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How I Fucked My Neighbour’s Brahmin Wife Part 2

Part 1:

Next day, a Monday morning. Reached Office and was greeted with a message from my Manager asking me to come and see him in his office. Thinking what could it be, I went to his office.
“Babur, as you know, you have completed 18 months in your position as Systems Engineer. We are very very happy with your progress and have decided to promote you to Senior Systems Engineer, starting immediately” said my Manager with a big grin on his face. I was elated.

“Oh thank you so much Neeraj. You have no idea how much I worked for this promotion. I promise you I would be delivering even better performance now” I said extending my hand for a handshake. We briefly talk about my new responsibilities and my new salary. I thought of buying a new car for myself. But, the best part of my new job was I would be the Team Lead in the College recruiting Program which means, I have the final say, on who to hire and who to not hire, as the fresher engineers. I was waiting for this a long time. I had a plan to ask the easiest of questions to college girls whom I found hot during placement so as to increase their chances of working with me. Haha. Also, I wanted to increase the number of Muslim Engineers in my office. So, my overall plan was to hire as many hot Hindu bitches and Muslim men and women engineers as possible. We muslim male engineers of the company would peacefully share our new, fresh Hindu loot among ourselves. Haha and no one can overrule me in this case. Times were good and all thanks to the mighty Allah. I went over to my cubicle and pinged Ruchika, my part time slut, on whatsapp.

“Guess who is a Senior Systems Engineer now, slut” I messaged her. Congratulations were in order and I decided to meet her for dinner at Chillis after work tonight. Ruchika showed up smartly dressed in a white tight shirt and black skirt. As I had mentioned before, everything is fine with Ruchika but her face could have been a bit prettier. If it was, I would have gladly put her in my harem. The face is pretty important to me. You can’t let a girl, even if she is Hindu, suck on your Muslim dick everyday, if you don’t find it pretty. Ruchika gives one hell of a blowjob, I agree and I have always cummed on her face when she did, but I enjoy looking at my whore’s face when she takes care of my manhood. Anyway, we met, ordered food. I went with the beef steak and she, being a veggie, ordered some Ceaser salad or something. We went on talking about work, sex and all that, when I came to the real point of our meeting. The thing is I have never been with or fucked a Gujarati Brahmin bitch before. And Ruchika, being a Marwadi had loads of Gujarati friends. so, I wanted to know the psychology of these bitches as it could help me open Devyani’s thighs before me sooner than later.

“You see Babur, Gujarati Hindu girls, as far as I have come to know, are a tough nut to crack. You don’t find many of them dating Muslim men. I have had so many Gujju friends in school, in college and I had just 1 friend Mansi, who dated a Muslim boy. They are brought up in an environment where Muslims are demonized as evil, violent people. So these girls are very averse to the concept of dating a Muslim man. But, there is a way you can get whomever girl you are trying to get in your bedroom. Most Hindu girls are powerless in front of a confident, dominating, alpha male, which is in most cases, a Musalman. But that is not enough to reel in your Gujarati target.

Gujarati girls get 100 times easier to control and manipulate if you are an alpha Musalman and if you have another Hindu girl, as beautiful as her, with you. That makes her wonder about you, how you please the other girl and she pictures herself in her place and that is where you turn the game. So, Babur, in short, get another Hindu hottie and show that hottie off in front of Devyani. That would make your game easier.”. Ruchika gave me some priceless information. I immediately made a plan to get the hottest and usually, the dumbest, college fresher girl into the company and use her to reel in Devyani.
“Ruchika, come with me to my place. I really need to bang a Hindu bitch tonight.”
That night, I fucked Ruchika in her ass so much, all the time, thinking about Devyani, with so much power and motivation, that she was passed out for most of the time. I also was dog tired and fell into a deep sleep. I woke up the next morning at 10 30 AM with Ruchika lying naked and asleep, with my cock halfway inside her mouth. There was a text from an unknown number on Whatsapp.

“Hey, Akash here. Is everything okay in your apartment? We heard noises of a woman screaming from your apartment?”. I thought this idiot does not even know how a girl screams when he is getting stuffed in her ass. I replied, “Yeah man, everything fine. My friend had a few too many drinks last night and she got crazy!”. Immediately, came the reply, “Care to join me for a drink sometime?”. My clever mind immediately thought of the prospect of getting that idiot drunk and getting to know about his maal wife. I replied, “Sure, would let you know.”. I kicked Ruchika to wake her up. “I am leaving for office. Lock the door from inside when you leave. I looked at her two beautiful Hindu breasts sleeping peacefully on a Muslim man’s bed and could not resist myself eating those two soft fat mounds of meat for 10 mins. Told you, my weakness. She was barely awake. I sprayed a load of my cum on her face, slapped her titties and went for a bath and did the initials in 10 mins flat. And I left for work.

I went to office and inquired about which college we were supposed to go for recruiting. It was placement season. We reached college XYZ and we were interviewing the CS branch. I was there along with Utsav and Prakash, now my sobordinates. I did not care who I was hiring. I was on the lookout for a hot and dumb Hindu girl to use. We started interviewing and after 2 hours, not even a single sexy bitch till now. I was getting frustrated. I was losing hope. The next resume I see with the name Priyanka Kapadiya. Hmm, gujarati I thought. Her GPA 6.78, just barely made the cut off of 6.75 and I see her as the Lead in Fashion team listed in Extracurriculars. My cock stood into attention. And the slut walks in. If Utsav and Prakash weren’t there I would have took out my dick right then and there only.
“Prakash and Utsav, I think I can handle this CS branch interviews from now on myself. You guys go and start interviewing the IT branch” I said. I found out the raand I was looking for. Being the Recruiting Lead, Prakash and Utsav had to obey me. Finally, I had the room to myself.

All of 21 years old, Priyanka was a Hindu Bomb. I wanted to feast on her Hindu body the moment she walked in. Her face only was beautiful enough to make me cum 10 times in a minute. I can tell a 34 28 34 when I see one and she definitely was one. So I started the interview.
“What is a Binary Number?”. No response.
“Write a program to add 2 integers?”. Dead silence.
“Give me an example of a Decimal Number?”. Same thing. I said, “Priyanka, you don’t know anything. I have to reject you.” Then started the first part of my game.

“Sir, please Sir. Please Sir. Give me another chance.blah blah. I will learn everything blah blah. Please Sir. I have the potential blah blah.I would do anything to get this job blah blah”. I heard the golden words.
“Really you would do anything?”. “Yes Sir, anything you ask her, Please consider me Sir. Please”.
“Are you Gujarati?”. “Yes sir, why?”.
“Are you Brahmin?” “Yes Sir, I am. Why are you asking me about my background, Sir?”.

“Shut up, Randi. Now listen carefully. You would do exactly as I say. Exactly as I order you. If you disobey me even once, I would make sure, you don’t get an IT job in this country. Then you can go ahead and shake your tits and ass on a stage for the rest of your life. Do you understand, you dumb whore?”. She froze for a moment. She certainly did not expect to hear what she just heard. But young Hindu chicks are the easiest to control if you have the experience.
“Yes Sir, anything you say but please don’t reject me.”
“And if anyone els comes to know of this, I would make sure, you don’t earn a penny in your life”. She nodded. “Speak up, you slut”. “Yes Sir.”.

“That’s like a good whore. Now look into my camera, state the date, time, your name, class number, stream and say whatever you are doing, you are doing on your own will and has not been forced by anyone else upon you.”.
She did all that.”Good, now I am keeping you on a waitlist.

If i am happy with your obedience, I would recruit you in, and that, too with 25% higher salary than other freshers.”. Her face glistened with joy.”Yes sir absolutely”.
“Sir, one question, do I have to sleep with you to get this job? I am ready to do it, Sir.”.
I laughed and said, “Sleeping is the just the beginning of what you have to give me to get this job. From today onwards, I control your life, you understand, you rand? Today onwards, you exist to please only one thing and that thing is me, Mohammed Babur, your Muslim master, you get it, Hindu chinaal saali?” I screamed at her. She looked mortified and trembled and said a feeble “Yes” with tears in her eyes.

“Now before you go raand, open the top 4 buttons of your shirt and let me look at your treasures”. She did without a sound in this world. Nothing is more tempting that a pair of young Hindu boobs. Sitting comfortably with their heads out, two fat, round chunks of milky white virgin meat inside a pink bra which was struggling to hold them inside. Aah, I wish the good old days come back when Hindu raands used to wear sarees with no blouse.

My Muslim cock after seeing those Hindu doodhiyas were nuking my trousers to come out. I told her to button up and to get lost and told her to remember the deal as if it was her life. Ya Allah, tell me if I passed the test. I rushed to the bathroom and ejaculated like a horse. I could not wait to deflower and defile this young Hindu raand. I just could not wait a second more to fuck the shit out of Priyanka’s tight sphincter with my 7 inch Musalman battering ram. I was feeling as horny as Mahmud of Ghazni felt when he saw Rand Rani Samyukta or as Allauddin Khilji when he saw that slut of a queen Padmavati. I felt for the first time in my life, my true Afghan genes were coming in the foreground and dictating my actions. I, for the first time felt the pain and helplessness of my ancestors when they saw those two Hindu girls. I was like a mad bull, a mad, crazy, Muslim bull, ready to run over anything and everything on my way to mount and fuck the living daylights out of two fat Hindu milch cows.

Priyanka would be my first true Hindu Rakhail and then, my prime target, Devyani would fall into my trap. I took off home sighting an upset stomach to Neeraj and carefully started building a plan to make my long dream of a Harem come true. I can suddenly see the near future possibility of me marrying 4 Hindu Brahmin girls. I think my ancestors would have been proud of this young Lion of Islam.
End of Part 2. Part 3 Coming up.

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