Hindu girls wooing muslim men fast

Far more Hindu girls are in relationship with Muslim males, the reason is not demographics but historical, cultural and psychological . The marriage and romance between hindu women and muslim kings in the history is something which cannot be erased. You may search groups in facebook about Jodha Akbar and you will find those groups filled with Hindu girls. Hindu girls admire women like Kareena Kapoor and Jodha. If you think that the reason for more Hindu ladies going for with Muslim males is mainly because of demographics that there are more hindu girls in India for Muslim males, then let me tell you going my the same logic there are more muslim girls in bangladesh, pakistan and arab countries but still more Hindu girls even there are in relationship with Muslim males. Even in UK and USA you would find more hindu girls in relationship with muslim males even pakistanis.
I saw a post by Indian Feminist and they say, I quote “so many Hindu girls in Pakistan and Bangladesh are freely marring Muslims.
If you check you will find lot of brave Hindu girls fall in love and elope with Muslim boys but their families lay false charges against Muslim boys that their girl was abducted. When you actually ask the Hindu girl she clearly says she eloped because of love and not by force

Another thing is that the sexual power, stamina and cut cocks of beef eating muslim males is a gossip for hindu girls and they want to experience it,  once they go ahead and get the taste of the real thing after that there is no going back.

5 thoughts on “Hindu girls wooing muslim men fast

  1. I am a hindu girl and I am telling you that the image of Hindu males in the world is = Weak with small dicks condoms are too large for them many of them cannot satisfy their women and run after money. The vegetarian hindus are the worst with weak erections. Males need to eat flesh they need more testosterone to be real men who can satisfy women in bed to the fullest that she doesn’t think about any other man. Thats why i know of many hindu friends who have affairs with muslim males even after the marriage. Why would any women from another community want such males who have this kind of image and stick to their own men unless its blind love.

    1. Yes it’s true mam. I am Hindu and I had gf. She said I was pathetic in bed and in real I was having smaller dick. In my opinion all Hindu girls should marry Muslims and should keep namards as your slaves.

  2. Aurat ki jaat he aisi hoti hai Aurat jaat Masala mangti hai. Jab tak Aurat ko Masala doge tab tak wo tumhara pura saath degi. Hindu mard apni aurto ko Masala de nahi pate wo satisfy nahi rehti puri tarah se aur wo Masala hum musalman dete hai hindu aurto ko.

  3. This is true. I am a Hindu man and my girlfriend fantasies about muslim men. She tells me they she finds them far more virile and manly then Hindu men.

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