Hindu wife fucked by Zubair

I met Zubair at my place of work. He has a really amazing body, with broad chest and I could make out that he must be having a huge cock too. So I was looking forward to get the taste of his cock and looking for the opportunity now.

One day we sat together while we ate our lunch and we started talking about sex. I told him that me and my husband Sanju fucked several times a night and could never seem to get enough sex. He told me how lucky my husband was. I laughed and told him to keep up the flattery, it might get me somewhere.

This got his dick rock hard which was visible from his bulge in the crotch. After work we walked out into the parking lot together. He told me how beautiful I looked. He put his arm around me and I didn’t protest. He tilted my face up and French kissed me. His mouth had a sweet taste.

I started sucking his tongue. His hand felt my titties under uniform. I pushed up against him, my hand grabbing for his crotch. His enormous dick was making a huge bulge in his pants, which I liked. I commented that I hoped the rumors were true about Muslim guys and I rubbed his erection to its full length.

He leaned me back against my car. Then he pulled up my skirt and put his hand down the front of my panties. I had a lot of cunt hair, but his fingers finally found my pussy lips. He rubbed my clit and I let out a loud moan. Then very suddenly I pulled away.

i told him that I wanted him too, but that I couldn’t afford to mess up her marriage. he suggested we do it on the sly, and I said I’d think about a way for us to fuck so that my husband wouldn’t go postal. Then I drove off.

He told me later that he watched my car go and smelled honey on his fingers. He went home and jacked off thinking about me. The thought of running his hands all over my creamy fair body, handling my giant boobs and stretching my pink pussy with his huge cock was enough to keep him up all night. The next day we discussed our plans. We needed a place to go.

A hotel was out; as I was worried someone might recognize me. It would have to be on a night my husband, Sanju, worked the late shift. And he would have to be very careful. Oh yes. He would do anything I asked for.

The night soon came when Sanju was working late. Zubair told me that his friend Sam has said we could use his house. No one we knew would see us there. I followed him in my car to Sam’s place. We hurried inside and he introduced me to him. Sam eyed me and gave him a big grin. He was impressed or jealous I suppose.

He told us to make ourselves at home and poured us each a glass of wine. I was really relaxed now, and we talked with Sam for a while until the bottle was finished. Then I ran my hand up his thigh and asked what we were waiting for. Sam showed us to the bedroom, and then closed the door behind us with a deep chuckle.

He asked me to do a slow striptease for him. I didn’t hesitate. I pranced around in front of him, slipping off each article of sexy clothing. As I slowly pulled my panties down he got to see my pussy for the first time. My slit is covered with thick pussy hair. My flat clit peeked out tantalizingly. He hurriedly stripped off his clothes and offered his ten inch dick.

I looked up at him, obviously very impressed with his cock. I bent down forward and my lips circled the head of his dick, taking as much of it inside my mouth as I could. As my tongue lapped at the head of his dick I moved down to his balls, sucking them individually into my mouth.

This made him to fuck me. I spread my legs wide, then took my pussy lips between my fingers and pulled them apart, showing him mine wet interiors. He was to be the first Muslim guy to fuck my pussy and I asked him to be gentle.

He eased his dick inside my slick cunt. It slipped in easily. I locked my long legs around his ass. Then, raising my body from the bed, I humped and rotated my ass as he fucked hard into my cunt.

Gentle went out the window as he slammed into me hard. I was screaming loudly now. This must have been what intrigued Sam, because I soon heard the door open and he came into the room, standing inside the door to watch me thrashing around his bed.

While Sam checked me out, Zubair rammed his cock all the way up my cunt and I yelled out every filthy word I knew before coming all over his big rod. Then he shot his first load of come up my stretched hole as I twisted about, instantly coming a second time under the machine gun impact of his sperm.

Panting, I gave him a deep kiss and told him how good it felt. I informed him that his dick was much bigger that Sanju’s penis. Sam stepped forward, pulling out his dick, and asked me if his cock was bigger than Sanju’s also. I inspected Sam’s monster eleven inch dong and said it was about twice the length of Sanju’s. Sam cheered and then I offered to fuck his tool too. Sam cheered again.

I grabbed Sam’s dick and pulled it toward her cunt. I moved fast. A few hours ago I had been a total virgin when it came to cocks other than my religion, and here I was getting the taste of a Muslim first and now only seconds after having fucked by a sizable Muslim dong, a catholic dong too, this is what called secularism.

I groaned and squealed as Sam fucked me hard and fast, ramming his tool into me all the way up to his swinging balls. I thrashed about on the bed like a bitch in heat, my long hair flying over my face and my fat titties jiggling like jelly under the impact of Sam’s thrusts. In a minute I was coming like crazy.

After I rested, Zubair asked me if she would like to try two cocks at the same time. I volunteered for the job without having to be asked twice. They lubricated my asshole with a lot of Vaseline gel and went back to work.

I started coming from the moment they both got their full meat all the way into me one in pussy and other in my ass, screaming out how good it was and orgasming like crazy while they held me tightly sandwiched between them.

I needed to get home before Sanju, so we cut it short after that. I said we had to be careful, but I really wanted to keep on fucking these awesome dicks. Then I asked if there were any more where they came from. They both just laughed.

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