Hindu woman willingly eloped with musalman guy

The 23-year-old woman refuted that she was abducted and converted to Islam before she got married.
The woman said that she was being forced to marry a middle-aged Hindu man by her parents and she had eloped with the Ismail Khan willingly.
So whats the problem with Hindu women says she willingly eloped with him.

In many such instances that happen every now and then when a hindu gal goes to a musalman it has almost become a norm to use the term lure, do hindu girls get lured so easily by musalman guys. If yes then there must be something special about musalman guys.

4 thoughts on “Hindu woman willingly eloped with musalman guy

  1. ys hindu women willingaly go for muslim man .this is truth.i know many married hindu women who devorce her hindu hoby for muslim they are thair third or fourth wife now.thair muslim husband change thair fig and now make her big ass women.

  2. Hinduni Chut are the best Chut in the world, it’s shape look smell tightness very perfect for Muslim hunk to convert it to Bhosda and chutad to big gaand ..

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