Hindu woman’s affair with musalman

The video clip below shows the true story, taken from a famous Indian tv show which shows real incidents. In this story an Indian hindu wife of a rich business man was having an affair with her husbands employee Farhan, who was a musalman. Farhan satisfied his boss’s wife in bed for 10 long years before his boss came to know about his wife’s secret. This is not the first time I am seeing this, A hindu girl married off by her parents in an arranged marriage to some rich guy from her own community and after the marriage she founds out that her weak husband cannot satisfy her to the fullest in bed. She then turns to some muslim guy for real pleasure and satisfaction and gets addicted to his big cock. If you observe the trend then you will notice that most hindu girls who are in relationship with musalman are studying in schools, colleges or they are working class independent women who fall in love with musalmans and do love marriages with them and not arranged.

This image below perfectly describes the situation
hindu women sex

4 thoughts on “Hindu woman’s affair with musalman

  1. As I mentioned before, I will soon be getting married to a beautiful Brahmin girl.

    I am now getting worried that I will end up just being her financier, like this picture shows.

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