Hindu Queens Princess Ladies During Muslim Rule

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Why cannot Hindu girls control their urges for Muslim men? Why do married Hindu women happily spread legs for Muslims when their husbands are not there?
This is all part of an long secret tradition in India. To fully understand the sexual psyche of Hindu women one has to look into history.

Hindu and Brahmin females were long known for their swollen breasts and beauty. Hindu men never could satisfy their women. Only Muslims with their thick tools could make Hindu women discharge their pussy juices and reach
powerful orgasms. When Muslims invaded Hindustan they took millions of Hindu women as their rightful possession and fucked their wet cunts.

Hindu men took on the role of pimp, cuckold and gave away their young daughters, sisters, wives to be satisfied by beef eating powerful Muslim men. This happy tradition continues to this day and this is just the way Hindu women like it!!

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25 thoughts on “Hindu Queens Princess Ladies During Muslim Rule

  1. These hindu girls are perfect for make sex slave of muslim masters. They are ready to fucked and ruined by mighty muslim masters. Our great hindu ladies are want to breed only by muslim people.
    So this is the suitable time for make our all hindu girls and womens sex slave as the golden era (islamic rule in india). It should start again. Lots of harem should make for muslim hunks where our beautiful hindu princes will give them maximum sexual plesure. We all hindu also want this system.

  2. Thank you puja. Wel done. I know today you can feel the true sexual stamina of muslim hunk.
    We should encourage other hindu girls to marry muslim hunk or being their hindu slut To make them happy.

      1. Raj , Islam will not colips, Indian hindu girls will colps muslim guys, due to large polulations. as they did mughal kings. you hindu guys themself bring hindu girl , queens to them. remember ? hindu females are the real hindu and real hindustani. not hindu guys. be realistic. and keep eyes. all world sporting u so u going high in the sky. otherwise without females u are nothing.

  3. @Raj
    I don’t know who is collapsing. But know who is the best specis in the world. U should read our histry how the mighty muslim rullers dominated our hindus in every manner. Millions of hindu girls even princes and queens r taken to there Harem to enslave them and breed them to estabishment of islam in indian subcountinent. That was the golden era of india. They r powerfull then we hindu. And it’s a natural phenomenon that stronger specis will dominate and use the weaker one as they want. We should happy that our hindu specis (specially hindu females) are mating and breeding with powerful muslim males to produce a better and stronger specis. So we should thankful and help them every way for a bright future. And lastly we should proud of our hindu sisters and mothers for marrying muslim man. It’s a good combination dear. Be happy.

  4. Yeh this true I m a hindu bitch and wanted to be disgraced by Muslim. Please make me your sex slave fuck me hard make me cry and beg for mercy fuck me destroy my pussy and ass beat me with your leather Hunter brutally during sex put your cock into my mouth whole night when you sleep please I beg you for

  5. absolutly true .. hindu raja apni jaan bachne ke liye muslim badshah se apni ghar ki aurato ko chudwaate the aur muslim sanik hindu ghar mein ghus ke apne lode ki pyas bujhate the dhrre dhrre hindu aurto ko muslim mardo ke lode ka aisa chaska laga ki khud hi unke bistar pe jaane lagi

  6. The fact is that Hindu women were trained for centuries by Muslims to be their slaves and Hindu men were forced to see their women get fucked and enslaved by Muslims… now its in our genes… Hindu women get fascinated by Muslim dicks… which is the most natural thing… and Hindu men assume their role as spectator… I am a Hindu guy who is proud to be bitch of a Muslim guy… I am addicted to Muslim dicks… my Muslim friend fucks my mom also for last 3 years… its how things are meant to be… I accept it wholeheartedly and embrace my role as male bitch of a smoking hot Muslim dick… as every Hindu man should do…

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