H!ndu kathak dancer rubbishes love j!had and spreads love with musalmans

Hindu kathak dancer spreads love with musalmans and rubbishes lovejihad.

Walls alongside of a few bustling streets and main roads of the city were painted with graffiti screaming, ‘H!ndu daughters beware of love jihad’.
When Avni a hindu girl and a kathak dancer saw this she decided to protest against this in her own way. She performed kathak dance to the song, ‘Jab Pyar Kiya toh Darna Kya’ in front of those graffitis which warned hindu girls from going to musalman men.

She spins and swirls, in graceful defiance, while a scattered crowd watches on. She said in an interview: “Earlier I had performed in street plays, but this is the first time I danced on the street. But just as in the film Madhubala looks at Emperor Akbar, I tried to look at the graffiti with similar pleas in my eyes.”

Avni and Muslim man Mr. Naqvi


Girls like it, only two negative comments there and no wonder both came from H Males.

Its usually the same pattern everywhere

The h!ndu girl below had a qurarrel with H guys who had posted negative comments and she was enough to take on all of them alone.

“There is a perpetual fear of a more virile Muslim male body that lures away Hindu girls”, – female historian Tanika Sarkar.

(credits) With inputs from Vibhasha- [email protected]

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