How I gave in to the advances of an old musalman businessman

This is my real story. I am Sujata age 34 yrs from a Hindu Brahmin family in Lucknow. I am a widow and my husband passed away in a car accident about 7 years back. I have 2 daughters whose ages are 12 and 9 yrs respectively. After my husband’s death, neither my husband’s family or my family accept me back.

I was left to fend for myself. Luckily, my parents had forced me to complete my B.Com degree – which I feel the best thing they did. After months I landed a job in a Local Trader’s office, whose owner was a Marwadi Hindu, as an Accounts executive. I was very happy as I was able to at least sustain myself and my two kids.

In the vicinity of our office, there are many small scale industries mostly owned by muslim businessmen. One of the muslim businessman would come to our office regularly as he used to buy a lot of products from my office for his industry. He was around the age of 58 – 60 years & a very polite person and always wished everybody in the office. He was well built like most muslim men are.

He had a beard and always wore colourful muslim attire and sprayed a lot of Atthar perfume and smelt good. In our office most of the staff were Sales staff & delivery boys and would go to the customer end leaving me & my Marwadi boss alone in the office.

My boss was busy always with his work as all Marwadis are. This muslim man used to come regularly when only we two (my boss and me) were in the office & I developed an inner liking for his good manners, his male voice, his sense of dress, his big male build, his smell. Then slowly we started speaking about how my husband had died and how I am taking care of my two daughters, etc. He also told me that he is married and has three boys of age around 18 -25 yrs old and the elder son has already joined his factory.

One day when he came to my office, he told me to give my mobile no as he was getting old & was difficult to come every time and will call me for any requirement of materials for his factory. I gave him my no. Initially the calls were only official for some time. Later he started calling me after office hours on my mobile and started speaking about personal things. He was always polite. Once he called me at around 10 pm in the night and started speaking to me that he wants to make me his second wife and also can support my 2 kids, etc and also his voice was not so polite, or maybe he was drunk I felt.

I was shocked but I kept my cool and I explained to him that this not right and I am widow and I have 2 daughters, etc etc. Inside I was also feeling a liking for him because I also was missing a man in my life for last 7 years. But the calls kept coming but he did not speak on this topic again and we talked regularly on general topics and our friendship blossomed. Now I was rally feeling a urge to meet him.

One day he told me “My factory is closed on Sunday and your office is also closed on Sunday. Why don’t you come to my factory & I will show you around the factory. it is a wonderful place”. I was trying to avoid but I also wanted to meet a man for long. I gave in & said Ok, knowing what was in store for me.

I went to his factory on Sunday and the guard who also was a bearded muslim directed me towards his boss’s cabin. When I reached his cabin and knocked the door. He said in his male voice “Come In”. Just listening to that voice melted me. I went in and he just looked at me from top to bottom from his seat. I was wearing a pink salwar kameez with lot of embroidery.

He asked me to sit down. He was wearing a pista coloured shiny muslim dress. He ordered tea and he kept on staring at me until we finshed our tea.

Then he said “Would u like to see the factory ?” & I nodded. He came around to near where I was sitting and held me by my elbow and said “Come”. He took me towards a room just attached to his cabin. He opened it and it was a bedroom. He said “I use this in the afternoon when I get tired and rest here for some time. I am getting old u see”. He took me in and after showing me the room he came towards me and pushed me on the bed.

Then he just jumped over me & put all his body weight on me so I cud not get away or resist. By that time my resistance had already melted away. He kissed me all over like mad like he had not met a woman for years.

Then he undressed me and undressed himself. He had a very hairy chest with grey hair. He started biting me and it was really painful but whenever he did a chill ran down my spine. Then he got up and started positioning his cock on my vagina. I saw his cock and it was a monster 10 inch long thick with no foreskin and pink top of the penis. Compared to my hubby’s 5 incher this was really huge piece of Man meat.

I was worried whether he will tear my pussy up. But I also wanted him badly. I told him I am not on a pill so to wear a condom. He said in his heavy male voice “We muslims dont believe in condoms. If u want to not get pregnant then take some pills after u leave from here”. He positioned his cock on my vagina and with one thrust entered the whole length inside. I screamed like hell and thought this was my last day and I am going to die. In one thrust he had reached so deep which my hubby was never able to reach ever.

Then he withdrew and again pushed his whole cock inside. He did this about 10 times and till that time the pain had turned into pleasure & I also wanted him to ravage my little pussy like never before. Then he increased his speed. He lied over me and started kissing me while pumping. His both hands were playing and just mauling my 36C size breasts and he also bit my nipples so hard that I screamed in pleasure. After about 15 mins of hard pumping he finished inside me and released all his muslim sperm inside me.

It was a real big load. He was totally exhausted and pulled out and I could see 1 – 2 drops more of his thick white semen falling on the bed. He lay beside me & I put my head and arm on his hairy chest. After sometime said “If u have any needs don’t be shy. Just ask for it.

But you will have to come here everytime when I tell u. It is a need for both of us. U need me and I need u. I will treat u as my queen”. I nodded and caressed his hairy chest with my hand.

After some time he got up and picked up the phone and asked his security to get some tea & biscuits. He asked me to dress up and we both went to his office cabin. After having tea and discussing about some things he again called the security and told him to get an Auto-rickshaw for me to take me home. While in the auto-rickshaw, I was still thinking about how a good lover & manly he was and how he had satisfied me, which my husband (sorry to say this since he is no more) never could. Also I always imagined how a well mannered muslim male in public can turn into a wild beast in bed and tame the best of women.

After this episode, we meet regularly on Sundays at his office, at least twice a month. We are meeting since the past one and half year. He calls me and I am really attracted to him. He showers me with lots of gifts during Muslim & Hindu festivals. Both are getting what we want.

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  1. The most realistic story I came across on this website. A perfect example of extra marital affair. The lady in the story on her own volition went with the old aged Muslim Businessman and quenched her thirst for sex which she missed in the absence of man in her life for a prolonged period. Initially, she was reluctant to go for it, but the woman inside her persuaded her for that knowing fully well of the consequences that once she crossed that red line there was no stopping.

    • Devika.
      I agree completely with you. The most realistic story. Yes the old muslim man made the advances seeing she is a widow but here the woman was also hungry for him since she did not have a man in her life for many years. After all everyone has a sexual need to ij addition to food, air, water & money. I would like to tell all the Hindus who say we muslims take away their women – Taali Ek Hatth Se Nahi Bajti (You need two hands to clap).

  2. I agree with Devika totally. This is one of the most realistic story on this website. Other stories look more a figment of imagination rather than real. I know a similar incident in our neighbour hood where a 23 yr old Hindu widow with her year old kid was not accepted back by her parents or her husband’s family & then she went and married a 54 yr old muslim male and converted to Islam. I agree that the muslim male took advantage of her vulnerability but she is also a young woman who has to have her physical & other needs met. And when she did, all hell broke loose between her parents and the muslim male’s family. But the girl decided that she will stay with her muslim husband.

  3. Great real life story, we Hindu women are always attracted towards virile and strong Muslim men

    • In the instant case it wasnt the case, given the situation the lady was in, having to take care of her family without the support of husband or any man in her life and deprived of sex for a long time, if the guy wouldn’t have been muslim then also she would have crossed the Laxman Rekha with the guy who would have shown affection and have lend her helping hand and shoulder of support, whether the person may be Sikh, Jat, Parsee, Christian or Hindu for that sake. The writer has at no stage highlighted or in hindsight also referred to the virility and masculinity of that businessman. The gist of the story is that the woman was alone because of her circumstances and their came a guy in his life who lended her support emotionally, she found that person to be trustworthy and she went all guns blazing with that guy without worrying about society.

      • I agree completely with you. The widow would have gone with any man of any religion because she was alone & needed a man. In this case the muslim man was the first to approach her. She began comparing his masculinity & performance on the bed vis-a-vis her hubby after she had sex with this muslim man.

  4. True story even jinke pati jinda bhi hne unke bhi Muslim se relationship Ho hii jate hne tho widow kya cheez hai

  5. priya u r right.I m married but affair with 50 yrs old Muslim who is owner of ladies garment shop in mohemed ali market .

  6. aftab bilkul sahi kaha apne.pura satisfied ho jati hu jab mera musalman mujhe chodata h apne shop k upr chhote se room me le ja kr.bahut bada h uska

  7. ha ab to man karta h Ki apne husband ko devorce kr k musalman Ki bivi ban jau lekin wo all redy married h aur 5 bachche h uske

  8. kasam Se bahut man karta h Ki uske bache Ki ma Banu.kya convert karana padega AGR musalman Se sadi karne k liye.mujhe burkha bahut achcha lagta h

  9. meien dekha h meri shaadi dhuda behen ko uske pati ka muslim boss bahut ghurta h aur behen bhi use apni clevage dikhati h , kahain mera jija apne boss ko meri bahen ki jawaani deke promition to nahi lena chhata

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  10. vishal lene do apni bahan ko Muslim Lund ka maza.bahut lucky h apki bahan

  11. Out of all the storieshere this seems real. Other all look fake. All that nonsense crap that – Hindu aurat mere muslim badey lund pe jhool gayi nonsense. 🙂

    • Those are the figments of the imagination of idle mind. The saying “an empty mind is devils warehouse” doesn’t hold wrong in those kind of stories. I have seen many Muslim guys who are very debonair. The depiction of Muslim males in this website as Satans always craving for sex with Hindu females and Hindu females ready to offer their womanhood to satisfy their own lust to those Satans is like Perverseness at its perverse best.

  12. Haan such kahan eik bar hamara kata muslim lund hindu chut main ghus jaye phir hindu aurat hamaray kate lund ka he chaska leti hai, agar koi hw yaar hindu larki meray sath sex chat karna chati hai tou hangout pay msg karo, pura maza doon ga mera id hai [email protected]

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