Hindu Muslim History and the Modern Era by Subramanyam Murthy

When the musalman traders first visited India the word quickly spread across the seas about the treasures that lie here. The land and the women both fertile.

The musalman armies who were born and bred in the hardships of the desert found the Indian climate very pleasing and upon making inroads into the hindu lands they saw that hindu women were ready to be taken.

After all if you check out the world history the hindus have been historically the most submissive and servile when occupied. Which is also the reason why they survived as they would mix without any resistance.

The musalman soldiers enjoyed the spoils of the battle and took hindu women either as their wives, paramours or harlots. Rumors of the mysterious circumcised cock then spread across the hindu kush to the far east and across the west then making its way to the south.

Legend has it, every hindu woman who heard about the alien muslim cock wanted to have a peek at least. Their wishes were soon fulfilled by musalman persistence, who over the years kept winning kingdoms after kingdoms and giving hindu women what they really craved for consciously or subconsciously.

What gave musalmans such drive ? Well, the musalmans always had one eye on hindu women. The hindu kings soon realized it as many offered their beautiful daughters to the musalman princes and kings to form alliances and avert possible invasion.

The musalmans on the other hand seeing the opportunity to breed a royal hindu girl without a drop of a single muslim blood would accept the proposal.

The hindu princess on learning that she is to sleep with musalman would be filled with both joy and nervousness. She knew the musalman invader would use her in every way known to man, which was arousing in its own way for hindu girls.

After centuries of fucking, today we see hindu girls hardwired to fall for musalman mards, it almost feels as if its genetic. Most hindu girls get intense burst of passion when she meets a musalman. She loves to undermine hindu guys while hopping onto the circumcised sullah of habibullah. Most of the times it would be so subtle that the hindu guy won’t even notice.

In the modern world old battles still exist but the battle grounds have changed entirely.

Hindu girls are loving Love Jihad and supporting the musalmans. When the shit hits the fan and the hindu guy faces the stark reality he either becomes a zealot or a submissive cuck. But most of the times its the submissive cuck he becomes, since he sees the musalman mards riding hindu girls everywhere and hindu girls loving it while sugar coating the idea of having relationships and sex with musalman with the notion of freedom and equality.

Hindu girls have a rebellious urge to cross the ‘lakshman rekha’ drawn by hindu men and you guessed it, riding a musalman circumcised cock is the most enticing for a hindu girl in this regard. Therefore its not even surprising to see feminist hindu girls fighting for women’s rights on one hand and sucking on big circumcised musalman bf’s cock on the other.

A hindu could think ten times before eating in musalman home whether it will make him impure (ashudh). What if she cooked it in the same pressure cooker in which she prepared beef the other day.

On the other hand the musalman would enjoy both- the pure hindu meals from hindu homes and the hindu girls who don’t mind even if the musalman is fucking her after eating beef or may be they get twisted pleasure out of it.

I was once at a local coffee shop with a couple sitting behind me close enough that I could clearly hear what they were talking about. It was a hindu girl and she was telling him how their family celebrates janmashtami what sweets they make and the fun they have. She also asked him the meaning of his arabic name thats how I came to know. I kept sitting there until they left so that I could have a look at her and boy she was hot and was riding katmullah lund no doubt as is the case with most of the hindu girls these days whether she is religious, partly religious, daughter of some hardcore hindu leader, atheist form hindu family or a nastik one thing is common they all go for muslim lunds or somehow the musalman guys are able to seduce them. Whatever it is, it always takes two hands to clap.

5 thoughts on “Hindu Muslim History and the Modern Era by Subramanyam Murthy

  1. “In the modern world old battles still exist but the battle grounds have changed entirely”
    Bilkul sahi baat hai . Ab battle grounds change ho gye hain. Hamari hindu moms, sisters aur wives ki choot aur gaand abhi battleground hai aur musalman mardon ke lund weapons. Musalman mard apne weapons se hamari moms ke battleground poore tabah kar rahe hai aur unme naye beej daal rahe hain.
    Meri maa Savita Thakur ki fertile choot se hamari colony ke muslim kasai Akram ne 3 saal mein 3 bachche nikal diye hain.

  2. Ab samjhi ye mullo k liye hamara pyar achanak nahi aya.. kai sou salo se chala aa raha hai aur hamari chudaas badhti hi ja rahi hai.. aur unke lund k size bhi hihihi

    kik: deviarti
    hangour: [email protected]

  3. Yah to ancient time se hi hm hindu aurto ke jism ko pavitra kar rhe h …hm hindu aurto ke jism ka alsi use or maza to Muslim mard or uske mote lambe lund ne hi bataya h …hamari jism ki payash bhi to yahi bhujhate h …or hindu namard bhi apni payash hm hindu aurto ke chut se Muslim lund ka pani pikar bhujhate h …phle hindu aurte khud jati thi Muslim mard ke bister par …ab hindu cuckold husband khud hm hindu housewife ko lekar Muslim mard ke pass ja rhe h …khud bhi apni lulli hila kar Sant hote h …or hm hindu aurte apne pati ke samne Muslim lund se pavitra ho rhi h …jb Muslim mard ghanto tak nichor kar chudai Karte h …apne beefy lund se …ummm

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