H!ndu wife for Social Harmony

One of my friends says I’m the biggest fool there is, because I let my wife treat me the way she does. My friend says that because Radha my wife, is heavily involved in improving ethnic harmony between hindu and Muslim. You see, she’s a member of a group, which I’ve overheard her refer to as the “Cause”. She says it’s a group that is relatively secret, such that she can’t even tell me all about it. Anyway, she often brings different Muslim men at our home to discuss the organization’s business. Of course, I’m excluded from these discussions since I’m not a member. Her visitors often come at night and are in our home well into the early hours of the morning. As a further means of privacy and security, she’s also had me move out of the master bedroom to a room in the basement. This was ideal, since she put a lock on the door that locked from the outside once I enter. Her reason, security for the Cause’s work. This has been going on over a year. She’s so involved in this club that our sex life has also changed dramatically. I’ve only had normal intercourse with her four times in the last eight months. THE DINNER PARTY

Radha called me at work all excited about a dinner party for some special Cause members from out of town. My wife arrived later and showed me the low neckline dress she had bought to wear. I couldn’t believe she was going to wear such a revealing item. . To my surprise she also told me something else slightly shocking. “Honey, our guest are high ranking executives in the Cause. They won’t say anything about the organization, in front of you, but we’ll be under their inspection tonight. What I’m saying dear is that I want you to be as subservient as possible, and be unconcerned if they want to be overly friendly to me. In fact, I want you to welcome them, tell them you’re their servant for the evening, and tell them you fully support me and that you expect me to be totally at their disposal for the evening.” THE NEXT DAY

I was angry at her because her three out of our guests kept her out all night. She was not home when I left for work this morning. There was a note on my unlocked bedroom door not to worry and that she’d be home when she got home. She had business to discuss with them in their motel rooms. To make matters worse the three handsome Muslim men, our dinner guests, took all sorts of liberties with my wife and almost totally ignored me, even though they knew I was her husband. The next day, I asked her about her behaviour at dinner last night. “Yes dear, I sleep with them, and I routinely have sex with many Muslim men.

I do so to gain their trust and to let them know that I’m serious about improving racial harmony. Secondly, to first let them see what it’s like to fuck Hindu wife. The cause sees Muslim hindu wife sex relations as a key ingredient to improved race relations.” She seemed to be so happy to have gained the trust of over 250 Muslim men since joining the club about a year ago.there are nine of my original fellows that just seem to need me every week.” `N-nine … a-a week? … plus n-new members?’ I stammered in shock. “Yes dear. Isn’t it something that they think that much of me to want me to help relieve their tensions over and over again, as well as to deepen the trust between the races?”

“Now dear, those men go out and tell others about our cause as well as help in club activities and fund raisers.” “Now honey, c’mon over here and lets look at one of the videos that I made of some of my trust building sessions.” She responded in a sweet tone as she put her arms around me and led me to the couch. “Now look dear, the point I wanted to make to you was that Muslim men’s tension and sexual needs are significantly greater than yours and therefore, since I had to place a priority on the greatest need, you didn’t come first. I don’t mean to hurt your feeling, but I hope you understand dear. See how much bigger and swollen those Muslim dicks are compared to yours?” I meekly told her I understood. “Thank you for your confidence honey. “Honey, now that you know everything about the cause, I’d like you to join?” Puzzled, I asked how I could be of assistance. She left a lot of Polaroids and videos out that were taken of her and a multitude of Muslim studs she’d sexed.

I couldn’t help but get horny from looking at all those big long Muslim dicks disappearing between her legs. The more I watched them, the more I discovered I liked seeing her manhandled and fucked by powerful Muslim men. She said, tomorrow cause member are at our home. They all, with my Hindu wife’s obvious permission, kissed, groped and fondled her lewdly at will. She did the same in return. When I tried to stop my wife from taking off the one piece wrap around she wore, a strong Muslim hand picked me up and pulled me out of the way. After that, I saw about four men surround her while I was hauled to another part of the house with a hand around my mouth. The next thing I knew I was on my knees with a rigid Muslim erection pointed straight at my mouth. It’s owner made me look up at him and slapped my face lightly but firmly. He then warned me that if I didn’t do as he wanted, he would hit harder, much harder. I did as he told me. I opened wide to receive his swollen Muslim cock.

I was too terrified to be disgusted at what I was being made to do. . After several minutes of having him pushing and pulling his giant Muslim lund in and out of my stretched hindu mouth as well as me suckling it from time to time, he warned me of his impending come and warned me to swallow it all. I was terrified and yet strangely aroused at the thought of having to swallow this Muslim man’s cum. He flooded my mouth. I stayed their in a dumbfounded state for a while. Finally, I reached out for some tissue to wipe the Muslim man’s trail of semen from the corner of my mouth, However, I looked up to see another Muslim stud coming toward me with another Muslim manhood.

“I just got off in your Hindu wife pussy, but I need some more action. I just heard you suck dick pretty good, so c’mon, gimme some mouth action and clean yo wife’s pussy scum off my dick too.” This second time I felt more relaxed with this second big Muslim Lund between my lips. I Worked on him until he too flooded my mouth with another very heated creamy load. Before the group left, every man ended up fucking my face. I found myself in no position to resist them as they lined up to fill my mouth with their hard Muslim lund. When I finally got off, my wife was waiting on me with another cleaning job – her Muslim cum filled pussy.

Now you can join me in my crusade and become a club member, now that everything is in the open.” She spoke with a sigh of relief. ‘Y-you think y-your regulars are going to w-want me to do t-that f-for …’ I tried to ask before she cut me off. “Of course honey.


I’ve found myself more understanding of my wife and her cause. After all, where else could she get such good sexing as good social cause.

This is now our life style and we wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it when Muslim Uses my wife for his pleasure or when they gives her to his friends to use.

Me and my wife are doing lot for to increase social harmony between hindu and Muslim….. though number of Muslim Mard are more my wife alone will not suffice… so she inducted 5 other hindu wife and 3 college girl for this cause… Will you and your wife eady to increase the social harmony between hindu and Muslim by allowing more and more Muslim man to fuck your wife…


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  1. Great cause, jald hi sari hindu aurte is nek kaam me shamil hogi

  2. Hi Megha kaisi ho,,,,haaan yaar hum log tou bus hindu chut ko marne ke liye betab rehtay hain, aur jitni hindu chut martey hain, utni hi aur piyas bharkti hai, hindu female aur muslim male ka combination best hai.

    • Khan sahab namaskar, sach kaha aapne, har Hindu aurat ki yahi asli ichcha hoti hai ki use musalman mardo ka sath mile, hamare jawan khubsurat jism apne husn ko kattar dadhi topiwale musalmano pe lutane ko betab rehti hai, aur musalman mard ki neeche hi asli swarg hai

  3. Hindu aurat k jism ki numaaish sirf ek Muslim hi kar sakta hai…
    Usey jannat me bitaaye kuch samay ka asli ehsaaas Muslim k liye b dekhne laaayak hota hai, uski hawas, tadap, paseene se bheega badan, dard bhari cheekhein or lete time face expressions…
    Hangout/kik mdsaif10ahmad

    • biljul sahi kaha aapne .. jab muslim mard kisi bhi sanskaari hindu ladki fir wo chahe jis bhi age ki ho .. apne mujboot haatho mein jakad ke uski sharm ke parde hatate h to jo najara hota h .. bahut khas hota h aur fir apni maa bahen bibi beti ko apne saamne muslim mard se chudte dekhna aur usnki pyaar bhari cheekhe hamaari choti choti lulli garam kar deti h

  4. mai aisa hi karti hoon,merii choot aur jism har time ready rehta hai mulim maliik ke liye

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