Hindu Wife Turns Hindu Hore In Heat HHH

Jyotsana was a beautiful Brahmin girl of twenty two living in a village Avantipur in the plains of Ganga. Like most of the Indian girls she was still a virgin even after attaining puberty and living in a Village where there were plenty of chances of getting fucked by a landlord or even a drunkard lower cast person.

Although she had friends who were enjoying their love life with their lovers, some of them in their own houses But Jyotsana could not bring herself to do so. She thought that the body of a girl belongs to her husband only and one should preserve her virginity for the wedding night only.
This abstinence has taken her beauty to another level. Her beautiful round face was pure as milk, her long neck matched the neck of a pea hen and two very round, robust and untouched globes of pure desire were her jewels below them was her waist it was such that one can wrap around two palms of hands and then comes the wide flair of hips which make her figure the exact hour glass figure.
She had no hair on her body except a small bush between her legs. Her long legs were unblemished so was her hips and back. It was during such periods of arousal she came to know that the son of their neighbors Ramesh has come back to the village and has turned out to be smart and well mannered eligible bachelor. All the unmarried girls were dreaming to get themselves married to Ramesh but as fate had its own design Ramesh saw Jyotsana near the village well and was smitten by her beauty on the first sight. He asked her parents to go to Jyotsana’s Home and ask for her hand. Jyotsana’s parents were very happy at this proposal and agreed for the marriage immediately. Jyotsana who was listening to everything standing behind the wall was thrilled beyond imagination.
The marriage ceremony took place with all usual fan fair and Jyotsana spend the rest of the days dreaming herself going to big city of Lucknow and enjoying the life of big city. She spent the pre marriage days day dreaming like making love with Ramesh and Ramesh turned out to be very good lover.

This she came to know about on her wedding night when everybody left the newlyweds and she sat on a cot with sari on her head. Ramesh entered and sat with Jyotsana and took her into his arms. He was not in any hurry and started talking to Jyotsana. She was very shy in the start but Ramesh took his time and made her to relax. After initial shyness Jyotsana also opened up and started talking to Ramesh openly both talked about their likes and Jyotsana told Ramesh that she always wanted to have a husband like him and He also told her the same.The Ramesh embraced her into his arms and she felt her boobs crush in to his strong chest.
He slowly removed his ornaments and then started to unbutton her blouse. She was wearing a black lacy bra under the blouse which was clearly unable to clasp the bulging boobs and Ramesh was gracious enough to release them out of their jail. They sprung open to life and nipples stiffened to their full length. Ramesh pinched the nipples with his fingers which mad Jyotsana hissed with pleasure then he started moving downwards while kissing with his lips he spent a little time at her deep naval and then resumed his downward journey. He met some resistance from Jyotsana when he tried to unknot her petticoat but the itch between her legs did not allow Jyotsana to resist for long time and she surrendered easily and now she was lying naked in her full beauty a sight which no one has ever seen she was like an angel spread out on bed asking her lover to do anything to her.

Ramesh started to undress himself and in no time he was in his birthday suit. Jyotsana was a colour of shame by seeing Ramesh standing naked .Although Ramesh was not very much endowed but for Jyotsana who had seen a naked man for the first time in her life anything was turning out to be huge.
She was afraid at the sight of raging man cock. Ramesh licked her body from her lips to feet and this made Jyotsana a fountain between her legs she was draining love juices like anything and the moment Ramesh slid between her legs and put his cock on her pussy it went inside smoothly rupturing her hymen on the way. Jyotsana did not even notice the slight pain and a few drops of blood oozing out of her cunt as the pleasure she was getting many times more. The thrust in to each other like two wild animals trying to enter in to each other. Jyotsana was pushing her pelvis into Ramesh’s hips and wrapped her legs around Ramesh’s waist she was on ninth cloud and was enjoying like anything.
After a bout of half an hour struggle Ramesh came in to the pussy of Jyotsana and Jyotsana was drenched with his cum.Both were lying exhausted and were floating in air with the after effects of such a beautiful game called sex.They did not noticed when sleep overtook them and found themselves embraced into the arms of each other in the morning and Ramesh started kissing Jyotsana once again. Jyotsana also reached for the cock of Ramesh which was coming to life again. Jyotsana knew that her in laws will also be awake any time soon and she should be ready before everyone but the delight of the last night did not let her get up and she pulled Ramesh’s cock on to her pussy which Ramesh obliged happily after thrusting inside and they made love for second time.

So Jyotsana Spent one month in a heaven where all her waking night minutes were spent fucking each other and all the waking time was spent in the anticipation of the coming night. They made love on the roof of their kuccha home, they made love in the fields, and they made love at tube wells while bathing naked. Their love was the talk of the village and all the girls were feeling jealous of Jyotsana but Jyotsana and Ramesh were oblivious of such things and were lost in to each other but as they say good times do not last forever a day came soon when Ramesh had to leave for City but he promised to come back soon and take Jyotsana along with her. Jyotsana spent three months alone and survived because of beautiful time etched in to her memory.
After four months Ramesh came back to village and took Jyotsana to Lucknow where he had hired a two room set which was very ear to his factory where he was working. The house was on the second floor and it overlooked a row of shops which had different tenets working in them. Jyotsana was very happy to be with Ramesh after a long time and Ramesh also loved Jyotsana to core of the heart.
Jyotsana and Ramesh went around the city malls and multiplexes,they watched movies in the day and fucked like rabbits in the night. Every evening Jyotsana will get ready for his husband and she will want that he fucks her immediately and p obliged without any hesitation. He fucked her in drawing room, in kitchen, in bathroom and even on the roof of their house. But it was too good to last, Ramesh’s employers trusted him because of his honesty and sincerity he was loaded with more and more responsibilities and he could not say no to them. This left fewer time for his lovely wife, not that he was ignoring her completely but the intensity of love was not there. On the other hand Jyotsana was like a volcano which had erupted and lava could not be stopped.She was craving for sex which Ramesh was not able to fulfill. Jyotsana lived on the memories of last one year and always hoped that those days will come back.
One morning after Ramesh left early to his factory she went to the top roof for putting wet cloths, She was putting clothes on the line , she just peered over the front grill of the house on the top of shops across the road. There was an open roofed bathroom which was totally visible from the point where she was standing. Her curiosity grew when she saw a young man taking a bath. She just hid herself behind a pillar and peeped over it. She saw a young handsome well built Muslim young man drying himself with a towel. Her gaze was fixed on his body and she was not able to pull herself away from this voyeuristic pleasure. She had never seen any other man naked except Ramesh and there she was fixed there pepping over some naked man.

The final piece of show came when she saw the semi erect cock of that man. Even at this stage it was bigger and fatter than that of Ramesh and she went moist between her legs. That man put on his clothes and went out. After ten minutes Jyotsana managed to came out and went down to her room with trembling legs. The beautiful piece of muscles was dangling before her eyes. She closed her eyes and started fingering her Pussy and came to an instant orgasm. She could not get out the picture of naked young man from her mind was fuzzy throughout the day. Ramesh came back in the evening and could not detect the hazy eyes of his wife during night Jyotsana forced Ramesh to make love to her which he dutifully did but Jyotsana was fantasizing the bigger cock which P was not able to match soon after he came and left Jyotsana unsatisfied.

Jyotsana could not wait for the morning to come and had woken up early after Ramesh left for his factory, Jyotsana rushed to the roof hoping that the other person had not taken his bath. She reached the roof and placed herself behind the pillar. The young Muslim was just drying herself and wearing his Pajamas. Jyotsana felt cheated as she was not able to catch the sight of that beautiful cock. Jyotsana came down to her room and decided to find more about that boy. She went to first floor house where her newly made friend Radha lived. She called her Radha Bhabhi who was a very likeable lady of thirty five. Radha was very bold and used to ask Jyotsana about her love life. She usually teased her about Ramesh making love to her and Jyotsana will blush hearing her talk like that. She always talk to Jyotsana in very bold and rustic language and was not ashamed of using any foul language. To Jyotsana’s very docile nature she was very bold hence they complemented each other and went along very well. Radha being a very experienced lady knew immediately that Jyotsana was not her usual self and asked about the same however Jyotsana managed to change the subject.

Still Radha persisted and asked Jyotsana “kya re ? Is your choot getting enough lund?”Is that why you are so sleepy today” .Jyotsana Just smiled on that and said that everything is fine. Radha again persisted that to remain happy a woman shall get her share of cock everyday while saying so she patted between her legs and said” Rani, See this choot still feel like fifteen year old it is because I have kept it like that so my advice to you is to keep yourself up to date and do not let mood swings destroy your beauty” After talking about this and that Jyotsana asked Radha that what are the shops opposite to their house and where the shopkeepers live. Radha told that one of the shop is of a Muslim tailor and tailor master named Allauddin lives on the first floor of the shop.” kyun kya hua? Muslim lund lena hai kya ? ”Radha Asked. Jyotsana replied” Bhabhi! you are too much”. Jyotsana blushed at the thought of Big Cut Muslim Lund and her cheeks became red, being a hindu married wife.

Next day Jyotsana managed to reach her pepping spot early and was able to see the Muslim stud taking his clothes off after doing so he rubbed her cock which grew to larger proportions which Jyotsana had never seen. He started masturbating while keeping his eyes closed and into few pumps he ejaculated a huge load of cum. Jyotsana was seeing the show of her life time and her juices were flowing like a barrage which had broken. She could not remain standing and had to keep hold of pillar. This became Jyotsana’s routine and she enjoyed the show. One day when she was standing behind the pillar Allauddin suddenly saw upwards and caught Jyotsana Staring at his nudity. He covered himself with his hands but his eyes were locked with Jyotsana’s who did not turned away.
This gave him strength and he smiled back and removed his hands from his cock and showed Hindu Wife Jyotsna, his fully erect Muslim cock. He thrusted his pelvis in the direction of hindu bitch Jyotsana and smiled. Jyotsana who had turned red also smiled back but did not leave. This time Allauddin masturbated for the benefit of Hindu Kutiya Jyotsana fully knowing that she is watching. He shot his load in the direction of Jyotsana and left after taking bath.

Every morning Allauddin played to the gallery and Hindu Slut Jyotsana lapped his performance with delight. This long distance show ran for few days until Jyotsana decided o take the adultery game to new level. She knew that this is the time when she had to go to Allauddin and get her fires doused by that beautiful Muslim Lund. She was like a tigress which was caged and wanted to let loose. She did not have any idea how to approach Allauddin. She was thinking day and night about this and finally came to have a plan.
She went to the market and bought a piece of cloth for a shiny blouse and one suit. She casually discussed with Ramesh that she have bought some new cloths and she will try tailor master opposite their home. Ramesh also encouraged her. Next day after taking her bath and flush with anticipation she got ready for her new adventure. She put up a light makeup and wears a low cut blouse with push up bra which pushed her round boobs and made a neat cleavage. She went to Allauddin’s shop with the cloths bag. Allauddin was shocked to see her coming in and was fumbling with her stitching tools. He stammered and asked her what he can do for her. She gave a seductive smile and said in a low voice” I want to give clothes for stitching” this gave Allauddin some respite that all is well and he fingered his beard and asked what type of cloths.

She gave him the packet and He took the cloths measurements. He asked her what type of blouse she will like to which she said any style which you like. This made Allauddin’s heart run faster. He asked her to come inside so that he could take the proper measurements. She walked in the back room and Allauddin followed her. Now he was openly leering at her. Jyotsana stood their jutting out her breasts towards Allauddin who was restraining himself against catching them. He softly removed Jyotsana’s Sari pallu and tucked it on her waist. Her blouse was not able to contain those beautiful Hindu Breasts full of milk, which aroused Allauddin further. He started taking measurements and was not leaving any chance to caresses the smooth flesh of the hindu whore in heat. In between Jyotsana was standing there with her eyes closed and her breasts were rising and falling with her breath. Allauddin told Jyotsana that he had to remove her blouse and bra to take proper measurements and did not bothered to take her consent further and opened the buttons of Blouse and Bra of the hindu bitch in full heat now. He opened the front part and two balls were springing free.”Subhan Allah” he muttered and with both her hands started massaging them. Allauddin said to himself “ Saali hindu raand ke dono Kabutar udne k fad fada rahe hai…..saali raand choli me kaid kar ke rakhti hai masum kabutaro ko” Jyotsana was in his own zone and was enjoying the new found attention. Suddenly some other customer came to the outside counter and called Allauddin. This brought both of them to earth and Jyotsana hurriedly packed herself. Allauddin told her that she should come after three o clock when the rush will be very low due to heat.

Jyotsana came back and wait for clock to strike three. Her wait was getting unbearable. She busied herself in getting ready. She took a bath shaved her armpits and pubic hairs. Her pussy shone on her already hairless legs. She watched herself in mirror and smiled to herself. She put body spray, wore hindu mangalsutra and a big bindi on her forehead. Around three thirty she got a chance when the street was empty and nobody was there to see her. She ran to the shop of Allauddin who was waiting for her with equal passion. He dropped the shutter of his shop and lifted her in his arms. He carried her to the back room. Both of them did not utter a word and understood each other’s need. Jyotsana locked her lips with Allauddin’s. His beard was tickling her face but she was too much engrossed in sucking his lips. Allauddin pulled off her sari and opened her blouse. Jyotsana was sucking his lips like there was no other day left. Allauddin took off her bra and pulled open her petticoat. It was then Jyotsana became aware of her nudity and she covered her breasts and locked her legs to hide her precious jewels .She lowered her eyes and sat down to minimize the exposure. Meanwhile Allauddin opened his lungi and his semi erect cock was dangling in front of Jyotsana.

The same specimen was within the reaches of Jyotsana Which Jyotsana dreamt over last few weeks and had seen only from a long distance. From near the shaved cock looked huge with veins spouting out and his sack of balls looked beautiful.
Jyotsana could not stop herself from getting hold of this beautiful circumcised cock and forgot about her nudity which only a few minutes back had made her a bundle of shame. She cupped his balls and kissed the tip of Allauddin’s cock. She started licking like a lolly pop and soon she had taken the half the shaft in to her mouth. Jyotsana never thought that she would suck a cock like this as she never agreed to Ramesh’s repeated request to suck his cock. Allauddin was in seventh heaven and was fucking her mouth with much gusto. He suddenly pushed his entire length and Jyotsana gagged over it. Jyotsana saw toward Allauddin with complaining eyes but she never left the sweet lolly pop from her lips and Allauddin gave her a wide grin and continued pumping her mouth. He was very near to coming when he tried to pull his cock from her mouth. After much resistance form Jyotsana he was able to pull out just in time. He did not want to lose his strength in her mouth only and wanted to taste the depths of her Pussy. He lifted Jyotsana and laid her on the cot Jyotsana opened her legs wide and high and invited him between them.

Allauddin placed his cock and thrust it inside. In spite of so much lubrication Jyotsana felt herself stretching wider and feeling a sensation which had never come earlier. She felt as if her belly was filled with something very hot still she wanted more and clutched her legs around his waist. Allauddin felt as if a velvet vice had taken hold of his cock and was trying to melt his cock. He started humping slowly and steadily. Jyotsana also matched his rhythm and came once but Allauddin kept on going and came along with Jyotsana who came for second time. He spilled a huge load of cum inside Jyotsana’s Hindu Womb and she felt a flow of hot lava flowing inside her pussy. Both laid there exhausted and did not speak a word. Jyotsana hugged Allauddin tightly and she felt sleep coming over her. Both of them woke up and saw the clock striking six. Jyotsana hurriedly put on her clothes and Allauddin took her out from back door. Jyotsana reached home with trembling legs. She took a deep sigh when she reached home and was sure that nobody saw her. She again lost into the thoughts of beautiful afternoon spent with Allauddin.

Jyotsana kept on dreaming Allauddin in her sleep and was wet between her legs when she woke up during the night. She pulled Ramesh towards her and asked him to make love to her which Ramesh did after making a big job out of it. It was tasteless and Jyotsana felt as if she had eaten something very bad after taking a sumptuous meal. She turned away from Ramesh and went to sleep. Next few days were very busy as some of Jyotsana’s relations had come to their home and she could not meet Allauddin.

After she was free from her relatives she checked at Allauddin’s shop and found it closed. She became very nervous just at the thought of loosing Allauddin and tried to ask Radha Bhabi about the tailor master. Radha Bhabhi was her naughty best and asked” kyun Re? Abhi tak Muslim lund ka maja nahin liya kya?”Jyotsana became irritated and said” Bhabhi, why are you always making fun of me? I will tell you the day when I manage to get the muslim lund” Radha became very surprised after seeing the generally very docile Jyotsana becoming so aggressive and asked her what was the matter. Jyotsana told her that she had given some clothes for sewing to Allauddin and wanted to take them back as it was already quite late. Radha was very experienced in these matters she understood the plain lie behind the excuse but did not ask anything further.

She told her that tailor had gone to his village to bring his uncle and was expected to come back in a day or two. The colour on Jyotsana’s face after listening to this news was not lost on Radha and she decided to keep an eye on
After two days Allauddin opened his shop and Jyotsana went there to meet him. He was also very excited to see her. Jyotsana was hugely disappointed when she saw a middle aged person lying on the cot in the backroom. She asked Allauddin in signals that who was he. He told her that he was his uncle and had come here to stay with him. Jyotsana asked him when she could come to meet him and Allauddin told her to wait for his signal. Jyotsana kept on waiting for his signal which did not come. She was getting desperate for fucking which Ramesh was not able to give her and Allauddin was not giving her. She was in irritating mood all the time and was in sulking mood most of the time.

Even Radha Bhabhi could not cheer her however she rightly judged her situation. She offered her help and asked Jyotsana how she could help her. Jyotsana was ready to burst in tears and shared everything with Radha Bhabhi. She told her how she saw Allauddin taking bath and masturbating and how he fucked her in his back room. Radha Bhabhi also became very hot after listening to her story and told her to wait for some time as she would find some solution to it.
Next day she asked Jyotsana to come to her room on the ground floor in the afternoon and also invited Allauddin to her room. She made it sure that nobody saw them while coming and going. When Allauddin and Jyotsana were sitting in her bedroom both separately and were very shy. Radha Bhabhi came and scolded them mockingly;” I have not asked you to come and sit here for whole day. Chalo shuru ho jao. Meri pyari Jyotsana ki choot bahut dinon se tadap rahi hai.”After listeneing to this Jyotsana giggled and said,”Bhabi?”Radha replied,: do you think I am not aware of your situation, Allauddin, Please fuck my beautiful baby, I will sit outside and see that nobody troubles you”
When both of them were alone Allauddin did not waste much time in opening their clothes and just lifted Jyotsana’s Petticoat and Jyotsana bent over the bed and opened her legs. Allauddin slid his cock from the behind and started fucking. They fucked for fifteen minutes and Jyotsana came thrice in between. For all her efforts to keep her voice low she was not able to keep it so and was screaming in gagged voice whenever orgasm struck her. Sitting outside Radha Bhabhi was also getting hot. She peeped over the semi opened door and was surprised to see the length and width of the cock. She pulled up her petticoat and started fingering her choot and came along with Jyotsana and Allauddin. Jyotsana came out with a smile of cat which had just drunk a lot of milk and Allauddin did not say a word and left smiling. Radha caught hold of Jyotsana and said,” Jyotsana, tune to kamal kar diya.Yeh saand jaise lund wala kaise phasa liya? mere bhi choot marwane ka dil kar raha hai is se? Jyotsana said in angry tone, ”Bhabhi,use to dekhna bhi mat ”Radha retorted,”Acha!! Tu choot marvaigi aur hum sirf dekhenge use bol mere liye bhi koi mote lund ka intezam kare”” thik hai”,said Jyotsana and left the place.

Radha’s home became the love nest for Allauddin and Jyotsana. Both of them used to meet there and fuck like rabbits. Sometime Jyotsana will ask Radha to go outside in the afternoon and bring Allauddin in Radha’s room and get fucked royally. All these activities increased Radha’s desire for Allauddin and she was bothering Jyotsana for this.
Jyotsana on the other hand did not want to share her prized catch with anybody not even with her friend Radha. She told her dilemma to Allauddin about Radha’s desire to get fucked from a muslim lund. Allauddin immediately said,” why did you not tell me this earlier? My uncle sits whole day in the back room doing nothing and we are at the mercy of Radha for our love. If we involve both of them somehow, we can fuck in my room only” Jyotsana prompted him to devise some plan so that Uncle Zahid can catch Radha and fuck her .This way Radha’s desire will also be fulfilled and Zahid will also become our partner.

One day Allauddin sent Radha to back room on the pretext of something to bring from there fully knowing that Uncle Zahid will be sleeping with his lungi only and by any chance if Radha Saw his lund she will definitely fall for it. Things happened as Allauddin had planned and when Radha saw the lund of Zahid which was in flaccid state and was bigger than anything ,including Allauddin’s ,Radha had seen, She could not stop herself and went near to it to get closer look. As she was looking it Zahid woke up and said” kya dekh rahi hai chinaal? Pakdna hai?” Radha could only nod in reply. He thrust his lund towards her. Radha got hold of his lund with trembling hands and started pumping it.” muhn mein daal”Zahid ordered and Radha put the same in her mouth without uttering a single word. Allauddin and Jyotsana were watching the show from the shop and were getting excited by the prospect of getting their partners in crime. Radha could only put half of that monster lund in to her mouth and gagged. Then she shifted her tongue to the balls which were of the tennis ball size.

Zahid opened her blouse and tore away her bra. Radha had large sized boobs which sprang free. Zahid went on to suck her nipples with vengeance and opened her petticoat and started fingering her pussy. Radha had orgasm just with the touch of his fingers. He lifted her and laid her on the very cot where Jyotsana was fucked few days back and Radha had the same feeling of stretching beyond imagination. She came for the second time and Zahid was fucking her like a fucking machine unable of tiring. She had become weak by having uncontrolled orgasms and was begging Zahid to come soon so that her pounding stops.

Radha was at cross roads where her body was unable to take it further but her pussy wanted more and more. There was no sign of Zahid getting tired soon. She started caressing his balls to bring him faster and the trick succeeded Zahid came with a burst of load which Radha thought hit her womb. She was paralyzed with the force of sperm hitting and collapsed on the cot. Jyotsana and Allauddin also took a trip to fuck land in between. Allauddin was confident that he can talk to his uncle now and convince him to fuck Jyotsana while he goes out and he will let him Fuck Radha. This way all four of them will be satisfied.

Allauddin talked to his uncle about Radha and told him that it was his plan to bring them together. Zahid was very happy to get a pussy like Radha at his age and thanked Allauddin. On the other side Radha was never happier and thanked Jyotsana for this favour. She was in complete awe of Zahid who had fucked her like a Kamadeva. She was even ready to leave her husband Murli and move in with Zahid but Jyotsana stopped her and said that she will devise some plan where they can have all the financial security of their husband and could get fucked by their respective lovers.
Jyotsana convinced her husband that she wanted to start a boutique with Radha where she will employ few tailors on the first floor and will sell the designer suits to the local ladies this way their income will also increase and she will help him financially as well. Ramesh agreed to this readily so did Radha’s Husband Murli. Jyotsana and Radha opened their shop on the first floor of their home and made one of the backroom as work shop for the tailors. They employed Allauddin and Zahid for this purpose where Allauddin and Zahid did tailor job part time and fucked both the ladies full time.

Soon Radha and Jyotsana were making good money. Their pockets were well stuffed with money and pusseys were stuffed with big lunds. After one year Radha which was not able to conceive so far gave birth to a son and Jyotsana also got pregnant. Puruhottam and Murli thanked God for this mercy and celebrated the birth of their sons. Radha and Jyotsana smiled fully knowing the linage of their children but were too happy to ask anything more.
Next part Jyotasna made to dance nude in Muslim Group followed by Group Chudai.

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