How do Hindu husband feels as a cuckold?

Full Incident Of Hindu Wife’s Affair With Musalman-

Increasing Number Of Hindu Husbands Are Accepting Their Wife’s Affairs

I have decided to give an anonymous answer to protect the identity of the person I am speaking about. My story is not a case of me cuckolding an Indian wife, it’s more a case of an old acquaintance cheating on her husband with me and then him having to chose what he wants to do.

For the rest of the conversation we will call her Anji and her hubby Sanjay. Both me and Anji are from different parts of the UK. Her parents are from Mashatara in India and mine are from Punjab in Pakistan. She is Hindu and I am Muslim. We originally met at Uni in the 2000’s and even though we hung about in the same circle’s, we weren’t really friends. Fast forward to 2016, I met Anji and Sanjay on a night out in Manchester.

She had got married to Sanjay in 2009 and worked as a pharmacist. Sanjay was a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company and had a large ground which meant staying away from home on certain nights. Without going through every detail, we exchanged numbers and after a month or so of texting and calling, me and Anji met up for sex. Her excuse was she never got to see her hubby, she didn’t feel loved and she felt there was no excitement. I didn’t have an excuse, she is a really pretty girl and she was into me.

Originally it was in hotels near her home town, as I would travel to meet her. Later we started meeting at her house but I would make sure I was away before Sanjay came home. This is how we got caught.

We had been meeting for sex for 4 months when one night I decided to stay in bed with her after sex. We both fell asleep and only woke up when Sanjay started shouting and threatening to kill both of us. It was the next morning and he had come home.

Anji tried to calm him first but that didn’t help matters, I tried to speak to him but all I received back was expletives, racist comments and profanities. After what seemed like years of standing awkwardly, she finally said “I’m leaving you” next she shocked the life out of me by asking me to take her to my house. As I say, to me it was just sex and nothing more than that! But then again I couldn’t leave her here, I had gotten her into this mess and if he could have killed us with looks, we would have died several times over.

Anji grabbed a few things and put them in a bag and I booked a hotel and we left. After all the commotion, we actually had a good weekend but the biggest shock was still to come.

On Sunday night Anji finally answered Sanjay’s call and he told her that he didn’t want to lose her and was happy with her having her affair, he also asked to meet up and she insisted it was somewhere public and I came too.

So on Sunday night, we meet him at a bar and he accepts that I can stay in her life but asked her not to leave him. He also asked me not to tell anyone as the shame of his wife cheating on him would be too much for his parents and family to take.

Over the coming months I would drive to their house and stay the weekend. Me and Anji would have sex and then go out in the neighbouring city. He didn’t like it and Anji told me he would cry in the evenings. He begged her to take him back a few times but she said no. In his mind he couldn’t understand why she didn’t take him back after he had given in to her.

About a year after our first meeting, me and Sanjay started to get to know each other and became friends. This was when our relationship moved from a cheated husband to a cuckold and bull relation.

After this he used to help her get ready and would drop her off at my house on the Saturday morning after he got home. Some weeks he would go home and other weekends we would let him stay in the spare room.

After about 18 months of me and Anji starting our relationship, Sanjay became a full cuckold. He bought Anji around one Saturday and she had a lovely dress on. We were going out with my friends for lunch later and she came looking gorgeous. Me and her ended up having sex while Sanjay was in the room and after it he admitted that he enjoyed watching us and would like to watch again.

3 years later me and Anji are friends but not together. Her and Sanjay are still together, so technically he is not my cuckold anymore. I’m still on talking terms with both of them and I know that she has multiple sexual partners now and he is allowing it. She is also allowing him to sleep with her now too and this is the arrangement of their relationship.

So to answer your question how do Indian husbands feel about being cuckold, in my experience they hate it at first. But as time goes by they get used to it. They don’t like it if the bull is Pakistani or Muslim, as that is even more embarrassing. In the end the wife gets a taste for it and knows the husband won’t tell anyone and she continues to do what she wants and he has no choice but to get what she gives him.

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  1. I am also from Uk. My Muslim colleague was after her like a mad dog. Initially my wife used to get angry and now it is kind of usual for her. My wife told me she enjoy teasing him but she will never cross the limit and they are both kind of friends as per her. The guy flirt with her in front of me and she enjoy it. My wife is kind of open minded woman and she shared all conversation between them . His crude joke and sense of humor cross limit as well.
    Not sure it is a matter of time when things may go out of hand and I will become cuck as well

  2. आजकल तो cuckold होना हमारे हिन्दू समाज मे फैशन चल पड़ा है और अगर bull कोई मुसलमान मर्द हो तो हमारे हिन्दू पति बड़े फक्र से सबको बताते है कि अब उनकी पत्नी किसी असली मर्द का बीज अपने बच्चेदानी में लेगी और मर्द पैदा करेगी।

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