6 thoughts on “Hot Bengali h model Chahat has a handsome musalman boyfriend

  1. You left out those 100s of pics where she goes to mandirs and says every religion is the same, just what every hindu says. So she’s perfectly ok within hindu spirituality, while she’s at violation with Islam.

  2. Firstly there weren’t 100’s of pics there were few, secondly that is not even relevant since she is from a hindu family its very normal for her to go to mandirs nothing special about it.

    1. specialty of hindu religion, is that we have deemed allah as just another avatar of god. so its perfectly fine for her to go to masjids and temples alike. Infact lakhs of hindu men and women visit dargahs and masjids daily. So they are still hindu not muslim, as they still pray to multiple gods.
      The fact that the muslim guy is with a non-believer clearly violates his religion, but seems like he doesn’t care much for islam by dating non-believer.

      1. It doesn’t matter they have been with hindu girls since hundreds of years and hindus can worship anything from a tree to Sachin to radhe maa and what not it could even be stupid. Still it won’t go well with most families seeing a hindu girl wearing a burqa and going to masjids. Still would any hindu family give arrange her marriage to a muslim guy no. They dont easily accept a musalman beef eater damaad. Its usually love marriage. Still if you think he is violating his religion then why a high percentage of hindus get upset some say lovejihad seeing a musalman guy with a hindu girl. Its his choice some muslim men date non-muslim girls and offer dawah.

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