How I Fucked My Neighbour’s Brahmin Wife

How I Impregnated My Neighbour’s Gujarati Brahmin Wife

This is a real story of how I played, seduced, dominated and finally, impregnated my neighbor’s wife, Devyani Parekh. This will be quite a long story as the events span over 6 months and will be told by me in 5 parts. I will try to keep my life’s biggest achievement so far, as this story, as detailed as possible. I will try to recount the exact words spoken by us though many times it is simply not humanly possible to remember whatever we told. I will try to remember and describe clothes worn by Devyani in key moments which fueled my desire to fuck her more and more. The names of all people in this story are changed including mine, as well as the location of my neighborhood in Mumbai. Everything else is kept as it is. I have told this story to only a few people so far in my life but I just had to get this one off of my chest to the admin of interfaithxxx because I know how all of you love a good, exciting, erotic and above all, a true, Muslim guy fucks Hindu Brahmin girl, story. So let me start of my giving a brief introduction about myself.

I am Mohammed Babur, hailing from Kolkata and working in Mumbai as an IT Engineer in a MNC for the last 3 years. I am 6 foot 2 inches tall and people say I look a little like the Pakistani cricketer Sohail Khan. So, I guess I am moderately handsome. I was 25 years old at the time of this story. I am not Bengali. I am an Urdu speaking Muslim guy and we originally hail from Saharanpur in UP. After 4 years of Tech in IT from private college in Kolkata, I moved to Mumbai with a good paying job in my field. I come from a middle class family with my father working in banking sector. From my childhood days, I was intelligent, athletic and above all, competitive. Growing up with 3 elder brothers, you have to be assertive, dominating and confident if you want anything, is the lesson which got ingrained in my psyche. In school, in college everywhere, I was quite popular as I was a fun loving guy, great to talk to, great to hang out with.

I had loads of Hindu friends through out my life in Kolkata as well as Mumbai. You might now think I am a nice guy , but I aren’t. I am an incredibly proud Musalmaan. My great great grandfather came all the way from Kandahar, Afghanistan to settle in India and I, still have the strong, virile and burning hot Afghan blood pumping through my veins. My life has no morals as long as I don’t disrespect Islam. I try to be a 5 time Namazi kinda guy and I fast the whole month without a miss during Ramzan. Also, been to Hajj when I was 20. You can say, I am a kattar Musalmaan. I have never touched alcohol nor do I smoke. I keep myself fit, a regular gym kinda guy. Voracious beef eater. My only weakness is, however, Hindu girls.

There is something about Hindu girls which turns me into an animal. Their eyes, lips, tits, armpits, bellies, thighs, legs, I am crazy about the whole package of the Hindu girl. But the thing which excites me the most, is the power we Muslims have over Hindus, specially Hindu girls which I will explain later. Throughout school and college, I had 5 proper girlfriends and then a few more, who I just picked up for fucking. All were Bengali Hindu girls. The thing with Bengali Hindu girls is that they grow up around bengali boys who are pussies. Absolute fucking cowards and not masculine at all. So, its really easy to score a bengali Hindu bitch and pump all your frustration into her tiny, tight asshole. Being a Muslim, it was cakewalk for me to fuck and dump these bengali hotties. One thing about Bengali Hindu girls, they let you violate their buttholes very easily, if you are a Musalman haha. But we do it even if they don’t give us permission. Gujarati Hindu girls are quite different which I will explain later on.

Getting back to the story. I have been living in this really nice Apartment complex just 10 mins walking distance from Andheri Railway Station. I stayed on the 3rd floor and besides my flat, there were 2 more flats. On one stayed an old couple and on the other stayed 3 bachelors with whom I were friends. I rented a 1 BHK apartment to myself, so I had loads of privacy. One thing I complained about was our complex really had no hot Hindu girls with whom I could have had some fun. For the longest time, I was pissed about that. In my office, there were a few Hindu whores here and there and I confess, I did call some of them over at my place when I was in the pangs of frustration.

The sexual conquests from my office were not really pretty or anything but Ruchika, a Marwadi whore had a nice fat ass and ample tits to suckle on, so I didn’t mind pumping into her every now and then. But soon she switched companies and I was left with my cock in hand. For whole 2 months, I went around with no sex, not because I didn’t get any but because, I have become a bit choosy in picking my Hindu girls. Anyway, one day I saw movers and packers come on my floor. The old couple were moving out to stay with their son in Bangalore. They left. Now, I was praying to Allah, begging him to make a hot Hindu girl come stay there. And if Brahmin, I promised I would offer Namaz 5 times a day to Allah. I cut a deal with him.And boy, was I right. On a Sunday afternoon, I was returning from Gym, when I saw from the backside this woman wearing white pants and a very sexy blue top with one off shoulder moving a few boxes up the stairs. She was around 5 foot 5 inches tall, had multiple red drags on her wrist and her exposed back was glistening in the sunlight.

I said “Excuse me, Do you need some help with those boxes?”. She turned around and I closed my eyes to thank Allah. Standing in front of me was one of the sexiest girls I had seen in a long, long time. One look at her tits, waist and hips and I made out, this bitch is a 34-27-35. Just as I like. Full, round breasts, wide hips and a bubble butt. Noticed the mangalsutra and a hint of sendoor on her forehead.
“Oh yeah, thank you so much! We are just moving in today”.
I couldn’t help but stare at the exposed armpit of hers for a second too long. I noticed those flesh lines running from her armpit to meet her right tit. Damn, she was a fleshy one.
“Yeah, no problem. You moving in 3-B(the one the old couples used to stay in)?”
“Yeah, flat number 3 B” she said with a smile. Then she dropped down to keep the boxes on the stairs and boy, did I get a good view of those beautiful twins as they responded to gravity and jiggled inside her white bra. She smiled and extended her hand.

“Hi, I am Devyani Parekh”. Fuck yeah, a Gujarati Hindu maal staying right next to me. My Muslim cock was already beginning to stir up inside my boxers. I took her hand and gave her a firm, strong handshake.
“I am Mohammed Babur, your neighbor”.
“Oh!” she said and for a brief moment took her gaze down from my eyes to the ground and back up. As if she realized she did something she was not supposed to do. As if I had slapped her fat ass. I let go of her hand. I could tell the whore got a bit nervous and tried to pull her hair behind her ear giving me another second to look at her gorgeous armpit.

“So Parekh huh, you must me Brahmin? I have a friend with the same surname.”
“Yeah, we are Gauda Brahmins. How did you figure it out?”
“Haha, I have been with a few Brahmin girls. I can tell a beautiful Brahmin girl when I see one” I said looking at her eyes with a hint of smile. She smiled and I could see her cheeks blush a little as she tried to look away from me. Before I could flirt with this bitch a bit more, we heard footsteps coming from downstairs. The husband arrived. Typical, as I would imagine. Guy in his early 30s, not in shape at all, had a paunch and clean shaved like a chicken. I immediately introduced myself and nothing eventful happened afterwards. I walked up the stairs behind Devyani as we moved the boxes staring at her ass as the weight shifted from one ass cheek to another. My cock was getting warmer and warmer. As we reached the entrance of their flat, I overtook Devyani with my elbows outstretched as I was carrying the boxes and knocked her right tit which was exposed with my elbow. I am pretty sure she felt that squeeze as she let out an almost silent “Aah” but I made it look like I didn’t even notice it. Her tit was incredibly soft and it was then I decided I am going to fuck the brains out of this Hindu whore soon. I finished moving the rest of the boxes. Her husband Akash thanked me.

“You guys should take my number incase you need anything. You guys are new here. I have been around for a while. I could help you two in any case” I said.
“Yes Babur. You are right. I should give you my number. Its 983..” Akash said.
I am a clever asshole. I was not going to take this guy’s number. I wanted his maal of a Hindu wife’s number and I was going to get it.

I said ”You know Akash, it’s funny. There are so many Akashes in my contact. I might confuse your number with some other buddy of mine. Why don’t I take Devyani’s number and save it. If you need me, you could just call from her phone?”. I am a Musalmaan and I know my game. I know how to play this game called Fuck The Hindu Girl.
“Oh yes yes! You are right. Its 974..” Akash said. I saved the number as “Devyani Raand” and smiled to myself, gave her a missed call and she saved it. We moved the boxes inside their apartment, had some small talk with Akash. Devyani wasn’t speaking so much to me and avoided eye contact with me as I stared at her chest and her armpit every now and then. After chatting for 5 mins, Akash said he had to go in and make some calls to some broker. So, finally, I got some time with the Hindu pataka.
I said “Yeah Akash, I also should be leaving now. Call me if you need anything”. Akash went inside. So I turned towards Devyani and said

“I am over there at 3A. Come over for some chai whenever you feel like.” and saying this I grabbed her exposed shoulder. Devyani shook as if I electrocuted her. Before she could even open her mouth, I said “You are sweating in this heat. Get a shower” as I ran my Muslim hand up and down Devyani’s soft milky white shoulders and arms.
“Yes, yeah I am planning to take a shower” she said looking at the ground. I said bye and left and went inside my apartment, thinking the next few days are going to be fun. Needless to say, I went home and wanted to Devyani like an animal.

End of Part 1. Please let know admin what you feel. Part 2 coming soon.

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  1. Agar aap logon ko Hindi me yeh Story chahiye toh please idhar likhiye ki chahiye. Mein translate karke dobara post kardunga.

  2. Fuk man I can’t wait to read second part. I wish I was movin into that apartment with my wifey. And let Babur mess around with my wifey behind my back .
    Kik id: SMATS85

  3. I agree. Bengali girls are the biggest sluts in India. They portray feminism but they like to get dominated. They will even agree to group fucks. That is why rape cases in Bengal are comparatively much less. They agree to get fucked, that too without any promises.

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