Hottie Kr!shna Mukherjee set hui musalman Hung A1i se

H!ndu Hottie Kr!shna Mukherjee aur Kashmiri Musalman A1y (A1i) Goni.

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They go to dinner date, movie date, click pics together in bathroom and what not.

Ali was once in a relationship with Serbian girl Natasa Stankovic

Older pic Ali with H!ndu girl

Very old pic of Ali with Shivangini

Ali, Saif and Shivangini

Sturdy kashmiri musalmans are hung and handsome more in line with Pathans, they are usually good looking, resolute and vigorous ain’t a surprise h!ndu girls in colleges easily fall for Kashmiri Musalman mards.

She gives him birthday gift.

Itna pasand aa gaya !

She likes big things

hindu girl handsome muslim

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