Hindu woman Natasha Badhwar Highly Recommended Love Jihad

Natasha Badhwar an inspiration for girls, an embodiment of a strong woman in todays society.

She is a film-maker, media trainer and mother of three. Natasha Badhwar a hindu woman writes- Love Jihadis are sneaky. They are good at love. They can love you even if you insist on hating them. These days I call myself a Love Jihadi. It amuses me no end, she added.
Natasha Badhwar married a muslim man named Afzal in 2002.natasha badhwar husband

natasha badhwar muslim

Our children are learning to read Arabic on the weekends these days. They made good progress in the early weeks and then began to look like their heart wasn’t in it.
“Tell them stories,” I said to their teacher. “They like stories.”
Last Saturday, my daughters came to me and began to tell me the story of Prophet Musa and King Fir’aun, she writes in that article.

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