Hindu Wife Parul Fucked By Real Muslim Man In Front Of Her Hindu Cuckold Husband Raj

Hello everyone I hope you guys are fine , it’s me Parul back again with another exciting experience of mine. Last time I told you that how my loving Hindu husband Raj is planning to see me get Fucked by Muslim Man on our Karwa Chauth night, for those of you who don’t know Karwa Chauth remember it’s the most important night for Hindu couples, like an ideal Hindu Wife yes I did fast for my Hindu husband because I love him more than anything in this world but when it comes to sex I prefer now only Real Muslim Man, let me reiterate my Hindu hubby is a real man he’s a great father,a great husband but the only thing he doesn’t have is the real Muslim circumcised cock. So raat hote hote main bahut zyada hungry thi suddenly mere pati aaye kisi stranger ke saath I thought he’s some business partner main apne kamre me chali gayi. After 15 minutes mere pati ne aake bola Parul that stranger man is Muslim he’s name is Aijaz, I’m giving you on this Karwa Chauth a real muslim man to have sex. I was nervous not because of Aijaz but I thought Raj baby maine interfaith site par likha zaroor tha ki I want a muslim man on my Karwa Chauth night but I wasn’t sure. To be honest bahut hi weird lag raha tha ki mera Hindu pati khud jo last year tak bolta tha ki yeh maharchod Katue jine ke layak nahi wo khud apni Hindu Brahmin patni ke liye ek muslim mard laya hai chhodne ke liye. Initially I was reluctant but the way Aijaz was looking at me especially my saree, blouse, my backless blouse and most importantly my mangalsutra and my sindoor. He was totally into me and I was not able to control myself because he was so handsome. After I broke up my fast we all three were going to have a dinner but as I told you last time my hubby and I are pure vegetarian but Aijaz said he wants to eat meat 🍖 because he’s on diet plan because of his gym schedule. You won’t believe my Hindu husband Raj especially ordered Beef for Aijaz, I felt like puking but then I realize why Muslims are real bull in India because of their hardcore non vegetarian diet. My husband and I are having Paneer and next to me Aijaz eating his Beef. I was looking at him like just finish your meal Aijaz and fuck this Hindu Brahmin slut in front of her Hindu Cuck husband. After Dinner Aijaz said to my husband that he’s going to shower and get your wife Parul ready in 30 minutes. I was already ready but my husband Raj applied more sindoor in my maang, applied nose ring,payal, tummy chain, red lipstick and little bit of more makeup. Aijaz was waiting for me in our bedroom, when I entered the room when he saw me in pure Hindu Suhagan look he suddenly told my husband that Abey bosdike Raj ab chup chap baith ja sofe par aur kuch bolna mat, I was shocked to see that kind of submissive behavior from my Hindu husband. Raj sofa par baitha aur uske baad Aijaz ne mere kapde utarna start kiye I gave him deep French kissing and during that time I realize ki Parul abhi iss Aijaz ne tere Saamne tere pati ke paiso se Beef khaya hai how can you kiss this bastard but another Parul was like ki hata yaar Parul bas jo ho raha hai hone de. I was completely naked Aijaz was in underwear and my Hindu hubby was also naked jerking his tiny Hindu Cuckold Penis. Jab maine Aijaz ka underwear niche kiya I don’t know how but suddenly mere muh se nikla ki what the fuck is wrong with Hindu man, they brag when they have 6 inch Penis but this Muslim Fucker is packing 8 inch circumcised cock, I was sucking that real man’s Muslim Cock with passion with sloppy blowjob. He Fucked me 7 times that night just because I’m a Hindu Brahmin women who is getting Fucked on her Karwa Chauth night. When in the morning Aijaz was leaving my hubby dropped him at the gate and I wasn’t able to move agar kuch hours pehle aap mujhe dekhte aur morning me to pata chal jata ki mera kya haal kiya tha Aijaz ne,mere baal bikhre, makeup was completely ruined, lipstick , meri maang ka sindoor bhi mere pure forehead par spread ho gaya tha. I was looking like a pure Hindu Brahmin slut, raat me jab Aijaz doggy style me chodd raha tha to I looked in the eye of my Hindu husband he was in highest stage of pleasure why because mere gale me mangalsutra aur meri maang me sindoor mere Hindu pati ke naam ka tha par meri chut me Lund ek muslim ka tha. Next day pure din main khub soyi because muje Aijaz ne kuch karne layak nahi chodda tha. So guys this is my experience that how I got Fucked by real Muslim Man In Front of my loving Hindu Cuckold Husband Raj. To be honest guys now I hate uncut Hindu Cocks they are extremely ugly and next month I have booked an appointment with a doctor to get my Hindu husband a circumcision because I told him ki I can’t live with this ugly uncut cock. I and my husband both believe that Muslims cock are more beautiful and bigger than Hindu uncuts so he’s also getting a circumcision. One advice for Muslims and other Hindus who are reading this remember I’m a proud Hindu Brahmin Women and I’ll always be a Hindu women so never post any religious shit in comments. In front of society we still hate Muslims but behind the doors we are Hindu Cuckold couple for Muslims. So guys enjoy and have fun I hope you guys will like my story. Post your comments how you felt.


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  1. Parul I think you raised a very good point in the last section. That is to respect each other’s religion. I love to see Muslim men and hindu women together. I’m not married yet and I have no sisters but I like showing off my hindu female cousins and friends to Muslim men and I love the nasty comments that I get. I would hope to find a wife like you Parul who’s into this cuckolding kink. We will certainly have a very happy married life.
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  2. I hate to say this men this is reality check! Woman are well crazy! Size does matter I’m sorry! It’s not about relgion or nationality if a man has a bigger dick than yours well the pussy can stretch. It sucks to be a man for a reason that woman can cheat on you and cuckold you. It’s all over the globe! In the West men don’t want to marry it’s because of this! 10 years your marriage is fine. You have kids and you doing Your favourite habits as usual and all of the sudden you heart is broken. Why because you became too beta / simp and your woman is riding a Bull! Sorry… This is why in the West men refused to marry for a good reason you go MGTOW ( men going their own way)

  3. This is why men have no reason to marry and support a woman anymore. Both we and Mulla can fuck Hindu women but let mulla support her.

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