How I Fucked My Neighbour’s Brahmin Wife Part 3

Part 2:

I texted Akash Tuesday morning that I was inviting him over after work that evening for drinks and watch a cricket game together. I texted him “We need to have some Bro Time together, Akash”, haha. That idiot took my bait. He texted back, “Sure thing, Babur.”.

My plan was to make him see me as a trustable brother. As someone you could depend on for anything. As someone with whom you could even leave your Hindu Bombshell wife and not worry about a thing. The thing is Akash was a Manager of some level in the company he worked for and so, he had to travel a lot. I wanted him to trust me with his wife when he was not in town. Devyani could not drive and so, when Akash was not around, I wanted him to ask me to drive Devyani wherever she needed to go. The main motive here for me was to, 1. Get to spend quality time with my object of carnal lust. 2. Once you are inside the car, it only takes some cleverness to get inside their house and finally, some domination to beat the Hindu Raand into submission and then, her entire body is at my mercy to enjoy and abusive. 3. Every person has a weakness.

I wanted to discover Devyani’s weakness, pound it again and again, and keep pounding at her weakness, till she cracks and opens those meaty things before my Musalman lund and then, I will show her how a Real Alpha Man fucks his chosen whore. I will do things to her Hindu body that will make Devyani shiver in fear when she hears the name Mohammed Babur. I will do such things to the softest and tender most parts of her Hindu body, that she will be ashamed of being a Hindu Brahmin girl. I will take her to that level of savage fucking from where there is no return. I will transform her from this pure Hindu Brahmin nari to a sasti Hindu randi of Mohammed Babur which will disgust Akash enough to divorce her and then, I will drag her by her beautiful hair on all fours, behind the closed doors of my Harem.

I got a bottle of Jack Daniels for Akash, some Budwieser beers and some veggie snacks. For myself, I got some orange juice. Akash comes in at 7 30pm at my place. He asked me if he should call Devyani over too. I told him not to. I planned to call her over once he was drunk enough because before that there some things I had to now from Akash. The night sets in nicely. We are watching a cricket game and I am making pegs after pegs of whiskey for Akash and I could sense he is slowly getting drunker and drunker. He chat about random shit. Sports, work, career, politics and finally, he gets into the topic of women. By this time, Akash is pretty darn drunk. He asks me “Babur, how many girlfriends did you have?”. I thought yeah, now is the time to start the round.

I said,”Lost count.7 maybe 8”. “Oh wow, you are quite the playboy huh.?”. I said “I lose interest very easily, Akash.Once I see everything there is to see in a girl, I go after another one”. Akash says,”Hahaha I always wanted to be like that.Never happened”. I asked him “Why,you have landed such a beautiful and stunning girl in Devyani for yourself?”. He looks ta me and said,”Arre Babur, it was an arranged marriage.Both me and Devyani’s parents are against the concept of love marriage. We are both of the same caste and our fathers knew each other. So it was a natural match.I am 32. Devyani is 25.”. oh wow, that means the sex sucks, if at all this fat piece of shit can fuck for more than 2 minutes. “So, how is the sex, Akash?” I ask.”Arre Babur,I penetrate her, give a few strokes and then I ejaculate. Then I fall asleep”.
“Oh I see. and how often do you fuck Devyani?”
“She does not let me fuck her too often. She allows only once every two months.”
“and how long are you married?”
“A year now.”

“Wow, so Devyani is practically as fresh as a virgin right?”
“Yeah totally. Babur, I want to fuck Devyani in her ass. But she does not let me. How do I convince her?”
“Oh no no Akash, you should never try to fuck a woman in her ass.90% of penile fractures happen due to that. Never ever do her in her ass. Never ever.Its one of the most dangerous things you could ever do.”
“Oh okat I didnt know that”. Mad or what, I am keeping Devyani’s virgin asshole all for myself. I have so many plans for her asshole and it needs to be virgin at any cost.
“Akash, if I were you, I would fuck Devyani like a slut 24 hours a day. I would leave my job and just spend my days with my cock up her ass”.

“Haha you are one horny fucker Babur”.Oh you have no idea, Akash.
“Just give me 1 day where I could do whatever I wanted and not be resposible for it, I would spend 24Hours with my cock infiltrating that raand Devyani’s mouth, cunt and my favourite part of the female body, her prize winning ass” I confessed to Akash.

“Holy shit, Babur, you sound like you really really want to fuck my wife.” Akash slurred. He was drunk as an Irish person on St. Patricks Day.
“Haha Akash, you may be a nice person, but you don’t deserve to have a top-class raand like Devyani warming your bed. And I plan not only to fuck your wife, I will take her in my Harem and she will be my Raand-e-Khaas.” Akash was passing out. I kicked his fat stomach. Akash wakes up, “Babur can you call Devyani to pick me up. Actually, can you take me home, Babur. Devyani must be sleeping now.She must be fast asleep now.”.
“Sure, Aksh, where are your keys?”

“Back pocket”. Nice. The Musalman Invader gets to see as well as tour his Hindu Brahmin prize’s most safest place in this world.I am not letting this night go without getting something to motivate me further, I thought. I carried that fat piece of shit and I took the key and opened their main door. We stepped in to the living room. Nice Italian leather couches, I see. Damn rich these bastards. Their living room, dining room, kitchen and mandir were very tastefully decorated. Expensive marble tiling on the floor. Trendy wallpapers here and there. Very religious people. I could many many different idols and photos and other things Hindus revere in many places. The small mandir was separated from the living room by strings of beads just like the entrance of a Harem. Very Arabic-esqe. The whore wasn’t to be seen. She must have been dead asleep by now. I checked the watch. Fuck 3:40AM. How would I go to office tomorrow.

“Babur, straight down the hallway and the room on the right. That’s our bedroom.” Akash muttered out.
“No, you namard piece of trash.You are sleeping on this couch tonight. I will go inside your bedroom, get a taste of your wife and soon-to-be-my slut, sleep on your bed tonight.Understand, hijde?”. I dumped Akash on the couch and he started snoring in split seconds.As I approach their bedroom,I messaged Rizwan, one of my closest friends in Mumbai, that I needed to make a duplicate key right now. Rizwan texted back, that he would be here first thing in the morning at 7 am. So I had 3 hours of Devyani to my self.I opened their bedroom door and I see Devyani sleeping with her back to me, wearing an off white nighty with strings. She was sleeping on her left side.

I closed the door, took off my pants and boxers and went in closer. Oh Allah, how I wanted to fuck her mouth right now. I jumped in the bed,parted the hair from her shoulder and started kissing and licking her exposed neck. My right hand was busy on her right tit, gently massaging it, squeezing it. It was pitch black in there and I used a bit of the light from my cell to see her divine body. I now, pulled up her nighty till her ass, yanked down her panties to her ankle and placed my cock tip at the opening of her cunt. God, she was the deepest sleeper I have ever seen. I take those straps of her nighty and pull it down her shoulders, then I pulled those two tits out.

I took one of her pointy nipples, put it inside my mouth while the other was getting crushed by my right hand. I was gentle enough not to wake her up. My lund was rubbing up and down her chut waiting to get in. I started suckling on those Hindu teats a bit harder, pulling the nipple with my teeth and gently biting the tender areola. Damn those were some soft tits. And they smelled like Jasmine. I shifted tits and I noticed her breathing was getting a bit heavier. I spit at her boobs and gave them one last squeeze. I licked her armpit. Her natural Brahmin body scent was making me insane. I found her lips, parted it a bit with my fingers and ejaculated.

I used to phone last to see it had hit my target and my cum was seeping down from her lips onto the pillows. I pulled her straps back as well as her panties, locked the door from inside and went out. Wore my pants and sat down on the sofa. Rizwan called after 5 mins that he has arrived. It was 6 50 am. I gave him the keys, a 1000 rupee note and told him to come back with the duplicate key as soon as he can. He came back in 30 mins. I wanted to go in and have a go at Devyani again, but I knew too much greed and lust could spoil my game. I put their key on the coffee table and left. Now, I could not wait to have Devyani again. I mailed Neeraj that I would be doing a half day today and went to sleep and fell asleep in minutes.
End of Part 3.

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  1. I wonder if there will be a rough gangbang to destroy devyani’s all Hindu holes by Muslim studs. Man I’m too excited to read next part.

    1. Keep guessing whats in store for Devyani. You will also see Babur turning into an Islamic Animal much like Mahmud of Ghazni or Allauddin Khilji for his hunger of hindu brahmin girls.

      1. Babur u turn like alauddin khilazi. I want padmini devorce her hindu husband for alauddin khilji. Make padmini hindu chut big by ur big muslim lund.

      2. aahhh… it is going to happen.. ek bar bramhin girl ko chodne ke bad sab musalman Muhamd Gazni hi ban jate hai.. aur ladkiya bhi usi andaz pe marti hai

  2. Babur fuck devyani and convert as ur wife. I want devyani devorce her hindu husband and became wife of a muslim man.

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