How my wife Rashmi became the ultimate cuckoldress

Hi, This is Raghu and this is my post about heavily busty wife Rashmi.
Today, Rashmi’s sex drive has only increased after she got fucked hard about 8 times in one night by Haroon Rasheed her college friend 6 months back.
Harry (Haroon Rasheed), is not part of our sex life anymore as he has moved out of the country but we managed to hook up with a couple of other bulls in our vicinity.
Akbar and Matheen, two of Rashmi’s office colleagues, often used to hang out with her during breaks and gradually began coming over for lunch and dinners to our place.
One night, Matheen after dinner started making the moves over Rashmi. She initially hesitated but eventually gave in and matheen, in all of his 6’2″ well built avatar, lifted my 5 foot tall heavily busty wife in his strong arms and took her into the same bedroom where Rashmi and I would sleep and make love occasionally.

While Matheen began his animal duty thrusts into my darling wife, Akbar kept me company with a few drinks in the hall. Rashmi began moaning and screaming like never before and I lost my mind. I would every now and then get up to see if she was ok, but Akbar would push me down and say “Kuch nahi hoga” (Nothing will happen).

Matheen used Rashmi’s tits and cunt for 1.5 hours without stopping and I could easily say he made 4,000 to 5,000 strokes into her throbbing wet cunt with his 8 inch man meat. Rashmi had never even experienced 50 strokes from me with my tiny 4 inch dick.
With the loudest grunt I have heard, Matheen unloaded his sticky cum into Rashmi’s beautiful cunt.
Once Matheen was done, it was Akbar’s turn. Akbar was another hunk all of 6’1″ and a lusty 8 inch circumcized dick.
Both these men were thick bearded beasts. While Akbar was long haired, Matheen was a strapping bald savage looking man.
Now with another 4,000 to 5,000 strokes from Akbar, Rashmi was squirting all over the bed and Matheen and Akbar finally allowed me inside the room to make sure if my beautiful wife was alright. The bed was wet, the room was smelling of these two stallions’ sweat and cologne mixed along with Rashmi’s sweet creamy fruity fragrance all concocted with the smell of Rashmi’s love juices and the men’s sticky cum.
Matheen and Akbar were taking turns at Rashmi that night like mad beasts and each one gave Rashmi 3 fucks until Rashmi in her naked state collapsed in my arms while she was still squirting and shaking in pleasure and pain.

Rashmi was never used so badly ever before. She held on to me tight and whispered in my ears ” Thanks honey. You are the best husband in this world. I love you. I just hope I don’t get pregnant”. This made me so horny, I fucked her with all my efforts just to last all of 1 minute.
What started as a post dinner after party at 10:00 pm went on till 6:00 am. I asked if Rashmi could make coffee for all of us in the morning, but she was done and dusted. She was lying down in bed naked with her slutty deep bitchy eye make up all smudged, her body oozing Matheen’s and Akbar’s flavours with their beard marks and love bites all over. They literally used my busty wife like their personal slut and threw her in bed for me to take care of her. She had never looked so content and satisfied.

I made coffee for all of us and Matheen and Akbar left at 7:00 am. I stroked my little dick the whole of the next day until I could do no more.

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