How a 42 year old musalman man made 18 yr old girl a woman

I am Lavanya. I am going to tell you a true experience when I was 18 year old. I am 5’8″ tall (taller for normal Indian girls), fair and at that time I had a lovely 36-26-37 figure. Many boys in my college were mad after me, but i decided to concentrate on studies. Now I am 28 year old, married with 2 kids. Now I have put on a bit of weight which is obvious for a married lady with kids.

My true experience with a muslim is as below:
I am from a Khatri Punjabi family which was very Anti-muslim. We are 4 members in our family – My parents, my brother who is elder to me by 5 years and me. My brother had just passed his B.Tech and had got a placement as Graduate Trainee Engineer in a reputed firm in Bangalore. So we were only three at home. I was in my 12th standard. My both parents work. We lived in a locality where it was all Hindus. In the flat opposite to ours lived a Hindu brahmin family with 3 members – Husband, Wife & a kid. One day sadly our neighbour’s husband passed away due to a car accident. After some months the widow of our neighbour decided that she will sell of this house and move to her parent’s place. So she sold off the house to a muslim family, overcoming the resistance of the Hindus in the neighbourhood. The muslim family had 5 members in the family – A middle aged man, his wife and their 3 kids. We did not have much contact with them even though we were neighbours due to obvious reasons of their being muslims.

I would go to the college by City Bus. I had to walk everyday to the bus stand as it was about half a kilometre from our home. My parents used to leave early in the morning at 7:00 am to the office and would reach home at around 7:30 pm. I would leave my home at 8:30 am for my college. One day while I was on my way to the bus stand a scooter pulled over to my side and a voice called me “Hello, I will drop you to the bus stand”. I turned over my shoulder and saw that it was the muslim man who lived in the opposite flat. I told him “No thank you” and just kept walking. He did not say anything and went away. Again the next day he repeated the same and I again did not go with him on his scooter. This repeated for about 3 – 4 days. Then he came to me while I was walking to the bus stand and said “Hello, Are you avoiding me because I am a muslim ?”. I said “No”. He asked “Then what is the reason ?”. I told him “Why should I tell you ?”. He did not say a thing and went away. Then he stopped approaching me.

One day I had a holiday in college, but my parents did not have a off. So I was reading a book in my room. The door bell rang and I saw the muslim man. he was a well built man about 6’3″ tall, broad shoulders, used to wear a skull cap always and with muslim beard. He told me that he requires some drinking water as his wife & kids have gone out and he forgot to store drinking water the previous night. I asked him to come in. I normally wear knee length shorts and top at home. I asked him to sit on the sofa and I went into the kitchen to get the water. I was sensing that he was looking at my figure from top to bottom. I got the water and gave it to him.

When he finished he asked me for another glass. So I went back into the kitchen to get it. I came back & gave it to him. He finished it and handed over the glass to me. Then he got up in a flash and held me by my waist and started to kiss me. I was shocked and threw away the glass and resisted. But my supple body was unable to get out of his grip. He kissed me like mad. Now I went mad. Then he slowly kissed my neck and I suddenly started to feel something different and about to lose it. Then he put one hand on my 36C boobs and rubbed it even without removing my top. I murmured now “Yeh sahi nahi hai jo aap kar rahe ho” while his hand was pressing my boobs. By this time I had already lost it. He did not bother what I was saying and in a flash pulled up my top. The big 36C breasts were in full bloom in front of him. I normally do not wear my undergarments when at home. He went totally mad now and said “Saali kya mast mamme hai tere, teri umr kya hai ?”. I said “18”. he smiled and said “18 saal mein yeh mamme hai tere”. He just went ahead and started kissing & licking my boobs and nipples and also pressing them like mad. Now i was getting wet inside my pussy and my mind was going awry.

After about 5 minutes of rubbing and licking my boobs and nipples, his hand started going down towards my pussy. He touched my pussy without removing the shorts and felt the wetness. he smiled and said “Saali tum Hindu ladkiyan khoob natak karti ho ki aapko musalman mard nahi pasand, lekin abhi dekho ek musalman mard ko dekh ke tumhari choot kitni geeli ho gayi hai”. He pulled down my shorts and I was totally nude in front of him totally helpless. He then undressed himself. When he removed the shirt I saw that he was superbly gym toned muscular man, just like actor Salman Khan with toned abs. i just went weak in my knees seeing this. I had not seen a hunky man ever because my dad and brother are very lean and tall men. Then he removed his pant and his brief and I saw a monster circumcised dick, fully erect by now. He said “Dekha hai kabhi itna bada lund ?”. I sighed and said “Nahi”. He knew that all my resistance has now gone. He said “Ab sofa par baitho aur mere lund se khelo aur isse sailavo taaki yeh bilkul tight ho jaaye”. I just obeyed him and took his cock in my hand and stroking it and sucking it like mad. I was now mad for his cock. I asked him “Aaapka naam aur age kya hai ?”. He smiled “Saali tujhe mera naam aur age bhi pata nahi ? Mera naam hai Aslam aur mera age hai 42 saal”. I was shocked looking at his body and cock and told him “Aap jhooth bol rahe ho. Aap younger ho”. He said “Saali abhi tujhe Birth certificate dikhaau kya ?”. I sucked & stroked his cock for about 10 min and I knew he was nearing his orgasm as his cock started to throb. He said “Ruko”. I stopped. He asked me to take him to my room and I did obey him.

When he reached my bedroom he asked to lie with my back on the bed. I did and he opened my legs wide. He took his face towards my pussy. He rubbed it and smiled “Saali bahut garmi hai tujhme, dekho kitni geeli ho gayi ho already”. He then rubbed my clit and inserted his tongue in my pussy and started licking and working on it. I could not control and just let out an orgasm in 2 minutes. He licked the fluid from my vagina and said “Kya mast taste hai tumhare shaakahari choot ka”. Then he put his finger inside and it was very tight. I just squirmed in pleasure and a current went through my body. He laughed and said “Aaj pehli baar hai nah ek mard ke saath ?”. I nodded “haan”. he worked with his finger in my pussy for about 5 min to make it prepared for the final assault with his 9 incher.

Then he got up and positioned his cock on my pussy and slapped it on my clit for about 5 – 6 times. I was just wishing that he put it in with every slap on my clit. He could now see my eyes were full of hunger and said “Tu toh meri musalman lund ke liye tadap rahi hai randi”. Then he put his cock head inside. It was now feeling like an invasion of my Hindu pussy by a big musalman invader cock. My toes and fingers on my hand began to curl in pleasure even though only his thick cock head was only inside. He laid don on me now and clasped my both hands with his hands in order to prove that he is dominating me. His hairy chest was now rubbing against my boobs. Then in one thrust he slid the entire 9 inch cock inside. The thrust was so deep that I just shouted and my entire ass and waist raised by itself in pleasure. Now his cock was deep inside my pussy and touching my uterus opening.

Then he slowly started thrusting and then increased it to fast. He had clasped both my hands and also was kissing me like mad during the entire thrusting. After 20 minutes of thrusting I could see he was cramping up and his eyes and lips were getting tight and also his cock inside me was getting tight and thicker. I knew he was about to dump his seed. He let out a sound from his mouth of a sigh & he shot his thick semen inside my womb. Then he collapsed on me totally exhausted. He stayed on me for about 10 min and I could feel his cock was still hard enough inside my pussy as he had not withdrawn it. Then after 10 min he got up pulled his cock and saw my pussy and said “Saara bachcha paida karne waala maal maine tere andar daal diya hai randi”. That is when I realised that he was not wearing a condom. I told him. In a fit of confusion I told him “Main pregnant nahi ban na chathi hoon abhi, aapne condom nahi pehna tha kya ?”. He just got up put on his dress and left without heeding to what I said.

I lied down for about an hour and went off to sleep. When I got up I saw my bedsheet was full of blood stains. I knew this mature 42 year old has broken my hymen seal and made me a woman from a girl. I was happy and tense too at the same time since he had impregnated me with his seed. But luckily I was not in my fertile days and I did not bear his kid.

I was so fascinated with his cock that I kept meeting him regularly, but with pill so that i did not get pregnant. Then at 24 years of age my parents married me off to a man from our own caste. My husband has given me 2 kids, but I must say that never did I feel the satisfaction like I felt with Aslam.

After all Aslam was the opening batsman who played on my body pitch and opened the innings.

22 thoughts on “How a 42 year old musalman man made 18 yr old girl a woman

  1. agar mai teri jagah pr hoti to aslm ki bivi ban jati aur apni gori jawani ka maza leti.bahut mast maza milta h jub muslim ka lund meri chut me jata.i have lust for big muslim lund

  2. Great Lavanya, you are really fortunate, but you still miss that 42 year old Muslim hunk, may be now its high time to start part 2 of submission to cut Muslim cock.

  3. Once a woman tastes a big muslim dick then she cannot forget abt it ever. Lavanya’s experience proves it.
    Agree with Megha, Lavanya shud now go for another muslim hunk to get satisfied & be happy. Iam ready if Lavanya wishes.

  4. The day Lavanya tasted muslim cock, she would never like a Hindu cock all her life. Even after marriage & 2 kids she is craving for a muslim cock.
    My wife is also a living example of this. She still craves a muslim cock & has still has kept a relationship with her boyfriend Aasif whom she used to meet before marriage. I know it but keep quiet because I know she can only satisfied by Aasif.

  5. Similar thing happened to me. My virginity was taken by a muslim man Kashif aged 49 years when I was 17 years of age. He was my dad’s friend.

    1. Vaishali,
      U r a lucky girl to have lost ur virginity to a mature muslim man. I am sure he relished ur entire sexy teenage Hindu body.

      1. Sahi kha muslim yar.
        Muslim se chudne ka mja tab hi ata he jab hindu ladki aise hi one day show kare. Mtlb no relation only fuck.
        Mere b 3 muslimo k sath najayaj relation he.

          1. Sorry dear mai batana bhul gyi thi. mai already 5 muslimo se chud chuki hun. Jin me se 3 k sath mere relation he.
            Ek aur badh gaya to kuch problem nhi hogi.

  6. Muslim maliko se chudwane me koi burai nahi hai. Hindu boy maximum satisfied nahi kar pate aur tabhi hindu ghar ki sareef ladkiya muslimo ki rakhail ban jate hai. Hum hindu hi rahete Hai muslim nahi bante. Hindu god ka hi puja karte. Hindu pati namard hone ke baad bhi usse pyar karte aur kaya chaiye hindu ladke ko. Jitna din jayega hindu ladkiya aur jada se jada muslim mardo se chudwayegi aur unki rakhail banegi

    1. Akhil Bhai,
      Sahi bola aapne. Main bhi 4 Hindu married auraton ke saath affair kar chuka hoon. Aur woh chaaron auraton ne mujhse shaadi karney ki ichcha kari thi. Lekin maine unko bola ki jab tak aapke patiyon ko pata nahi chalta tab tak aap mere saath mere 8″ katwa lund ka mazey le sakti ho. Jab pata chal jaayega toh phir dekhengey. Aur sab maan gayi. Ab woh apni financial zarooraton ke liye apne Hindu pati ke saath rehti hain, aur unke sexual zaroorton ke liye mere paas aati hain.

  7. Sahi kah rahe ho Aftab… muze bhi muslim lund pasand hai.. Mera dost hai Anwar .. usne muze uski aur uskke muslim doston ki randi bana ke rakha hai

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