H!ndu girls video chatting with musl!m boys

hindu girl chat

Audio is low use head phone or download the file and view on vlc wit 200% audio.

Two indian-nepali h!ndu girls and a musalman boy.
At 0:22 he talks about Roza.
01:15  you can hear the girl’s name neha

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Indian girl Simran Sehgal and pakistani muslim boys. Audio out of sync.

Muslim boy makes her cover her head with dupatta.
03:07 Muslim boy says: Allah pak simran k kam se kam 24 bacche ho.
Another muslim boy replies: India Pakistan ka match karwaega.
04:40 Muslim boy says: Bahot pyari lag rahi hai aaj roza rakha hua hota to aur bhi pyari lagti.
Musl!m boy implies simran muslim lag rahi hai.
08:44 Simran says: Aise he mujhe koi bol raha tha hum to aapko muslim sochte the, maine kaha mai muslim nahi hu.
09:16 Simran: vaise Haryana mai ladkiya sir par dupatta pehanti hai

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