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You are right the hindu girls end up fantasizing about muslim males. It creates a sense of taboo and thrill of doing the forbidden. Those pages negatively highlight hindu girls marrying and befriending muslim males in 99.9% of the cases hindu girls do it willingly. It is not surprising that those pages are created by insecure men and 99% of their followers are males you would hardly see any active h girl on those pages. This site has far more female fans than those pages.
hindu girls muslim men

That h guy asked ‘At my workplace there are so many hindu girls and some of them even brahmins who are dating muslims. How can this be stopped.’

There are countless questions like these posted on quora, yahoo answers and other sites why hindu girls go to muslim, why they have affairs with muslims, how are muslims able to lure them blah blah blah. On those sites I see they dont get the answers which convince them completely it is here where they get the most convincing answer as to WHY…..
Many hindu guys can’t comprehend that why hindu girls go to muslim men and it isn’t the topic that you would usually discuss with your friends so they stick to the internet and the result is this

hindu girls like muslims

hindu girls love muslims

I am aware that many such people come to this website to masturbate, it makes them too horny.

hindu girls circumcised dick

Now the answer to a particular question also depends on the place and situation, like on a site like quora most genuine people wont behave as they normally do on this site. Answer to the same question could be different depending on the place and situation.

So a Hindu girl answering a question on Quora about why they like muslim men she would usually say it a freedom of choice / religion doesn’t matter / love is blind etc…
But the same girl on this site could go wild, she would say I love big circumcised muslim cocks, muslims make me horny, they are hot etc..
hindu girl for muslim

I lost the link to a quora question I red few months ago titled “How are muslims able to lure hindu girls” may be its deleted cant find it.
It was answered by a real hindu girl saying that ‘Hindu girl have a right to choose muslim men, do you think they dont have a brain and can be just lured by anyone.’

hindu girls muslims

There are vice versa questions as well about hindu men and muslim women but they are usually asked by hindu men as opposed to the case of ‘hindu women and muslim guys’ where many hindu guys just cannot digest why hindu girls are going to muslim men, so they either end up posting a question or searching on google which contributes to the popularity of those search terms shown above.
Some of such questions
Are Muslim women interested in marrying Hindu men
Will Pathan girls marry Indian Hindu boys?
What is it like a Muslim girl to marry a Hindu boy?
How does it feel for a muslim girl to marry a Hindu guy or have a hindu boyfriend?
Do Muslim girls find Hindu guys attractive in India?
Hardly any muslim girl answers the question about hindu men muslim women as opposed in questions about hindu girls and muslims men hindu girls just flock to give a reply, it also shows which one is more popular.
How does it feel for a Hindu girl to have a Muslim boyfriend or marry a Muslim guy?
Can a Hindu woman marry a Muslim man ?
What is it like to be a Hindu woman married to a Muslim man?
Why do many Bangladeshi Muslim men marry Bangladeshi Hindu girls?
Can a Indian Muslim boy love and marry a Hindu girl in India?

Hindu girl married to muslim man
Hindu girl married to muslim man

Just another story
Hindu girls in the comments sections are so excited and celebrating.

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  1. Hi ! Visited this site on a friend’s recommendation. I am Kamya, student from Assam. To add me – fb search -: Kamya Kashyap (Kammy)

  2. hello friends i agree this that hindu girls like muslim boys . i and my didi are like muslim boys . they fucks us in persence of our brothers .

  3. रुचिका शर्मा आप ठीक कहती है मेरी भी दोनो हिन्दू बहनें मेरे सामने ही एकदम नंगी होकर मुसलमानों से गांड उछाल उछाल कर चोदवाती है और लगभग सभी अपने घर मुसलमानों को लाकर अपनी हिन्दू बहनों की बुर चोदवा रहे है औऱ ये सब आठ सौ सालो से चल रहा है इसलिये सनी सिंह जी रुचिका शर्मा और इनकी बहन अपनी भाइयों के सामने एकदम नंगी होकर मुसलमानों से चोदवा रही है औऱ आप भी मुसलमानों से दोस्ती करके उनको आपने घर लाइए औऱ अपनी नंगी बहनों पर चढा दिजीए मुसलमान आपकी बहनों की बुर चोदकर फाड़ देंगे

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