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  1. This story is about my mom. I am 18 years old and my mom is 39 years old hot and sexy divorced lady who works in a small private school as a teacher. Her name is Shalini. She is 5”4 and has a fair skin ,long hair and a busty body. Her figure is 38DD-31-40. She looks like a lady who is 32 and many people think she is my elder sister. My dad left her when I was a little kid and I have never seen him since then. My mom is a shy and conservative lady and wears sarees or salwar suits. She never exposes her milky assets. This story begins in July when I took admission in college and before that the school where my mom worked closed and she became jobless. My mom managed to pay for my college fees and kept on hunting for a new job for many months. Due to bad luck my mom failed to find a job and we were facing financial hardships. I offered a helping hand and found a job to support her. It was a part time job in a small company. The company’s owner Mr. Rashid Khan was a very kind and rich man. He is around 45 years old and a widower. He has 2 sons and both of them study abroad. He is 6 feet tall and a very handsome man. He keeps a small trimmed beard and I started working for him the next day. One day he asked about my family and I told that there is only my mom in my family. After a few days he told me that his servant boy who is also of my age has taken long leaves as his grandfather is sick and has gone to his village and he is not very much liking the outside market food and that is making him sick also. I immediately offered that I can get home cooked food made by my mom and he thanked me. The next day when I arrived in the evening for work I had a tiffin with me which I gave him. When I was leaving he said he liked the food a lot and that reminds him of his wife’s food and suddenly he became very sad. I told him that I will get food for him everyday and he said he understands that I am very poor and he offered me money for food which my mom cooked for him. For a few days I kept on bringing food and one day I forgot to keep the tiffin with me. I said sorry to him for this and offered him to come to my home to have food. I called my mom to tell her that my boss is coming for dinner.
    Mr . rashid and me reached my place in 15-20 min is his car. Mom served him dinner and he thanked my mom for such a nice dinner and next thing that happened was beying my imagination. He took mom’s hand in his hands and kissed her hands to thank her for the food and praised the taste of food she cooks for him every day. Mom was totally shocked and surprised and could not say a word. Mr. rashid then gave her a light hug and thanked her again and left. Nothing happened after that and both of us slept. Next morning I went to college and then went for job after college. When I was leaving Mr. Khan called me in his office and offered me to sit.
    We kept chit chatting for several minutes and then what he said came to me as a surprise. He said that your mom has not been able to get a job for 8 months and you are facing money problems. He treats me like a son and he offered me to come with my mom and stay in his house and all my mom has to do was to cook food for him and take care of the house. This was like a house maid job and I was too ashamed to tell this to my mom and next day he again asked me about my decision. I did not say anything and told about this to my mom fearing she might get angry as she had been a teacher for all her life. My mom took some time to think and agreed and I was not too happy about her decision. But anyways we moved to Mr. Rashid’s house. It was a big house with 5 rooms and he gave us a room to stay. Mr. Khan had a maid servant already who used to clean the house and wash his clothes etc but after we arrived he told his maid to leave the job and offered my mom to do all the work.

    Neither of us were happy about these developments in our life but Mr. rashid offered her salary more than she used to earn before so she agreed. A few

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