How a Brahmin Mom Became a Muslim Wife

This is the story of Rupali Sharma, a hindu brahmin woman married to a hindu man (Anil) with 2 children (aged 12 and 14, Rahul and Neha). Rupali’s age is 36 and her husband is away on a business trip for 2 months. She is a strict hindu and very adverse to meat, and cannot even stand the smell of meat. She is also wary of muslims.

It’s been 2 weeks since Anil left and Rupali is feeling lonely. She is roaming around in a mall on her own, when she sees a stud man (aged 40, Ali Zafar). Ali sees her looking at him and approaches Rupali. He says would you like some company? Rupali knows its wrong but she cannot resist this hunk of a man. She agrees and they have food together. Ali realizes Rupali is a strict vegetarian, and orders only veg food to not get on Rupali’s bad side. He also pretends to be a Hindu. After this Rupali and Ali meet several times over the next week, while roaming around in a park or eating food.

They begin to hold hands as Ali plays his part perfectly to cause Rupali to start liking him. He purposely starts wearing shorts which show off his member. Rupali takes notice and cannot believe it. She wonders if the cock is real and if it’s only her husband or just Ali.

One day Ali gets invited for lunch at Rupali’s place while the children are in school. He makes sure to look his best. Rupali gets a weird tingling feeling upon seeing Ali. As Rupali is serving him, he holds her hand and asks to sit with him. They start watching tv after food and she rests her head on his shoulder.

Ali starts to kiss Rupali’s head and cheeks. Rupali is taken aback and nervous. She feels very guilty about Anil, at the same time she can’t resist this man. Ali puts his lips to her, and Rupali kisses back. The two continue to make out like teenagers for the next 20 min. Then Ali heads out. Now whenever the two meet, they have an extended make out session. All this makes Ali very hard but he maintains control on himself as patience is the key.

One day, when Ali is invited again for lunch. Ali goes behind Rupali and puts his hands around her and starts kissing. He purposely lets Rupali feel her cock from behind through the fabric. Rupali cannot believe the size of that thing. During today’s makeout session after Ali has bitten Rupali plenty on her boobs, he brings out a blindfold and puts it on Rupali. He carries her to a sofa, and puts his head between her legs and starts licking. Rupali had never had oral before and cannot believe the feeling she is getting. She orgasms within minutes, she says I have never felt so good, my husband never does this to me. Ali licks the sweet juices and pockets the panty.

He kisses her, she can taste her own juices but doesn’t care. Ali takes the tip of his cock and rubs it against Rupali’s pussy. Rupali is lost in lust and starts begging for Ali to put it in her. Ali puts his tip in. Rupali feels herself stretch and feels extremely good. They have extremely hot sex with plenty of kisses in between. Rupali realizes she is not on pill and Ali is going unprotected, also something feels weird about the tip. She takes off her blindfold and when the cock comes out sees some skin missing. She is dumbstruck and questions Ali on this.

Ali explains his cock is circumcised and that he is a muslim. Rupali feels a feeling of disgust emerging in her. She cannot believe what has just happened. However Rupali’s body is acting differently she is about to hit an orgasm. She tries to push Ali away, Ali moves away knowing full well Rupali will be begging for him soon. Rupali’s pussy is on fire, torn between lust and disgust, lust wins and Rupali begs Ali:

“I don’t care if you are muslim. You do it so well, my husband has never given me this feeling please don’t stop. I will change my perceptions about muslims”.

Ali tells her to apologize and admit muslims are superior, and to beg to “fuck her hindu cunt”.

Now Rupali was brought up in a conservative household and does not say dirty words. She resisted and Ali kept teasing her, rubbing her pussy lightly.

Rupali relented, she cannot believe the words she said:


Ali immediately inserted his cock in her and they had hot sex. The sex lasted several hours and the kids were going to arrive soon. Rupali begged Ali to leave. Ali wanted to be introduced to kids and said he wanted to now live with Rupali till Anil came back. When the kids came, Rupali introduced Ali as a guest who would be staying over for a while as he was a family friend. The kids did not care. After the kids went to bed Anil and Rupali had sex in the marital bed. Rupali had never felt soo good before.

She had not felt so degraded either. Till Anil came back it was a sex fest for Rupali getting stretched and feeling warm every night and day. Initially she tried to keep it quite and not let the kids know. Soon however she started to become noisy in bed. The kids started hearing noises from the bedroom however did not know how to react and pretended as though nothing was happening. Ali also started to change Rupali convincing her to dress more scantily even in front of her own kids.

It soon became common to see Rupali wearing just her bra and panties in the house. The kids were taken aback but did nothing. Sometimes even the bra would be off. Since the affair was not hidden Rupali stopped pretending. Ali would often try and kiss Rupali in front of kids and Rupali did not resist. When the kids asked, Rupali just said that Ali is taking care of her needs.

Ali was in fact married too. He revealed this to Rupali soon, that he was married to 2 brahmin hindu wives who had converted to Islam and had 5 kids with each. This revelation happened soon after Rupali discovered she was pregnant. Ali was ready to take Rupali as his 3rd wife on the condition she converted and started eating meat. Ali said the reason he and muslims were superior in bed was cause they ate meat and in particular beef. He said both his previous wives had done this too and got Rupali to meet them. They said the same thing that meat tasted good and muslims were better in bed then Hindus.

Rupali tried to resist, but Ali got mad.

“My child will not be a weak veg, he will be a strong big cocked muslim beef eating hunk and his mother will eat it too”

This show of power scared Rupali. She agreed to try it with the kids. Ali got 4 kg of beef to the house and ordered Rupali to add it to the food. The smell was terrible but she did it. Then she told her kids we are going to try a new dish tonight. The kids started eating and enjoyed it, without knowing what they ate. Seeing the smile on her kid’s face she started eating. She was scared of the first bite but after she put it in, Ali massaged her hand and she liked it. She started eating beef. Soon Rupali regularly started cooking meat in the house particularly beef. When the went out for family dinners, now they frequented halal restaurants and ate meat a great deal of it too.

It was time for Anil to return and Ali to leave, Rupali did not mind converting to Islam and living with Ali, but she would give Anil a chance. When Anil returned, they had sex, but she could hardly even feel him and felt frustrated. Furthermore they were back on the vegetarian diet. After a week Rupali had enough of this and the kids wanted their meat too.
Rupali invited Ali during one of the evenings without telling Anil. She wanted to test if he was man enough to protect her, if not she will go with Ali. Ali came in and went straight to Rupali and kissed her. Anil could not believe what happened when he approached, Ali just shoved him away. He also had brought some food with meat and laid it out on the table. The kids, Rupali, and Ali ate.

Then Ali grabbed Rupali’s hand and decided to take her to the bedroom. Anil came in the way, Ali punched him away and Anil was left crying. An expression of disgust appeared on Rupali’s face as she saw a weak crying Anil and she told Ali. I need a real man to make me feel like a woman. They went hand in hand and closed the door. All night long Anil heard the sound of sex as his wife degraded herself and cried all kinds of dirty slutty things.


Soon after Rupali married Ali, and moved in as his 3rd wife. They have had 3 more kids since, both her and her 2 original kids converted. Now the large family sit together and enjoy food with beef and meat together.

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