Hindu Scandal in the USA

I’m a long time fan of your site, I’ve been reading your posts even from the time the website was called HinduLadies. I’ve never been interested in messaging you … until now.

I’m a 31 year old Hindu guy that was born, raised and spent my entire life in the USA and something shocking has happened at the Hindu temple where I worship. It’s a long story but worth reading until the end.

A woman was removed from the temple’s committee board without explanation in February. Now this was a scandal as she is a prominent member of the community, she would represent the temple during public meetings and perform all the media appearances. My parents used to send me to her classes on weekends when I was younger, so I know from personal experience how passionate she is about Hindu values and Hindu issues.

Now she told my aunt that she resigned due to health issues, but that didn’t make sense to me as this woman was clearly the youngest and healthiest looking person on the committee board by far.

Also the committee board contradicted her by stating she resigned to focus on her business interests. However the only business she has is a restaurant she owns with her husband, and no one has seen her working there since the was fired from the temple.

Everyone had their own version of the truth.

About the same time the Hindu temple got in a different scandal with local organisations from other religions because they were refusing to participate in interfaith events like everyone else. Most people thought this was because of some Hindutva influence.

No one could have guessed that these two scandals were linked, but I finally found out the truth from two different sources.

First I overheard a conversation from my Muslim colleagues at work about how one of their brothers at university was using interfaith meetings to pick up Hindu women. This didn’t surprise me, it’s a well known fact that Muslim guys use Hindu festivals to pick up Hindu girls at university. It’s what was said next that shocked me. They both laughed when one of them talked how his brother boasted about fucking a “Hindu granny” at one of these events.

The second source was my uncle (who hates Muslims) who found out from someone on the committee (who had told him in confidence) about what this woman had done, he was so angry that my aunt had to calm him down and she made us all promise not to spread this around (obviously I’m breaking that promise now).

Apparently the couple had met at a Hindu-Muslim interfaith meeting held at the temple, and had immediately initiated an affair.

Remember that this woman is a grandmother! I’ll admit she’s very fuckable as she looks younger than her age (I think she’s in her mid fifties), but she has a fully grown daughter (who has a child of her own!). If the Muslim man is still at university then it means he’s in his 20s! He is HALF her age!

I have no way of finding what exactly happened, but the thought of them fucking in the temple during a festival with all her friends and family worshipping like usual, just fucking turns me on.

I still can’t believe it that this was the same woman who ran the Hindu temple for decades, was a highly successful businesswoman, upstanding pillar of the community and a happily married woman with grandchildren. Why, after all these years, would she risk it all for an extramarital affair?

5 thoughts on “Hindu Scandal in the USA

  1. Its in the DNA of hindu women to cross lakshman rekha drawn by hindu men. She did the same and rode musalman’s lund.

  2. This is fantastic news! It’s great to find out that Hindu women are just as slutty for Muslims abroad as they are in India.

  3. I want to find out how she got caught, because you’d think a woman with her maturity and responsibility would have the ability to be more discrete?

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