Hot Bikini hindu girl with instructor mohammed


Sizzling pics Karuna with instructor Mohammed

“I surveyed the water sport store met Mohammed and picked up something that was something that was just my style.. this was going to be fun.” – karuna
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desi babe in beach

They could dress like that in front of anyone but the difference is that in front of a musalman men hindu girl’s body language changes, she doesn’t act like she is happy just for the sake of  the video because its her job but she is really happy from inside. Muslim men k samne wo jyada machalti aur itrati bhi hain. They seem more  jubilant and cheerful with a musalman guy.

hindu girl muslim boy

hindu girl muslim







4 thoughts on “Hot Bikini hindu girl with instructor mohammed

  1. ohmmm yaar kion esi hot hot hindu bitches deka rahay hoo, esa maal meray muslim lund ko bahut tadhpa daita hay.

  2. No hindu guy can tame her. Only muslim men can control jawani like that. Hindu women are the sexiest women in the world.

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