Hindu wife affair with muslim man goes astray

The married Bengali-woman ‘Jayanthi Prasad’ a mother of two was having affair with ‘Sheik Mohammed’ 36, aka Babu assistant of her industrialist-husband hatched a plan to murder her husband ‘Vivek Prasad’. The lusty woman wanted to grab the “family properties” & obtain Vivek’s Rs “2-crore life insurance money” by eliminating him and live with Sheik Mohammed.

Background :
Vivek hailing from a well-to-do family had his Love-marriage with Jayanthi. After marriage, Vivek decided to move out of West Bengal after he came to know about the illicit relationship between his wife and his assistant.  He bought an apartment in “his wife and his name”. He purchased a vast stretch of land to establish packaged water bottling unit. He hired another assistant (who turned out to be his wife’s lover). Differences of opinion cropped up between him and his wife again after he learnt that Jayanthi was having an affair with ‘Sheik Mohammed’.

Hindu wife Jayanthi persuaded Mohammad to kill her own husband.  Its not the first time a hindu women is in the news for conspiring to kill her hubby for muslim.
But it should serve as a lesson for hindu women that enjoy muslim lauda, suck muslim lauda but dont go astray and think about murdering someone, it isn’t the solution.

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