Hindu Mother married Son’s Muslim Friend

Hello readers. I just want to share my own experiences. I personally firmly believe that the Hindu married women are the sexiest and they have enormous lust for Muslim large dicks. Especially Bengali Brahman Hindu Moms.

Take my own mom, for example. At the time of this incident I was 15 years old and preparing for my board exams. I am born of a Hindu Brahman mother named Sosthi Mukherjee, my father Jibanlal Mukherjee. We belonged to a very liberal Hindu family. We stayed at Raniganj and it was a good Muslim populated area. I, then studied at G*** B****i School, Raniganj. My dad was a school teacher in Kolkata and stayed there, only came during weekends to visit us. My best friend was then Afzal Ali Ansari. He was 21, then stuyding at Raniganj T*****i D**i B*******a college. He was enormously built 6 foot height and very muscular, little bit dark complexioned. His dad Jamal Ali Ansari owned a car showroom, hence they were very rich. Afzal was very pious Muslim and very polite to me and my mom. I could still remember that my mom used to cut her lips by teeth, whenever she would meet Afzal. So she felt aroused by seeing Afzal.

My mom was very short height, approx 5 foot 3 inch, but very well proportioned busty and sexy body even at the age of 32. She was milky white complexioned. Afzal used to teach me maths and often spent nights at our home. That night, he gave me some taff problems and told me that he needed to see my mom Sosthi, as she was ill. He entered my mom’s bedroom and after sometime I heard my mom scream. I thought to see the matter and moved into my mom’s bedroom. As I was crossing the corridor I heard the sound of something shaking violently on my mom’s bed. As I peeked through the curtains, I was completely spellbound to find my white Hindu Brahman mom Sosthi Mukherjee lying on her marital bed on all her four limbs like a cow and Afzal, my best friend was fucking the hell out of her married pussy, like a huge bull. He was enormous in size almost 12 inch I would say and he was completely invading my Hindu Mom’s pussy with his Sultaani dick from tip to roots.

After my mom screamed the first instance, Afzal suspected that my mom’s tight little Hindu pussy will not be able to bear the enormous load of his manhood, so he held tightly my mom’s mouth by his right hand and with left hand he was mauling and violating my mom’s boobs. As he was thrusting his enormous potent Sultaani manhood in my Hindu mom’s pussy, the way my mom’s body was reacting, I was sure he was stretching her pussy to limits. He fucked the hell out of my mom’s pussy for about 20 minutes and then deposited his potent Muslim seed in my Hindu mom’s womb. I was shivering, I saw mom was as well, but Afzal was sweating in heat. My mom almost ran senseless, after Afzal orgasmed inside her fertile womb. Afzal, then wore his patloon and took his way to my study room.

I hurried back and pretended to be sleepy. When Afzal was in my room and found me sleepy, he enquired the reason, I said that I needed to relax for the night. I saw the huge bulge in Afzal’s pelvis. Even after depositing his cum in my Brahmin mother’s married pussy, he was rock hard. His patloon’s pelvic portion was stained by my mom’s love juices and his potent Muslim seeds. Afzal ordered me to take a night off. I went to bed and pretended to sleep.

He then turned his way back to my mom’s bedroom. This time again I heard my mom screamed. I followed to my mom’s bedroom and found, Afzal was pounding my Hindu Brahman mom’s virgin ass-hole by his rock hard Sultaani dick. I say my mom’s virgin ass-hole because Hindu ladies often had discussion regarding their partner’s behaviour in bed, and my mom mentioned to other Hindu ladies that she was never ass fucked by her husband. Afzal was really pounding my mom’s tiny ass-hole very hard and the way she was flapping underneath Afzal’s strong body, I was sure he was pumping the air out of my mom’s lungs and my mom was definitely feeling the pleasures of seventh heaven. After shoving my mom’s virgin ass-hole again for about 30 odd minutes he again climaxed in her ass-hole. This time he was panting hard and my mom’s body lay senseless underneath him. He took my mom’s pallu, cleaned himself off his sweats. And I was horrified to see blood stains of my moms’ ass-hole on his dick.

He took his way back to my room. He found me sleeping, I never reacted to what happened. After he laid beside me I went to toilet and then masturbated several times remembering what I just saw. That night I could not sleep. My blood was raging in my head. How could my best friend do this to my mom? I thought that I should ask straight forward, but thinking of my mom’s prestige and our Hindu community I silenced.

In the early morning I felt little bit drowsy, but a sudden jolt of shock wave ran through my veins when I found Afzal was not lying beside me. I thought that I will end this matter forever, but what I saw in my mom’s bedroom shocked me. Afzal had already masturbated his cum all over my mom’s nude body and what was left to shoot from his Sultaani hose pipe dick, he deposited on my dad and mom’s laminated marriage photo on the desk right beside the bed.

I rushed to toilet and I was weeping violently. I recovered myself from the shock and found my mom coming out of her bedroom completely roughly manhandled. Her sindoori maang and forehead were stained by Afzal’s cum. Some drops of cum stained my mom’s lips as she was cleaning them rapidly by her tongue. Her milky white cheeks, shoulder neck were covered with bite-marks and scratches. I was shocked to see that my mom’s blouse were stained as well. Afzal deposited his cum on my mom’s breasts which fed me when I was a child. My mom was limping and she was hardly able to walk.

I was completely outraged at this. I thought not to open the door of my house to a Muslim stud who did this to my mom, especially when he was my best friend. The entire day I did not phoned Afzal. That night my mom was outrageous at me for not inquiring about Afzal. The next day as well she scolded me for not giving her any news of Afzal. I was sensing that my Hindu married Brahman mom Soshti Mukherjee, was going crazy for a potent Muslim stud, Afzal Ali Ansari’s manly cock. On the third night, Afzal ranged the door bell of my house, my mom’s eyes glittered and her joys knew no bound.

I had never seen my mom reacting like that when dad used to rang the door bell. She ruched to the main door, opened it and started to kiss Afzal’s hands violently. As I mentioned earlier, my mom was very short height and Afzal was extensive in height and physique, henceforth my mom could not reach her face or else she should have flooded his lover’s face and mouth with greeting kisses, without caring all she was doing in front of her own son. My mom recovered herself quickly and said that she had some urgent matters of discussion with Afzal, and since dad was not at home Afzal was the only man who could help her. I knew what she exactly meant. At mom’s reply, I saw Afzal licking his lips like a lion before preying on a deer. My mom farther said that no matter what I hear from her room, I should not knock the door and call her out before anyone opens the door of her bedroom. I was completely baffled at mom’s activities.

That night I heard my mom screaming, moaning with erotica, pleasures and orgasms, and even slanging Afzal like a Hindu bitch and slave of a Muslim Master. Things I never heard when my mom was with her legal Hindu Brahman husband, in their marital bed. Afzal also slanged my mom like hell, and outraged all his potency and manhood when he rocked and shaked my mom’s marital bed so hard, that it broke. The laughed violently at that moment. I knew that Afzal was not only stretching my mom’s pussy and ass-hole to their limits by his Sultaani manhood, but was ripping her into halves and giving her the pleasures of seventh heaven. This continued for weeks. During weekends, mom will behave like a polite and pious Hindu Brahman lady in front of dad, and during the rest of the week she would behave like a whore of Afzal, my best friend. What can be more humiliating for my horn head Brahman pimp Hindu dad, when I found out that my mom was in fact, paying Afzal for his services. My studies had come to an end as I can’t concentrate farther and I only masturbated standing outside my mom’s bedroom hearing my mom’s and her Muslim lover’s moans and screams.

One day I decided to end the matter openly. That night when Afzal arrived to give his Sultaani services to my Hindu married Brahman mom’s already Islam-i-fied body, I challenged him that this can’t continue for long. Afzal politely replied that it was my mom who wanted all this and provoked him. I got outraged and punched his face. My mom entered into act and slapped me so hard that I almost ran dizzy. He said to me that how I dared to touch and insult her fiancee. I was shocked. Afzal chuckled mischevioulsy, dragged the pallu of my mom’s saare to ground, stood behind her and as he pressed my mom’s boobs from behind, he showed me the little bulging in my mom’s belly. I was in total shock. Afzal said-” You see this boy. The potent Muslim bull have bred your holy Hindu cow”. That night mom disclosed that she had already accepted Islam by heart, and will speak to dad for a divorce. The matter did not went long and she got a divorce, she denied to take my parentage and married Afzal Ali Ansari. What was most shocking to me that she was in love with a Muslim guy who was almost 10-11 years younger than her.

I completely failed in the board exams. I was depressed. Dad rushed me to a psychiatrist and he concluded that best for me would be to move away from Raniganj to somewhere else. He got a new job in DPS Delhi, never married after that. As atmosphere changed when I moved to Delhi with my dad, I recovered and was back in studies. Years later I completed my MBA, got a new job in a MNC at Kolkata. One day, I was shopping in the streets of Dharamtalla in Kolkata with my Hindu girlfriend. I heard a lady calling me by my name, the voice sounded familiar to me. I turned back, I recognized that it was my biological mother. She was converted and her name was Sakeena. I also found Afzal Ali Ansari, and I was quite amazed to find him in the same charming physique. Me and my girlfriend was introduced to their family.

During their 13 years of married life my mom already had 3 sons and 2 daughters from Afzal. Afzal told me- ” Boy, your Hindu cows breed very well. 5 years back I married another Hindu Brahman girl, and now I have 2 sons from her. Another child is kicking her womb”. Afzal gave us a treat at the famous Ameena Hotel in Dharamtalla. I found my Hindu girlfriend attracted to Afzal’s charming behavior and physique. Before we departed, I asked mom, was she happy with what she did to me and my dad. She said – ” Look at my family and loving husband, and I am soaring in seventh heaven”. I asked forgiveness from Afzal for what I did to him last time, I hugged him, kissed his hands and bidded farewell.

What I did not notice, was that Afzal already plucked my Hindu Brahman girlfriend, Annanya Mishra. And I am really frustrated to know that Annanya is dating Afzal Ali Ansari.

I am again frustrated. I have a community of Hindus whose wife or girlfriend are now with Muslim lovers. I want to share those experiences. I you know any online forum where I can share the experiences of Hindu cows bred by Muslim bulls, please contact me.

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  1. Thanks for Posting this story. Its not mine but felt like I should share it with our increasing #Hsluts4Mstud community.

  2. Arti is absolutely right… my mom is also fucked by my Muslim friend for 3 years… he started by raping her and continued for some weeks till she surrendered completely and became his sex slave… when I found out I was furious and tried to fight him but he overpowered me in two minutes and forced me to suck his dick… since that day I became addicted to Muslim dicks…

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