Hindu Woman Married To Pakistani Musalman Sullah

Kalpana changed her name to Kajal Rasheed Khan.
She met the Musalman in UAE and as a matter of fact every day thousands of hindu girls get fucked by muslim lunds in UAE everyday and then they get addicted to musalman laudas so much so that even after marriage with some hindu guy they always crave for that hard circumcised Muslim rod.

Rasheed already had 3 kids from his first wife. The musalman mards are real men they are good at spreading their seed. Women are naturally attracted with men with superior genes and manhood and superior men are good at spreading their seed. In reality they find men who already have been with women more attractive not 1 wife 7 lives Hindu cucks, therefore many hindu women spread their legs for divorcee musalman males. Its the way of the nature since the inception of man and more natural to musalman mards because of musalman’s superior culture.
– The Prehistoric Origins of modern sexuality by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha, and The Myth of Monogamy by David P. Barash and Judith Eve Lipton.

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