Hindu pregnant wife fucked by muslim man

I am Somnath and 35 years of age, I am a decent Hindu male. My wife Shikha is 29 and she is 8 months pregnant for the first time. Due to her stage of pregnancy she has extremely BIG, DARK and MILKY NIPPLES which are white as her milk and big just like hanging watermelons. Unlike most woman in pregnancy she has got a very high sexual urge but I am not able to fuck her as I fear that it would harm my c***d in her and cause her pain.

One day after talking to our neighbors wife she informed me that our neighbor Rahim fucked his wife Nusrat during her pregnancy period also. Rahim is a huge Muslim stud with a thick beard and 42 yrs old, he is dark, ugly and arrogant. I was in dilemma and asked her what I should do. She told me to call him at our place and ask him how he satisfies his wife’s Pregnant pussy. As per her instruction, I rang him up and asked him to come down my place without telling him about the matter. He came to my place with unaware of his good luck.

We both were shy at first but then gathered courage and asked him about his efficient fucking to pregnant women. He replied that it could not be told orally, but if it was in real, then we could understand. He bravely proposed me that if my wife agreed then he could teach us how to do it. As only my wife was there who Pregnant was. Due to her high sexual urge, she greedily agreed without taking any approval from me. We both took her to bed and Rahim ordered me to remove Shikha’s Salwar.

She lay on bed and Rahim picked up her kurta and stroked her panty lightly. He was looking at some signs of wetness. He then took off her panty. Even though she was pregnant, he panty had a moist patch on it. First time, I saw a woman having dress on her upper part but with her lower part naked. Seeing her large Love Hole that is her cunt, he could not control himself and made him and asked my wife to remove all his clothes. She removed her pathani kurta, pyjama and his underwear as quickly as possible as she was so hot just like a bitch in heat. Thus making him totally naked. He checked the position of our c***d by inserting fingers at her Love Tube. The Muslim man tickled her pussy with his rough fingers and sucked it to make it slippery. Low moans escaped her mouth as she could not control herself despite me being there. Rahim ordered me to take off Shikha’s kurta and bra. That Dirty devil squeezed her breast and sucked her Erected nipples just like a small baby sucks lollipop in his mouth. He then inserted his fingers in her ass hole and moved it in there. My slut wife liked all this. The dirty Tongue of the Muslim Stud Touched the Lips of my fair Hindu wife.

The Arrogant Muslim Stud created a sensation in her as he placed his hand on her nipples and nibbled on her areolas which were swollen by now due to his caressing and by regularly touching with his scary beard. He Squeezed her Boobs hardly, so milk came out from her Large, Dark, and Erect Nipples.

My wife allowed him to Drink Her Baby’s 1st Milk to the Muslim Stud from her milk pot. My wife was totally naked now except her sinddor and mangalsutra which she wore for me. I stroked my own cock inside my shorts while watching the action unfold before my eyes of my wife with the Muslim guy. Rahim took out his cock, it was larger and thicker than my cock, seeing this cock my wife told him to go slow as it will pain her but as he was a great master at fucking he knew just how to go about. He started fucking her, with slow hard strokes, moving out so the head of his circumcised pole was just inside her opening.

Then with one swift movement, he rammed it into her so the entire length was buried in her. She rode his dick hard for several minutes, his upward thrusts meeting hers, before she stopped. He then rolled her over, all the while not letting her pussy slide off his cock. Then he began fucking her again, both panting and grunting as the bed bounced in time with their thrusts and Shikha’s head just barely missed hitting the bed as Rahim pounded her pussy hard and deep. He fucked her mercilessly in front of me and I felt excited and masturbated myself instead of getting angry by seeing my wife have sex with someone else in our own marital bed. He started using foul words like IMPOTENT, CUCKOLD etc to her about me.

The tip of his Circumcised cock touched the head of my c***d into it’s Hindu mother’s pregnant pussy. My unchaste Hindu Pregnant wife was really laughing as she got struck many times on her baby’s head into her love-hole by a Muslim cock. She forgot about taking care of her 8 months c***d as she was in seventh heaven during the inter religious sex. My wife had her eyes closed during the entire intercourse. She couldn’t lift up her legs due to her big belly (as she is carrying a c***d in her belly) but her Muslim breeder stretched her legs by his muscle power and gave her a hard fuck. At the time of fucking, she was totally senseless.

Her hair were totally disarranged and rolled on her face with sweat due to vigorous movement during sex encounter and she just enjoyed her pleasure with little pain. She reached at wonderful orgasm several times. I then saw the look on his face; it was easily recognizable that he was ready to cum at any moment, as Rahim had no habit of wearing condoms; he shot his semen on the boobs of shikha (he knew sperm might harm our baby).

They ended up with a nice laugh. He twisted her erected nipples with his semen and left the room and my wife shikha, a mother was lying on bed with other man’s sperm on her nipples. I was little bit worried if any harm is occurred by that ugly b**st to our baby or not but the baby was born without any complications. Original story writer mail me [email protected]

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  1. hindu randon ko pregnancy mein chodne ka maza hi kuch aur hai…. main to inki kutiya hindu kokh apne musalman bachhe se fula kar bhi inko chodta hun…. chinalon ki chut bahut gili rehti hai….!!! [email protected]

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