H!ndu Wife for Musl!m Mard True Secularism

Let us spread secularism by all Hindu married males are cuckolded by their Muslim Masters and our hindu wife’s mercilessly fuck by Muslim circumcised cock. It is the obvious right of every Muslim man to dominate and control the hindu females in a household eliminating the inferior males from breeding or frustrating them. Females desire and deserve to be bred by the superior male this is not only a natural occurrence but a necessary one as well. The Hindu male being completely inferior to the Muslim Man easily and willingly gives up his right to sex with his wife and becomes a cuckold in the process.

Cuckolding is simply the act of the wife having sex with a man other than her husband. So as soon as the Muslim master has sex with the married Hindu female her husband becomes a cuckold. But cuckolding involves so much more when it is properly administered and that is what we want to discuss here. Properly applied it sends signals to others and encourages them to participate in a Muslim owned Hindu servant society.
Once the sexual act has occurred the Hindu husband is officially a cuckold and secular.but we are here to learn how to accentuate the process to the benefit of all. This is done primarily through public exposure in a more or less subtle way.

There are to be “Interfaith Club” in India where hindu wife/girls are available for Muslim Mard.

There are selected Muslin men who control the club. hHndu couples are members over in club. Club parties are held on the third/fourth Saturday of every month.

This club caters to the hard core hindu couple who agree to give up all their sexual rights to the Muslim members. This means they have to strictly abide by all rules set in place.

While in attendance at a club party. The husband has to act completely docile. He’s not allowed to object to any type of treatment his wife may encounter during the evening. She may be dominated by one of the Muslim members. Even gang banged by a group of Muslim men. They may treat her rough, slapping her around, spanking her hindu ass. They might even pull her hair during the process as they make her suck a cock or two.

Sometimes the wife is taken into a private room where she will be subjected to the utmost humiliation in front of her docile husband. There maybe as many as several Muslim men who are going to abuse her pussy, ass and mouth. By nights end she may not be able to stand or walk after servicing so many well endowed Muslim men.

Her once tight pussy will be gaped open from servicing those huge Muslim cocks. Her ass will never be the same. The once shy innocent housewife will be hardened into a Muslim cock loving slut. She will eventually be transformed into a Muslim cock loving slut. She will look forward to these parties in anticipation of what she will be subjected to during the evening.

Husbands will become cuckolds. He may or may not be allowed to screw his wife. He maybe subjected to humiliating tactics including chastity, verbal humiliation, perhaps even a beating. He’ll soon know is place in the club and what to expect as a loyal obedient member.

The cuckold maybe forced to sit and watch as his lovely wife is subjected to whatever their Muslim masters has on his mind that evening. He maybe shackled or tied to a chair. He even maybe asked to participate and help out preparing his wife.

He maybe asked to perform cleanup duty or even clean off a cock or two with his tongue. Skills every cuckold will learn as members of the club. He will soon learn every command of every Muslim master at the club. He maybe put on a leash along with his wife and paraded around the club offering their services to their Muslim masters.

Occasionally during these weekend parties the ultimate sacrifice maybe asked of the married hindu couple.

A lottery is held at the height of the evening’s ceremony’s. Everyone knows what to expect. Everyone is gathered around as the group founders get ready to read off the lucky lottery winner.

Each couple wait as the names of the lucky recipients are made public. A leader of the founding members is about to read the names.

The hindu couples who are always addressed as sluts and cuckolds listen as the group leader calls for their attention.

“Sluts & cuckolds. It’s with great pleasure that I get the honor of reading out the names of this weeks winners. Let’s give congratulations to Slut Pooja and Cuckold Sameer.”

Everyone starts to clap. Some couples looking relieved as they look around the crowd of hindu couples looking for the lucky two. Slut Pooja and Cuckold Sameer are walking forward toward the stage. They walk up next to the leader and shake his hand. Everyone is applauding them as they turn and look at the crowd below.

They have been selected. The wife will be Muslim bred. She will have one month to prepare for the event. She will cease any form of birth control immediately. The slut and the cuckold will than select a Muslim breeding bull of their choice. Each bull has been carefully selected as breeders.

He will take possession of his slut. He may or may not involve the cuckold. The slut will become his property during the breeding process.

Are you ready to take the journey into the Interfaith club? Are you ready to follow along as we introduce each new couple as they join this extremely private club? If you are, you will follow each new couple from day one as the hindu wife is turned into a Muslim Cock Craving Slut. Let us spread secularism by providing hindu wife to Muslim Mard.it’s true secularism. Lets enter the large Muslim steel door ahead and find out what awaits out new members…. Are you ready….?

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  1. Meri shadi huyi nahi hai but jald hi hone wali hai. shadi hone ke bad mai is club ka member banna chahunga. this is so sexy thinking.

  2. Agar koi hindu housewife aapke sath aana nahi chahti, to use kese convince kiya jaye

    • Bolo usko ki muslim se baat na kero..wo bahut chuddakad hoty hai… door rhna nahi to sex ka try keryngy…trust me she will try thm..its normal human psychology


  3. Its true that muslim men are superior in sex department compared to hindu men. one thing because of their genes and the other food and lifestyle and the third “circumcision” – the foreskin contains a lot of nerve endings and it gives more stimulation to males when the foreskin is removed these nerve endings are lost and when the foreskin gone the glans became contact with cloth and head of penis gets less smooth so it can do rough and hard things – so circumcised men take more time to discharge compared to uncircumcised and muslim men actually sacrifice their pleasure (by losing those sensitive nerve endings ) for the satisfaction of their mates .

    But having a strong and big penis doesn’t guarantee that he will get good women , a man should know how to behave to a women and how to treat her and an ability to read her feelings. Women does not like treated as sluts like said in the posts here they need love care protection from their men. love and sexual pleasure is also important. dont think all ladies are sluts

  4. write more… seems interesting

  5. Good post, hindu sluts ki training ka aik part hona chahiye ki apni hindu sisters aur friends ko is club ka part banaye, aur apne sabhi family members ko bhi,
    Sath hi slum me rehne wale Muslim mardo ko rich hindu couples me upar special rights hone chahiye, jisse WO hindu couple me ghar me hi raat bhar Hindu wives matlab sluts me khubsurat jism ko use kare

    • Megha bahan mai very rich family we hu mummy papa USA me rahte hai is site ki story padhke mai apni dono bahno vaishnavi air durga ko musalmano we apne samne chodvate hue myth Marne me liye bechain ho utha mai slum se do Muslim ghar laya air kaha meri bahno ko chod do salim vaishnavi ko patak me chodne lava air javed durga ko kutiya bana ke durga ki gand Marne laga vaishnavi hand uchhal uchhal ke salim she but chodvane lagi aur durga javed we hand marane lagi for mai roj roj naye naye musalman laker unhe pause dekar apni Hindu bahno gurga vaishnavi per chadhvata hu abtak hajaro musalmano ko durga vaishnavi pe chadhva chuka hu megha abtak tumhare uper bhi hajaro musalman chadh chuke honge

      • Good Arun
        Hindu aadmiyo ki best fantasy aur experience hota hai apni behan ya biwi ko slums me musalmano ki slut bante hue dekhne me
        Lekin jyada mazaa to hum Hindu aurto ko hi aata hai

        • Megha bahan ye to batao abtak kitne musalmano tumhare upar chadh chuke hai megha bahan abtak kitne musalmano ke age range faila chuki ho kya meri bahno vaishnavi g air durga ki tareh hajaro musalmano ko apne upar chadha chuki ho plz reply

  6. kya karna hoga iss group ka member banne ke liye btaooo

  7. Meri dono bahne muslim dosto se chudwati hain, mujhe bhi malum h pr mai mana nahi karta , holi pr khub masla mere Muslim dosto ne Meri dono bahno ko

  8. Wow my pussy is getting wet after thinking about this, koi video hoga iska plz upload

  9. Ys aisa club jarur hona chahiye jaha bade lund wale musalman hamari hindu aurato ko unke pati k samane chode. Mai apni married badi bahan ko us club me jarur le kr jaunga.

  10. Koi musalman meri married hindu bahan ki chat karana chahta h to add me kik rrraj1

  11. Very innovative idea. Looking forward to it. Somepoints need to be relooked. It truely will help person having interfaith fantacy like me 2 enjoy n fulfil our utmost lust for “Real Men”. N we all know to whom i refering as “Real Men”
    [email protected]

  12. Lovely . Innovativ idea… already spreadin it
    Kik ddragonized

  13. This idea sounds amazing and could easily be modified for western countries.

  14. Koi bhi hindu aise online group ki suruaat Kar sakta Hai. Kik par ya Facebook par aise group banakar jiska naam vo rakh sakta Hai jaise hamari bold bindas hindu bv aur behne. Jahan hamare jaise muslim tumari hindu bv aur behno ke karib aa sakte hai

  15. Hey guy’s.. we r cpl frm Mumbai.. n..we r completely ready for such type of grp where my wife will be a slut n me a cuckold..plz plz if thr is any such grp make us join .. u cn contact me on Kik.. rrj2002

  16. Is this the only site like this or are there others?

  17. really a beautiful & involving idea…
    I really need to confess that the girl I lost my virginity with was also a virgin and being in same batch, 15months elder than me, but she like this thing too, she never had such an amazing experience with this much if passionate lip lock.
    if anyone has made the group, add me from Gmail/Hangout or kik at mdsaif10ahmad.

  18. it’s a good idea.aisa koi club hona chahiye jaha per hamari hindu bahano ko musalmano k pas aane ka mauka mile aur musalmano ko bhi hamari hindu women se ghulane milane ka mauka mile.kyoki jo dar hamari hindu bahano me hota h ki musalman bahut harami aur gande log h wo dar hamari hindu bahano k dimag se nikal sake.aur ye tabhi ho sakta h jab aise club jyada se jyada ho jaha hamari hindu women muslim k sampark me aaye.aur jyada se jyada Hindu women aur musalmano ka interaction ho.agar aisa ho to hamari hindu bahano ko musalman laude se chudwane se koi nahi rok sakta.wo khud apni janghe chaudi kr dengi musalman laude lene k liye

  19. How to become group member. [email protected]

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