H!ndu girl Musl!m Boy Song

The musalman boy cant stop looking at the h!ndu girl, she also looks back at him, he falls for her, he then follows her, the h!ndu girl starts liking the musalman mard and she invites him. They fall in love. Soon her relatives interfere but by then she had gone musl!m.

One thought on “H!ndu girl Musl!m Boy Song

  1. omg nice song, muslim males have got some of the best voices in the industry, can’t stop listening though I cant understand bengali language. I’m a girl who was born into a hindu family in the UK. Though my dad is an atheist, mom and other members of the family are hindu. My boyfriend is muslim and we have had many erotic sexual encounters and few months ago I took Shahada after a muslim female friend of mine gave me Dawah it was an amazing feeling. Though I dont practice the religion but I like muslims.

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