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My name is Vedika a 27 year old married woman from a upper middle class hindu family living in Saharanpur UP.
This incident took place 8 months ago when my husband was in Delhi he works there in a multinational company, it was his new job. Now we have shifted there.

I used to get bored in the home with my father and mother in law, so sometimes I visited my friend’s house. It was one such day. I spent half of the day with my friend at her house. I lost track of time and it was 9:15 PM. In haste I left for my home. I had to walk at least 200 meters to get to the main street from where I could get some public transport.
I saw a women in her 2-wheeler scooty and I asked her for a lift she was kind enough.

I traveled half the distance with her and then had to get down as she had to turn and go somewhere else. My home was still far enough that I needed a public transport, I was hopeful. It was 10PM. I was on the street and it began to rain. It was the month of July which is rainy season here.
Unlike other metro cities this city begins to shut down after 9. It becomes difficult to find any public transport after 9:30 and the streets tend to get lonely. On top of that it was raining heavily tonight.
Soon i was completely wet in the rain. I was in a pink saree with a deep back and wide neck blouse.
I am 5.6 feet tall and My skin color is fair with naturally toned body.

Suddenly out of nowhere I saw a beam of light approaching. It looked like an Auto-rickshaw I waved my hand and yes it stopped.

The rickshaw driver was an adult man in mid 30’s with unshaven face and a muslim skull cap on his head, no doubt he was a Muslim.
He asked me where do I want to go ? I answered him and he looked at my face and my wet body, then said – “I was going home but never mind I can drop you to your home.”

He was a bit creepy but I was shot of options so I sat inside the rickshaw.
He was driving slowly. I saw him adjusting the rickshaw mirror so that he could see me. He was constantly looking in the mirror every now and then and was doing it openly with no fear.
Suddenly he took a right turn into a narrow street. I asked, where are you going ?
He replied “Madam this is a shortcut don’t worry I am taking you to your home”.
I was starting to feel more anxious now. It was a lonely road with no street lights. It looked like a poor area.
He stopped the rickshaw outside a small house and got out. Then he sat down on the back seat with me.
I was angry “what the fuck  is this.”
Driver- “Don’t shout baby why are you so eager to go home spend some time with me also. See this is my house come inside I will treat you like my guest.”
Oh fuck off I am leaving now, I said.
He grabbed my hand I said, “how dare you.”
Driver- Bahot english bol rahi hai payar ki bhasha nahi samajh aati tujhe.
He forcefully put my hand on his cock which was erect. I tried to slap him with my other hand but he was quick enough to grab it too.
Driver – See this cock how hard it has got seeing your sexy body.
Grabbing both my hands he started sucking my lips and said, “you are hindu women huh. I have fucked many hindu ladies like you and all  of them fell in love with my big circumcised muslim cock.”
I tried to scream but he shut down my mouth with his big palm. He was a big man definitely 6 feet tall as far as i can say.
He lifted me up and took me inside his house and closed the door. I couldn’t do anything as I was completely overpowered by him.
Driver- Now shout no one is going to listen to you even if anyone does no one is gonna stop me. This is a muslim area. The neighborhood is filled with fearless and hungry men like me. If they hear you then all those men would come and fuck you one by one. They all love filling hindu women’s pussy with their cock juice. Now decide for yourself do you want to get fucked by the whole neighborhood ? If yes then shout.

You dirty muslim scum, I screamed.
Driver- Haha I wonder what would you say when my hard muslim cock enters your hindu vagina or would you moan in pleasure like a hindu bitch. Let me tell you today I ate beef holy cow in the dinner so my cock is even hotter today with more testosterone in by blood.

He was lustfully looking at my fair body. He came close and started touching my back I tried to resist but all my efforts were of no use. He started kissing and sucking my sexy back from outside the deep back blouse.
Driver-  You are a brahmin hindu bitch I will make your body pure today with my muslim cock juice.
He removed my saree and unhooked my blouse and bra forcefully. I was feeling so humiliated, the guy was a muslim on top of that very anti-hindu and he was taking all the pleasure using my body as a sex object.
I was completely naked. He pulled down his pants and unveiled his extra hard big circumcised muslim cock with smooth and thick cock head. My husbands cock was a baby in comparison to this.

Soon he was all over me sucking and kissing my sexy body.
He touched my pussy and said – this is going to be the best hindu chut he has ever fucked.
He rubbed his thick warm cock head on my pussy lips and then force his cock inside me.
I never imagined to let such a wicked anti-hindu muslim man to even come close to me but looks like it was in my fate to get fucked by such a man.

His cock was so hard. For the first time i felt the pleasure of a real cock and manhood inside me.
He sucked my lips and tongue, kissed my neck while stroking and fucking me.
He was constantly abusing me calling me hindu bitch got owned by a muslim cock, look how she is moaning…while jerking his cock inside.
All his frustration was coming out.
I was so erotically humiliated.
He fucked my ass. I got fucked by him in different angles all night long. He was not getting bored. That night he filled my pussy with his cock juice 4 times. He kept fucking me till the morning.
In the morning he took my mobile number and let me go. It was kind of rape but he knew i wouldn’t go to the police.
I was taken away by his sex power and a real cock inside me. When i reached home I kept thinking about his big cock in my pussy and his verbal abuses. Next day he phoned me and said “randi chudne ka man ho raha hai kya fir se” I couldn’t refuse. He fucked me again. I became his slut and kept sucking and fucking his cock till i was in saharanpur, then I shifted to Delhi and still want to be abused by muslim cock.


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