Hindu woman writer tells indian women cheating is good

Written by a hindu woman Sreemoyee
Ever since I read about the news of hijacking of Ashley Madison – a website for cheating spouses – I couldn’t help but wonder if among the 2.75 lakh Indians who faced the risk of being exposed, were there more women than men? And if nude photos, kinky fetishes, real names and credit card information were to be leaked – how many Savita bhabhis (read Indian housewives and horny singles game to hook up with married men) would be exposed?

Last year, a survey by Ashley Madison threw up some startling statistics – 76 per cent of Indian women and 61 per cent of men don’t even consider infidelity as a sin or immoral anymore. Responses were collected from 75,321 respondents – 80 per cent being married – across ten cities. 81 per cent of men and 68 per cent of women confessed that their affairs had a positive impact on their marriage. More than 80 per cent had had arranged marriages. The average age of those surveyed was 45 for men and 31 for women.
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She talks about Ashley Madision website and shows some statistics. We posted all about this some months ago
Rise in extra maritalaffairs a sign of more unsatisfied hindu women
Indian hindu women rising affairs outside marriage
She indicates that hindu women should cross the Lakshman rekha and have fun.

She also mentions:
Even as kissing remains a taboo, sexual education sparse, polygamy illegal, promiscuity frowned upon and Indian couples sexually awkward with each other, our women seem to be finally coming out of the closet. They are now being sexually experimental, taking on younger lovers and even exploring bisexuality and alternate sexual practices like BDSM – making full use of their newfound economic emancipation and working woman status.

No longer satisfied in existing as a drab asexual prop – the modern Indian housewife is no more a mere showpiece in the bedroom and the kitchen – she seeks intimacy and lust equally, longing to be touched, tasted, and tantalised.

She mentions polygamy and looks like she is not happy with it being illegal.
Polygamy (having more than one wife) is legal for muslim men in india. It seems she wants to make it legal for women.

Now where ever indian is used its understood that majority or almost all of them would be women from hindu families.

She writes:
Four of my closest girl friends, single and in their mid 30s, are all dating married men.
They neither feel guilty about it, nor the quintessential “other woman” as both parties are fairly clear that there is no commitment involved, except fun and lots of unbridled physical intimacy.
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It has been seen that many hindu women in bollywood also marry divorced mature muslim men who are in their 30’s and 40’s. The married mature and experienced musalman men give them ever more satisfaction.

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  1. I have come to know that my wife is also visiting this site. Sharing her photos here.
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  2. Dear Himansu
    Your wife is chatting with Muslim guys ,may be she is in relationship with them. Be good husband , and call her yaars at home.,for dinner. If she is happy ,she will make you happy too.

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