Hindu wife wants to get fucked by Naved

hindu wife wants muslim

mangalsutra hindu wife

hindu wife wants muslim cock

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  1. wow , love that , to do a hindu lady with sindoor , mangalsutra and in saree.

  2. Hi..we r cpl from Mumbai. I m slave of this hunk..Naved. I do..whatever he orders me. Though, sometimes I don’t like his orders..bt..thn.. believe me..he is a real master..who takes care of his slaves too.If any females want to know abt my experience with my master..feel free to contact me on Kik..rrj2002… We love u my master..God bless u for making our life chatpatty

    • When Naved fucks your wife that mangalsutra should be wrapped around his cock. That is its rightful place. Afterwards when he is done with your wife it should be put back on her neck again. God I can only imagine how horny it must be for you to see it back on her neck after being wrapped around your muslim master’s cock…..I seriously envy you my hindu brother. You are so lucky to have such a loving wife.

  3. Ufff, this is simply too good to be true. That first pic with her sacred mangalsutra next to her pussy…so hot.

  4. So sweet, she is lucky

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