Another report reveals Hindu women cheating on hubbies

Seven out of 10 women (mosty hindu obviously) in India cheat on their husbands because they do not take part in domestic chores and the similar number of women turned unfaithful because their marriage had become monotonous, a survey by extra-marital dating app Gleeden said on Tuesday.

Its no surprise that Hindu women are crossing the lakshman rekha and hopping onto musalman lunds. Many hindu women love having affairs with musalman’s lund. Earlier Ashley Madison leak pointed in the same direction
Hindu women time and again are seeing pushing affair after marriage as normal thing

Its an open secret that Hindu women are not easily satisfied by hindu men.
They need sultaani muslim lauda. As hindu women are getting empowered and leaving behind hindu men in many spheres of life, they are also going ahead grabbing the musalman lund which making many hindu men wonder.

Many hindu college going and working class unmarried hindu girls make sexual relationship with musalman mards. When it comes to making boyfriends they prefer the musalmans and alpha males so called bad guys and when it comes to marriage many of them settle down for shareef hindu guys with good job and money but that doesn’t kill their thirst for musalman lund which continues even after the marriage.

One thought on “Another report reveals Hindu women cheating on hubbies

  1. Mingling with muslims gives a sense of independence and power because that’s what my family does NOT want me to do! My entire family supports bjp rss and I hear all the time about how muslims are evil and islam should be banned in India. I get wet thinking about what if I got a muslim bf and my family found out about it. Hahaha :p

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