Hot saree clad hindu girl in halal mutton restaurant

I am the same guy remember my previous post:
Saw a sexy hindu girl with muslim guy in halal chicken/mutton restaurant

There was yet another encounter, few days back at the same restaurant I saw another Hindu girl.
It was 8:30 PM and I was inside that restaurant and had ordered chicken.

One of my friends once told me not to go to that restaurant he said “don’t go to that muslim owned restaurant 90% people who go there are muslims and they don’t eat non-halal why should we eat theirs and pay them but I can’t stop myself from going there from time to time.”

So I was eating there and a girl came inside she was in saree with a small bindi on her forehead. Seemed like she had arrived there from work. Looked like a working class girl sort of school teacher.

As she entered most of the men inside started looking that her. The restaurant is owned by two muslim brothers younger brother sits at the counter while the elder brother comes there in the evening to check things. He looks tall and handsome. The elder brother was inside there when she entered the restaurant. He looks like a serious guy but even he couldn’t stop himself from gazing at that Hindu girl in saree.
From the top to bottom (upar se le kar niche tak usko dekha)he looked at her. The girl on the other hand lowered her gaze (looked down).

She ordered some chicken to be packed. I started eating slowly so as to stay there for as long as she is there.
After some time she got what she ordered and approached the counter to make the payment. My plate was empty I also went forward to pay the bill.
She gave 500 rupee note. The younger brother at the counter told her there is no change, (khulle paise nahi hai). 40 rupees khulle nahi the uske paas. Then the elder brother intervened and said no problem pay the remaining next time. He gave her 200 rupees instead of 140. He said 60 rupees baad mai de dena.
I dont think he would have shown the same generosity to others, bolta agli dukan se khule le kar aao.
It was a masterstroke which accomplished two things, one: he made the girl think that he is being nice to her and second he made the way and gave her a reason to come again to clear her debt.

After this she moved out of the restaurant. He also went outside. I payed up and left the restaurant and then I saw the same Hindu girl on her scooty getting ready to leave and next to her was the elder brother restaurant owner, Faizal is his name he was talking to the girl.
I wished to click a pic but didn’t have the courage.
I slowly like a turtle walked past them with mobile in my hand pretending as if I am busy with it.

I heard he said something like so you going there oh drop me in between.. ‘tum bhi waha ja rahi ho mujhe waha tak chodd do.’
Next he sat behind her on the scooty and they both went away.
He played a nice game, ab to restaurant malik faizal uska game bajayega bistar par.

I am sure wo uske pata lega is game mai ka expert khiladi lag raha hai wo. Thode dino mai wo uske bistar par hogi fir wo uski saree khol kar usko achi tarah se chod kar apna muslim cum uski pink chut mai bhar dega.
Vaise taali ek haat se nahi bajli usko bhi man ho raha hoga musalman ka bada lund lene ka.
Kitna maza le le kar choega wo musalman Faizal us ladki ko aur wo bhi masti mai uska bada circumcised lund sata sat chusegi.

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  1. Strong muslim boys captivate hindu girls by their charm who then end up in their bed and enjoy the forbidden fruit.

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