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How I lost my wife

Originally written by- mumbai_cuckold

I am Avinash Joshi. I am married to Shilpa. I am 28 and Shilpa is 24. I work as a civil engineer in a company and my wife worked as a receptionist in a company. We have been happily married for last 4 years. There was just one glitch in our marriage. I couldn’t father a child due a serious problem and unfortunately it was not curable. Initially Shilpa and I fought bitterly over it, but after some time, we agreed that there was nothing that we could do about it. And finally we had agreed that either we would adopt a baby or we would go for a test tube baby with sperm coming from a sperm bank and marriage had settled in smooth rhythm since then. Or so I thought till 1 year back.

We stay in Thane and one night (round about 1 year back) we were coming back from a late night movie. I still vividly remember it as if it had happened yesterday. We were coming just near our home when we saw a group of people just ahead of our auto. The auto stopped and suddenly one man came towards the side and looked inside.

“Hey Chikni, where are you going honey, it’s so late?” He looked at my wife and asked her. He was clearly drunk and was smelling of alcohol. Both of understood that this was a group of eve teasers and they were emboldened by the fact that there was nobody at the road.

“Who are you to ask me that? You are drunk. Go away to your home.” Shilpa looked back at him and replied coldly but not very offensively.

“Who am I? We are protectors of our culture, you bitch. People like you go to movies, roam round late at night with other men and spoil out culture. “He sniggered at her and then looked at me. His eyes were bloodshot and suddenly I realized who this man was. He stayed at our locality and I had often seen him.

“He is my husband and what time I roam with him is none of your business.” Shilpa retorted back at him, but suddenly he lunged forward and grabbed my wife’s hand. But Shilpa quickly slapped him on the face with her other hand. He left her hand but the other men had now come from other side of the auto and they grabbed me and pulled me out. The man also grabbed my wife and pulled her out of the auto. My wife started shouting for help, but there was no one on the road at that time and our pleas went on deaf ears. The auto driver also ran away instead of helping us as one man from the group pulled out a dagger and threatened him with it.

Soon three men held me and one man was pulling my wife towards the corner of the road.

“Stop it, leave my wife alone.” I shouted at the top of my voice, but one man holding me put the dagger he was carrying to my neck and motioned me to shut up. I kept struggling as I saw my wife being pulled away and in danger of being raped, but man with dagger slapped me twice. I was shaking with fear and hatred as the man with my wife kept misbehaving with my wife and the group kept taunting me.

But just as I felt the end had come, we all heard a car coming our way. It came and suddenly stopped right in front of us. The door opened and I saw a huge man, around 6 feet 3 and well built coming out of the car. I quickly recognized him. His name was Javed Khan and he was a local corporator. He was 31, but he already had a good career going in politics thanks to his father. He was also a local builder and very powerful connections.

“Help please; these men are trying to violate my wife.” I shouted at him as he came closer to them.

“What the hell are you doing, you motherfuckers?” He bellowed as he towered over the man who was holding my wife by her wrist. Apparently even the men knew that he was a corporator and didn’t want to mess with him. But even before he could say anything, Javed grabbed his hand then slapped him hard. He left my wife’s hand and started mumbling.

“I am sorry sir; we were just asking them some questions as to why they were roaming around so late?” He replied apologetically as he rubbed the cheek on which Javed had slapped him.

“Who the fuck are you to ask them anything?” Do you think you are police or something? Now shut the fuck up and leave them alone. Go home fucking assholes and all of you.” He looked challengingly towards the other men who had already released me and they kind of cowered before his gaze.

Nobody spoke a thing as all of them quickly made their way and disappeared quickly in the dark. I sighed with relief as Shilpa came towards me and we both looked up to our savior.

Shilpa was the first one to speak. She extended her hand towards Javed and said. “Thank you very much for your help. If you hadn’t come, I don’t know what would have happened.” Javed took my wife’s hand, but instead of accepting her thanks, he shouted at me.

“Are you eunuch or something? They were trying to rape your wife and instead of attacking the man you were squirming like a rat asking for help. It’s shame on you fucking asshole.” His volley of words hit me like somebody had biffed me. But Shilpa quickly tried to help me.

“I am sorry, but they were too many and it happened too suddenly. Thanks a lot for your help.” She shook his hand once more. Javed softened a bit and smiled at her.

“You should take care roaming at night. Where do you stay? Javed asked her.

“We live in Asmita Park. It’s close by.” She motioned our society by her hand.

“I know it. Come on, I will drop you.” We both moved silently towards his car as Shilpa sat in the front seat while I sat in the behind seat. Javed drove the car and we got out of the pretty quickly. Shilpa thanked Javed once again and we got in our society and came in the flat without saying a word to each other.

From next day on, I simply forgot about the incident and for me life went on. But somehow I started to sense that something about Shilpa had changed. I couldn’t understand what it was, but there was a kind of feeling that I had. She was somewhat distant about me. I tried to talk to her about it, but she avoided the subject and just furtively answered me.

Another week went by and I was coming home from office in Auto one day. I saw Shilpa just in front of our home. Right in front of my eyes, she got out of a car. I instantly recognized the car as belonging to Javed. She seemed to have just come from her office. She got out of the car and then turned around and leaned in the window. I saw Javed’s face as he leaned out of the window a bit as he faced Shilpa. Shilpa was resting her hands on the hood of the car as she talked to Javed. She was wearing a Punjabi Dress and her dupatta had ridden high right up to her neck. So her full 36 C breasts were staring right in Javed’s face. I could clearly see that Javed was clearly looking at my wife’s boobs as he talked to her.

What surprised me was the response from Shilpa as Javed stared at her lovely tits. As he talked to her she laughed and she was quite aware of Javed’s gaze on her tits. But she made no attempt to cover her tits with dupatta. In fact she even arched her body so that her boobs were pushed forward. I watched them as they were engrossed in conversation. Finally Shilpa pulled back from the car and waived her hand to Javed as she said good bye. I saw Javed’s car roll forward and Shilpa turned around and walked towards our building. I followed her quickly but kept the distance between us. I entered the society gate just as she turned one corner and I lost her. When I caught up with her, she was already in the building and was opening the door of our flat.

“Hey, when did you come?” She asked me as she noticed me and opened the door of the flat.

We both entered the flat together and removed our foot wear.

“I was just behind you actually. I saw you talking to Javed.” I noticed a small sense of embarrassment in her demeanor as I mentioned this.

“I was waiting at bus stop for bus when he drove by. So he offered me a ride home.” She didn’t need to explain anything if there was nothing wrong with it. I wouldn’t have thought another second about it had I not seen my lovely wife literally pushing her tits in Javed’s face with my own eyes. The moment she tried to explain it, I noticed a sense of guilt in her voice. For the first time in my married life , I felt that my wife was lying to me. But I just nodded and went in the bedroom. Shilpa went in the bathroom and I heard the shower running.

For the next few days, again I forgot about everything but every now and then I got some kind of premonition that something was wrong. Somehow I felt that Shilpa had changed. The changes were very small, not very noticeable, but I sensed them. Since my wife worked as a receptionist, her job was not very performance oriented. So always got off the job at exactly 6 and reached home at around 6:45 like a clock every day. I hadn’t seen any change in this in my entire married life.

But since that fateful night, she started getting late sometimes. I didn’t come to know about it till one day I wasn’t feeling well and decided to come home early. I reached home at around 4 PM and slept. I was expecting Shilpa at the same time, but instead she came home at almost 8. I normally reach home by about 8. She was surprised and a bit embarrassed to find me at home. When I asked her where she was, she said that she was out with her office friends and got late. Again this was the second time that I felt that she was lying. She herself had so many times told me how she hated hobnobbing with her office colleagues and preferred to leave office as early as possible. I wanted to ask her something else, but she quickly went into the bathroom without giving me any chance to ask any questions. This made me even more suspicious. However I said nothing and skipped the topic. But in my mind, I decided that I needed to investigate this further.

So I started to keep a watch on some things. One thing that I decided to watch for was her cell phone. So every day I would look at her cell phone calls and tried to find any messages and calls that looked strange. Within a week, I noticed that she received a call from a landline number almost every day at least twice or thrice. As per my knowledge, I was the only one who called her every day from landline. And my number was different than this one. I kept a watch and confirmed my finding for almost 15-20 days and made sure that I was right.

Next weekend, Shilpa wanted to go home to meet her parents. She went away on Friday night. I came home after dropping her to rail way station. Now I had 2 days to think and plan my further action. Till now all I had found was 1 landline number.

After I came back home, I took up the telephone directory and looked up the number that I had written down in my cell phone. It was registered under the name of Mehboob Trading Company and also had an address. The address was in Thane. I noted down the address in my pocket diary and decided to check it next day.

The next day, I went down to the address. And I wasn’t surprised to find that this address was just near to where Shilpa’s office was. In fact it was just 5 minutes walk from her office building. I went to a paan shop that was just next to the building. I asked the guy at the counter for a cigarette. He handed me the cigarette and I used the lighter to light it. I started some small talk about weather with the guy at the counter. I chatted with him some time and asked for one more cigarettes.

Finally as I finished the second cigarette, I broached the subject that was closest to my mind.

“Hey do you know who is owner of this trading company? I am trying to do some business with them, but don’t know who should I approach. Every time I come, there is just that receptionist there and no one else.” I flicked the cigarette ash casually as I said this and pointed to the trading company shop. He looked in the direction I was pointing to and replied.

“That belongs to the corporator from Kalwa area. His name is Javed Khan. Very rich and powerful guy I have heard.” He started making one paan as he said this.

My heart skipped a beat as I took it in. So there it was.

“Do you know who is in charge of the office? I mean if I wanted to meet someone there, like a manager or something” I tried to sound as genuine as possible.

“There is no manager or something. Javed himself uses it as his base. And it’s just show piece, this office. His real business is something else. He is in real estate, but is more of a goon. He has lots of contacts in underworld as well as politics. Police are in his pocket as well as judges.” I looked at the small looking office as I listened to him going on about Javed.

‘So you mean Javed comes here every day” I just wanted to confirm it.

“Yes, every day. You see that red car, that’s his. He comes in that every day.” He pointed to a beautiful red Passat car parked in the compound. But it was different that the one that he had seen.

“Is there anybody other in that office? I mean a receptionist or manager?” I continued in the same vein just to confirm if somebody else may be calling her from that number, but I was sure nobody else could call her from that number except Javed.

“Yes, there is one receptionist. She opens the office and closes it every day. But there is nobody except her.” But now he looked bored with all my questioning and as another customer came along, he started talking to him. So I also said good bye one he stopped talking to the other guy and paid him for cigarettes. After that I got an auto and went home. I had much to think and do now. Now that I was sure that Javed was calling my wife every day, I had to find out more.

The next day I opened my laptop and connected to internet first thing in the morning. I knew that Shilpa often used my laptop for checking her emails, accessing her facebook account. What she didn’t know was that I had installed a key logger program in my laptop that logged all the keyboard keys and stored them for over 6 months. It was mandatory policy of our company, although the key database would be stored on the laptop itself. And I could access all those keystrokes using software and know all the keys and my wife had pressed with her login.

I opened the keystroke database and filtered it for all key strokes entered by Shilpa. Soon enough I found and then immediately after, I found her user name and then her password. I never was social networking guy even when I was working software and didn’t even have a facebook account myself. But I knew about it and how it could be used.

Then I logged on the facebook using her account. And there it was. Right up there on the top was Javed’s most recent post. It read “Hi sexpot, would you like to come to Lonavala this week end?” It was dated Wednesday. I checked for her reply and it read “I don’t know if I can manage it.”

But now I was pretty sure where Shilpa was now. She definitely wasn’t with her parents. I quickly checked all the posts from Javed. There were a whooping 115 messages from him. I started right at the bottom, right at the first messages. As I expected, the first one was just a week after that fateful night. Initially the messages were pretty innocuous.

“Do you remember me? I am Javed.”

“How are you doing? Where do you work?”

“Would you like to talk to me on phone? This is my number.”

“Would you like to meet some day? How about some coffee?

I checked my wife’s replies as well and she seemed pretty responsive to him. Soon enough I found one reply in which my wife had shared her number with him.

Messages like this had gone on for almost 3 months and then suddenly the messages had reduced in number, but the tone had changed. Probably because she had shared number now they talked on the phone rather than on facebook. Now the messages had much more personal tone.

“You looked very sexy in that red sari today. Why don’t you wear a sleeveless blouse with that? You would look lovely with your naked arms.”

“Hey beautiful, you looked amazing today with open hair. Why don’t you keep it open all the time?”

“I would like to have some of your pictures baby. Please post some for me.”

And then finally there was one about going to Lonavala. I was shocked to the core. My wife was having a serious affair with Javed. But I couldn’t find much more from facebook as there was nothing much in it. I stored her user name and password in a password protected file and saved it. Then got up and went to shower. I needed to freshen up.

Once I had done so, I called up Shilpa’s parents and confirmed that she wasn’t with them as I expected. She wasn’t and that was the end of that. All I needed to decide was what I can do about it. I couldn’t do anything till Shilpa got back and she had said that she will be back on Sunday night.

I was terribly angry and pissed off as I waited for Shilpa on Sunday night. It was almost 8:30 PM when I finally decided to call Shilpa. But just as I was about to dial, I finally heard our door bell ring. I got up from the sofa and opened the door and there she was. She came inside and put her suitcase down on the floor.

“How was your trip to your parents?” I asked her as she removed her sandals and sat on the sofa. I closed the door. I meant it to mock her, but the coolness with which she answered really surprised me.

“Yes, it was good. Daddy was asking why you didn’t come.” It really blew up my patience. She was cheating on me. She wasn’t even with her dad and she had the cool impertinence telling me he asked why I didn’t come.

“You bitch; do you think I am that stupid?” My outburst surprised her as she reeled back.

“Why are you talking like that?” Shilpa got up and tried to come up to me. But even before she could reach me, I slapped her face hard. Shilpa was shocked and she swayed and reeled on the sofa once again.

“You slut, since you have met Javed, you have been cheating on me. I know you never went to your parents. I know you were with Javed in Lonavala getting fucked by him.” Shilpa looked incredulous and tried to get up. But I advanced on her and grabbed her hair.

“Do you think I am an idiot not to find out a simple thing like that?” Shilpa cried out as I hurt her hair.

“Avinash, you are mistaken. There must be some misunderstanding.” But I pulled her hard and slapped her once again. I was really angry and simply was not in control of myself.

“You lying bitch, I have seen your facebook posts as well as I have called your parents. They knew nothing about you coming to meet them.” Shilpa’s eyes widened as she judged the truth in my eyes. She looked at me in fear, but I tried to slap her once again. This time she evaded my hand and twisted her hand and got herself free.

“You are crazy, I was at home.” But even she knew that her arguments were useless and she knew it. She kept watching me as I went on ranting about her. But she kept on crying and I kept hitting her a few times before she finally got up and ran away to her bedroom and locked her in.

I banged on the bedroom door for quite some time, but she didn’t open and finally I stopped after shouting after her for quite some time. Then I went in and slept on the sofa.

The next morning, I woke up pretty late. I had slept very soundly and had not heard anything in the night. However, I noticed that Shilpa’s bedroom door was open. I got up quickly and went in the room. To my utter disbelief, the room was empty. I looked around in all rooms and Shilpa was nowhere. Finally I went to the hall once again and found the door latched. She must have gone out when I was sleeping.

I immediately called up her parents and asked if she was there. Her parents were not aware of her whereabouts. I told them nothing but just told them that we had a fight and she lad left home today morning. They were quite worried and tried to soothe me saying that Shilpa will come back as soon as her anger was down. I just asked them to let me know if she called her and then disconnected the call.

I tried calling her phone as well, but she didn’t answer the call. I kept calling on her number, but she didn’t answer my call all day. Finally in the evening I decided to check Javed’s office. I dressed quickly and then pulled out my bike and rode to Javed’s office. It was almost 7 PM when I got there.

I parked my bike right in front of the office and got off. But I was disappointed that the office was closed. I looked around and found no car. So I headed out to the paan shop that I had spoken to some time back.

“Hello Sir, how are you?” He smirked at me.

“I am good. How are you?” I was the only customer at his shop. He looked at me.

“I am good. So did you do any business with Javed Sir?” He brushed his hair with his hands and then wiped them on a towel.

“No, I haven’t got a chance to meet him yet. Did he come around today?” I asked him.

“No I didn’t see anybody open the office. Normally his receptionist opens the office. But today even she hasn’t come.” I am sure the receptionist he was talking about was my wife.

“Do you know where does he live?” I asked but I wasn’t sure if he will reply this question. But to my surprise, he just casually told me.

“He stays in Kalwa. He owns a bungalow there. You can ask anybody there and he will tell you.” I thanked him and then started bike and rode towards Kalwa. I reached there in hardly 10 minutes and asked one man about the address. He quickly pointed me towards a lane and told me that Javed lived at the last. I followed the lane and finally got towards the bungalow. It was a huge sprawling bungalow. I parked my bike and then asked the security guard for Javed. He just asked me to enter my name in the register and then asked me to go to the door. I walked long a lane and finally reached the door. I rang the door bell and waited. An old man opened the door.

“Hello, My name is Avinash Joshi. I want to meet Javed.” He moved aside and asked me to wait in the hall. He went up a stair and I sat on the sofa for about 5 minutes. After that he came back.

“Javed Sir is on the second floor. He asked you to come up.” He pointed towards a door that I could see. I thanked him and then went up the stairs and knocked on the door.

To my sheer shock, it was opened by my wife. Shilpa opened the door and without uttering a word, simply walked out. Javed was sitting a bed and he was looking at me.

“Come in Avinash.” He got up and then pointed towards a sofa. Shilpa was sitting across the room. She was wearing a satin nighty. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was red colored transparent nighty. She was only wearing the inner part of it and her lovely arms were naked. Her hair was tied in a ball with a hair chop. She was looking very angry.

“What are you doing here?” I looked at my wife and asked her angrily.

“I don’t want to talk to you. I want you talk to Javed.” She shouted at me. I got even angrier.

“Who is he to talk between a husband and wife?” I looked at him. But at this point he moved close to me and suddenly produced a knife from his pant and put it towards my neck.

“Just shut up and sit over there.” He pointed towards the sofa. I was shocked to the core and scared as well. I just opened my mouth, but Javed quickly pushed me roughly towards the sofa. I was stuttering, but couldn’t speak anything and flopped on the sofa. Javed moved towards my wife and then took his hand. Then he moved to the bed and sat down there. I watched in shock and horror as Shilpa followed him and then sat down in his lap.

“Now you listen to me you limp cock.” Javed slowly wrapped his hands around Shilpa’s waist. Shilpa also leaned back so that her head rested on his chest and then she pushed her hand back and wrapped it around Javed’s neck.

“Your wife and I am an item. We have been an item since you turned out to be wimp when you failed to protect your own wife and asked for my help.” He turned Shilpa’s face a bit and then kissed her lips hard as Shilpa also kissed him back passionately.

“You don’t have even the guts to protect your wife. You can’t make her pregnant. And the way Shilpa tells me, you can’t even satisfy your wife in bed. Isn’t it honey?” Javed smiled at Shilpa as she looked mockingly at me.

“Yes darling, his cock is only 5 inches and I can’t even feel it inside me.” Javed laughed at this loudly at this. Shilpa also looked at me as I cowered on the sofa.

“Now you have only 2 choices for you.” Javed continued looking at me. “One option is that Shilpa just leaves you and I marry her. In that way, you don’t get anything at all and you are going to lose your wife.” Javed lowly squeezed Shilpa’s breasts and Shilpa moaned with delight in his arms.

“Frankly speaking, I would prefer that option. I am bored of being wife of a wimp. I would rather be wife of a man. I would want to be wife of a man who can make pregnant and give me a baby.” Shilpa laughed and kissed Javed’s lips once again. Javed also kissed my wife and broke the kiss after a few moments.

I was really angry at the way they were treating me, but I couldn’t do anything really. Javed broke the kiss and then once again started talking to me.

“Now the other option is still you lose Shilpa. She just doesn’t want to be your wife any more. Isn’t that correct Shilpa?” Javed slowly squeezed her boobs once again.

“Yes Javed, that’s correct. I don’t want to be wife of this wimp.” Javed kept caressing my wife’s naked arms as he laughed.

“Did you hear her wimp?” He laughed at me and then continued.

“So here is your second option. I can’t marry Shilpa because I am already married. My wife is not here. She lives in my hometown in U.P. But Shilpa can be my girlfriend and continue to be your wife. This way, I still get Shilpa and she gets what she wants. Legally she will be your wedded wife. She will live with you. But she won’t be in your bed anytime. Whenever we feel like, we will sleep together. It may be here or it may be in your home. We can make this a bit more profitable for you though. I am a corporator. So I decide who gets what work. Shilpa tells me that you are a civil engineer. You can leave your job and start your own business. I can give you lot of work that goes on around here. So you can just use your skills and get all the work done. You pay me 10 percent for giving you the work. You keep the rest. How does this proposal sound to you?” He looked in my eyes and for a moment I was shocked.

I just didn’t know what to say. This was crazy idea, but it was not something that was very uncommon. I knew lot of people who used their wives to please their bosses to get promotion. I knew some other who used their wives to get business and some others who used them to get their kids roles in movies. But I never thought it was something that I will do.

“Javed, I don’t know what you are saying. This is ridiculous. You can’t just take away my wife like this.” Shilpa laughed at this and it was she who replied.

“Avinash, you lost me the day you failed to protect me from those goons. You had to ask Javed to help you. If he hadn’t come that day, those goons may have raped me. You couldn’t help me that day. You can’t fulfill my most basic need of protection. You can’t give me a baby and sometimes I even feel you can’t even satisfy me in bed. So I don’t see any reason for me to be your wife. But because I am married to you, I feel it’s my duty to help you. I don’t want to break our marriage for our family’s sake, but I can’t really be your wife. I would rather be Javed’s keep or his second wife than your wife. I need a man who can satisfy me. I need a man who can protect me. And frankly you are not that man.” At this moment, Javed slowly removed the chop tying my wife’s hair and threw it on the bed. Her lovely hair was spread on her back now and he slowly kissed her neck.

“So if you don’t want this, then I will simply divorce you and marry Javed. He is a Muslim so his being married is not really a hindrance for us. And I don’t have any problem being his second wife. I will simply convert to Islam and marry him. I suggested this to Javed so that we could at least help you financially. I knew you always wanted to start your business, but can’t do it because you don’t have money. But with Javed’s backing, you can easily do it. You are going to lose me in both cases. The only option you have is whether you want to be rich without me or poor without me. I think you are wise enough to choose. Oh Javed, please stop it jaan.” Shilpa closed her eyes as Javed kissed back and started rubbing her breasts.

I was astonished at the cool way in which my wife was talking to me. She was cold as ice without any emotion for me. It was almost as if I was a stranger to her and Javed and she were husband and wife. Their chemistry was very unnerving for me. She was sitting in Javed’s lap without any hesitation and any embarrassment.

“Look Aniket, there is no way Shilpa is going to be in your bed from now on. She is going to be completely mine. The only question is whether you at least want to be financially benefitted from our relation or lose your wife as well as money. You can keep your marriage intact at least socially. Socially Shilpa will be your wife and you will benefit financially from my contacts. You will easily make 300-400 Million Rupees a year because of me. I will be Shilpa’s lover but technically will be your wife. I am going to give you some time to think about this. Go home and think about this. Shilpa is staying here for the night. She will come home tomorrow morning. And then let me know what you have thought by this month end. Meanwhile if you even touch my darling, I will come and kill you. Do you understand?” I was shocked to the core. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I looked at Javed and my wife as they kissed each other again and then just nodded. I had no option except to think about what Javed said.

“I am seeing that you have begun to understand what I am trying to say.” Javed looked at me and continued on.

“Now go home and think about it. Shilpa will come to home tomorrow morning.” Shilpa suddenly put her hand behind Javed’s neck and whispered something in his ear.

“Oh yes, thank you for reminding me honey.” Javed addressed Shilpa and then once again turned towards me.

“But before you go home, Shilpa and I want to teach you a lesson for hitting my lovely woman.” Shilpa got up and then extended her hand towards him. Javed also got up and then motioned me to come behind them. I watched as Shilpa’s lovely big ass swayed in front of me. But I was also horrified Javed’s big hand slowly caressing and stroking it.

We entered in a large bedroom and towards the end there was a huge double bed. Shilpa moved and then sat on the edge. Javed stood just beside her. He touched my wife’s face and slowly caressed her lips with his thumb. His other hand moved to her breast and he slowly started squeezing it hard.

“Are you sure you want to do it baby?” Javed’s hand moved across my wife’s face and he slowly ran it through her lovely open hair.

“Of course I want to do it jaan. I want to tell my wimp and impotent husband what a man can do to a lovely woman like me.” At this they both laughed at me. Shilpa quickly opened Javed’s pants and slowly pulled it down. His huge cock sprung out of the pant like a hissing snake. Shilpa looked at me for a moment and then started talking.

“Now look at this you wimp. This is called a manhood. The way I see it, you don’t have manhood. You have a childhood.” At this point Javed laughed heartily and asked me to come over there. As if in a trance, I went there and looked at Javed’s manhood. It was almost 9 and half inch and 3 inches in girth. The easy and comfort with which Shilpa was handling it somehow told me that this was not the first time she was handling it. She slowly touched its circumcised head with her fingers and caresses it lightly. Javed groaned at her touch and grabbed her hair roughly.

“Don’t tease me darling. Come on, now suck and lick my cock. This is the first time you are seeing what a real man is. So come and enjoy it.” Shilpa didn’t need any invitation and she opened her mouth hungrily. Javed slowly pushed his massive cock in Shilpa’s open mouth and held her neck gently. Shilpa placed both her hands on Javed’s thighs and slowly started moving her mouth forward and backwards as she hungrily sucked on Javed’s cock. She was sucking on Javed’s cock as if there was no tomorrow. I could imagine her tongue swirling around Javed’s cock as she slurped.

Shilpa had never given a blowjob to me even though I had asked it for some time. She had always said that she didn’t like it. And here she was sucking on Javed’s cock like a whore. I could only think of one reason why she wouldn’t give a blow job to me. She must have thought that my cock is pretty small at 5 inch. And here Javed cock was buried deep in her mouth, but still only half his length was in Shilpa’s mouth. I could still see the other half outside her mouth. I looked at the erotic sight of my wife sucking on massive member of Javed and to my utter surprise; my primary reaction was not anger. It was excitement. I just couldn’t resist getting erect as I saw Javed fucked my wife’s mouth. I was getting a hard on almost as if it was not Javed who was receiving blowjob from my wife, but it was me. To my embarrassment, my small cock was already making a tent against my pants and to my horror, Javed was looking at it.

“Hey Shilpa, look your wimp husband has hot a hard on seeing you giving blowjob to me. It seems that because he can’t get one from you, he is getting hard seeing you give it to someone else.” Shilpa stopped for a moment and then removed her mouth from Javed’s cock. She looked at me and then laughed loudly.

“You are right darling. He has been asking for a blowjob ever since we married. But I never agreed to it because he has such a small pathetic cock. It was hardly worth it. I was so disappointed on our first night when I saw his cock for the first time. You know my best friend; a Marathi Brahmin girl eloped and married a Muslim man. She told me that her husband’s cock was almost 10 inches and for the first night he fucked her almost all night. I was hoping for that kind of thing. Instead I got a small prick that hardly got up the whole night for about 10 minutes. He couldn’t even satisfy me for about 10-15 minutes. I was left awake all night burning. From that day on I decided that I will never give blowjob to this prick.” She looked at me and then laughed loudly. Javed also laughed.

Actually all this humiliation should have angered me. Instead to my utter surprise, it was making me hot. I couldn’t believe my eyes as my penis had raging hard on. I felt like touching my cock since a long time.

Shilpa looked curiously at me for a few moments and I noticed that she was realizing that I was almost enjoying this. She looked at my hard on for few moments before Javed firmly pushed her head back on his massive cock. Shilpa once again started sucking his cock. Her head was bobbing up and down on Javed’s cock as she licked the entire length of his cock. She didn’t need any more encouragement from Javed now. Shilpa licked the length of his shaft with tip of her tongue a few times before once again settling on the circumcised head of Javed’s cock. I could see Javed’s both hands squeezing and kneading her big boobs mercilessly, but Shilpa didn’t even budge from his cock. Javed slowly started to remove her nighty, but he couldn’t do it properly as Shilpa was sitting. Shilpa was breathing heavily as her lovely breasts were falling up and down. Javed slowly caressed Shilpa’s lovely black hair spread on her back before suddenly grabbing it roughly and tried to pull her up.

Shilpa cried out and looked up towards her lover. She slowly rose as Javed pulled her towards him roughly and kissed her lips passionately. Shilpa opened her mouth and Javed’s tongue invaded her mouth. Shilpa’s one hand was around Javed’s waist as she supported herself and the other hands was caressing Javed’s massive pole. She was slowly caressing his entire length with her fingers. Javed’s both hands were inside Shilpa’s nighty and he was stroking her ass lightly and squeezing her bum. As they continued to kiss, Javed slowly started raising Shilpa’s nighty. He lifted it right up to her waist and then slowly tried to raise it above her head. Shilpa broke the kiss for a moment and separated from Javed to allow him to remove her nighty. Javed threw it on the floor and then slowly went behind Shilpa. She was completely naked now and even I could smell musky odor of her lovely wet fluids. Shilpa was facing towards me now.

Shilpa moved her hands behind her body and once again started to caress Javed’s dick with her hands. Javed’s one hand was on Shilpa’s breast and he was caressing and rubbing it roughly. He slowly caressed her tits again and then kissed her neck slowly.

“These belong to me from now on, isn’t it darling?” Javed stared at me he said this. Shilpa shivered and then rubbed her neck against his lips.

“Everything I have belongs to you darling. My boobs, my ass, my cunt everything belongs to you.” Shilpa was looking intently at me and I found it surprising that she was looking at my cock to see my reaction. She smiled at me as she noticed I had a raging hard on. Javed pushed his hand between Shilpa’s thighs and grabbed her cunt roughly. Shilpa cried out and bit, but then as his fingers entered her cunt, she closed her eyes and then leaned back and rested against Javed’ body. She turned slowly and then started removing Javed’s shirt. With one stroke, she removed it and threw it beside her nighty. Now both of them were naked and they started kissing again. Javed whispered something in my wife’s ears and she laughed loudly looking at me. The she slowly bent down and got on all fours.

“Aniket, Javed is going to give you a visual treat. I always wanted doggie style, but you could never fuck me like that. Your small pathetic cock could never reach my cunt from behind. Javed is going to satisfy me as a woman should be satisfied.” She looked in my eyes and then slowly bent forward as her ass was raised high in the air for Javed. She gathered her lovely hair towards one side on her shoulder and waited for Javed.

“Now look wimp, how a man like me should fuck your wife.” Javed slowly moved behind Shilpa. He caressed Shilpa’s back with his palm. Shilpa whimpered as Javed stroked her ass with his big hands few times. Javed slowly moved forward and adjusted his big circumcised cock at my wife’s wet cunt. Javed bent forward as his hands grasped Shilpa’s big breasts and he kissed her neck. Shilpa closed her eyes as she bore full weight of Javed’s body. Then Javed slowly pushed his cock inside Shilpa’s waiting cunt.

Shilpa’s mouth opened and she bit her lips hard as Javed entered her.

“Oh Javed, it feels so good to be filled like this. Please fuck me jaan. Please fuck me harder.” She moaned as Javed supported himself on her ass and slowly started fucking her. His one hand was wrapped around Shilpa’s waist and other was supported on her ass as he fucked her rhythmically. Now Shilpa was moaning and slowly moving her ass back and forth to meet Javed’s thrusts.

As Javed fucked her, she was also matching his thrusts enthusiastically. She gathered her hair with one hand and then with firm stroke spread them on her lovely back. She was encouraging Javed with slow soft moans and grunts and she cried out every time Javed thrust too deep for her. But her face was glowing with pleasure of sex as beads of perspiration started to gather on her neck and back.

“Oh god Javed, you take to the heavens when you fuck me like this darling.” She turned her face and looked at Javed for a moment before turning her head at me. She looked straight in my eyes.

“This is what I had been dreaming ever since I got married. And you are the only man who can give this to me. Oh god, your cock feels so good in my cunt.”

Javed was fucking her furiously now and his thrusts had become very urgent now. He reached forward for a moment and then grabbed Shilpa’s hair and pulled it back. Shilpa cried out, but then steadily held her head back as Javed held her hair and fucked her mercilessly. As Javed fucked her, there was sloshing noise as his cock went in and out of my wife’s wet cunt. Now both Shilpa and Javed were thrusting hard. Suddenly I saw Javed stiffening and he grabbed Shilpa roughly as his body shook in spasms. Shilpa also shook at the same time as her body shuddered. And I knew that both of them were coming.

“Oh Javed, please flood my cunt with your cunt darling. Ah, Ahhhhhh, Ahhhh , ouch. Please fuck me harder darling. Oh maa, this is wonderful honey.” Shilpa stopped and Javed also held her shivering body as he bent forward and both of them collapsed on the floor exhausted. Smell of their mixed juices was floating all about the room. I could see streaks of Javed’s semen flowing across Shilpa’s thighs as she lay under him.

And this entire erotic scene had left me with a strange and unfamiliar feeling. I couldn’t exactly tell how it happened, but instead of being angry, I was feeling hot and felt like jerking off seeing my wife having sex with Javed.

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