalmans and becomes more and more frustrated.
2- Sees hindu girls liking and going for musalman mards and cannot fathom why.
3- Notices hindu girls in college / office mingling with musalman guys.
4- Sees love jihad increasing day by day.
5- One night he masturbates to hindu girls loving musalman lund hugging the lovejihadi bfs, releases all his frustration. It feels like never before, so much pleasure.
6- Slowly he becomes a cuckold and falls for circumcised musalman lund.

Musalmans have mast circumcised sullah

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