Hindu women’s sexual satisfaction

sexual satisfaction hindu women

Very nice article written by Ms. Somita
According to city psychiatrists, in the last three years, the number of women quoting sexual dissatisfaction as ground for divorce has doubled. Advocate Kranti Sathe gives the statistical backing to this, saying there has been an at least 10% annual rise in such cases.
Dr Rajan Bhonsle, professor and head of the department of sexual medicine, KEM hospital says, “Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the prominent reasons for divorce initiated by women. They are very vocal about their feelings and needs these days.”

Dr Parul Tank, head of the department of psychiatry at Rajawadi hospital and consultant psychiatrist at Fortis hospital, Mulund, says, “I am seeing at least three to four cases every week. Divorce due to sexual dissatisfaction is no longer a social stigma.”

Advocate Paresh Desai, who practices at Bandra family court, says, “There are cases where women have cited sexual dissatisfaction as the reason for wanting divorce, but it cannot be the sole reason, as in court it doesn’t hold any merit. Such cases are either mutually sorted out or mental cruelty and other such factors are incorporated in to make the case stronger.”

So this was just a small insight into sexually unsatisfied Hindu women, but the question is if we categorize Hindu women then which group is the most satisfied ?

Here are the top 3

1. Bengali

horny bengali woman

Bengali women are considered horny, free and open minded. On an average Bengali Hindu women are more sexually satisfied. They are not afraid to pursue their sexual desires and interests. Some even question institutionalized marriage and wish to normalize sleeping with other men outside the marriage. Bengali women love circumcised muslim cocks, the presence of large number of musalman mards in Bengal acts like adding petrol to the fire. The already horny Bengali women spread in front of the muslim men who leave no stone unturned. When big circumcised muslim lund goes inside bengali hindu woman she realizes this is what she was waiting for and she settles down and fancies musalman lund for the rest of her life.

2. Malayali (Kerala)

kerala hindu woman hubby muslim friend

Large number of Hindu girls in Kerala go to the middle east for work. Kerala is also the state from where they say LoveJihad originated. Whether LoveJihad is true or false is very much debated and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that large number of mallu girls in kerala willingly fall in the lap of muslim men and enjoy their big hard circumcised muslim lunds, where there is smoke there is fire and therefore seeing large number of girls in Kerala going for musalman lunds the critiques and opposers termed it as LoveJihad. Thanks to powerful musalman lund that is too addicting and provides full satisfaction.

3. NRI girls in U.K and U.S

hindu girl muslim guy porn

The NRI hindu girls have so many options along with the abundant freedom which they get there. Many of them sleep with pakistani and other musalman men. Some of them love to be fucked by a paki guy like a dirty slut, I knew a Gujarati girl in the US who she said she loves it when a paki muslim guy fucks her while verbally abusing and degrading her in the bed. I am also aware of some other NRI Hindu girls who like to be treated like muslim man’s fuck slave in the bed, it gives their wild desires a complete satisfaction. Some of them are even ready to become the second wife of a musalman man when he already has a wife back home from whence he came. The powerful organ of musalman mard does have something which drives them crazy as they show their wide side.

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