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How Sudha became Zeenat the second wife of Javed

Hi everyone.
My name is Sudha. I want to tell you my true story of how I fell for the charms of a mature man Javed and became his second wife.

This happened about 6 years ago. I was 29 yrs at that time. I was divorced from my first husband Ritesh for past one year. We got divorced because I could not adjust to his joint family because I come from a nuclear family with only me & my parents. I have a 2 year old boy from Ritesh. I am good looking and well maintained even after having a 2 yr old boy. He stays with me. I worked in a nationalised bank. Our bank was in a complex which had a lot of shops from mobile accessories to high end designer wear shops. I and my 2 yr old kid were very happy. He was my entire world.

Opposite to our Bank there is a mobile & mobile accessories shop owned by a mature muslim man called Javed. His age is around 45 years old. I used to buy mobile accessories from his shop. He was a handsome man, 6′ tall & well built and very well mannered. he would always speak softly to all his customers. I had a feeling always that he was always eyeing me because he would look at me and smile at me daily when I would reach in the morning & leave the bank in the evening. But I did not take it seriously. I thought it is every man’s nature as I had many men ogling at me even in my bank.

One day Javed came to our bank as he had an account in our bank. He came to my desk. I helped him with his work and then asked him that it will take 3 – 4 working days to complete. He asked me for my phone no. so that he can call me in case the work does not get done. I gave him my no. He did not call me after that because his work was completed.

After about 15 days, I received a call when I was in the bank. It was Javed on the phone. He was very polite in speaking and said he wanted to thank me that his work was done. I thanked him and disconnected the phone. Then his calls started at a regular frequency even during office hours. But there was nothing personal. He started calling me to ask me his account balance, etc. I did not take it seriously.

Then one night at around 9 pm he called me again. And he started speaking about his feelings of attraction for me. I was shocked. I said sorry and disconnected. He did not call from that day, but he started following me when I was leaving my bank in the evening. I was afraid now. But I did not want to report it as I live alone with my kid and I did not want any trouble. This happened for nearly 3 – 4 months. He would follow me every evening. He would sometimes try to talk to me by blocking my way. Now I was slowly feeling some attraction to him because he was approaching me persistently and daringly like no other man had done before. I also slowly started talking to him now. Time lapsed and now I was speaking to him everyday on the phone.

One day he proposed to me that he wants to marry me. He had told me before that he already was married and had 3 kids. I asked him as to how is it possible. He said that muslim can marry upto 4 times. I was a little apprehensive, but I was now madly in love with Javed. I could not think of anyone other than him. I agreed. He told me that i will have to convert as in Islam the marriage is considered as void if it is with a non-muslim. I agreed to convert.

We got married in a traditional muslim nikah. I got converted and I took on a new name Zeenat as per Javed’s parents recommendation. I became his second wife. Now we are married for 4 years and Javed has already given me 2 healthy kids. And the sex is just awesome with Javed as he really knows how to love a woman. He is soft and ruthless in bed at the same time.

Now I stay in a joint family – Javed with me and his 1st wife, his parents, his 3 kids from 1st wife, my son from Ritesh and 2 kids from Javed. I have adjusted perfectly to the joint family now, for which reason I had divorced Ritesh.

Looks crazy, but I am happy.

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  1. well-done sudha i m also married but having great attraction on matured muslim specially beard muslim and want sex with muslim man in mumbai.

  2. woow dear sudha I also married with a muslim man and he is really wonderful i m deeply love with him i give his 3 baby from my hindu womb and I love it

  3. This story proves the power of muslim cock. Sudha was with Ritesh and they even had a kid. But she was always did not make any effort to mingle into his joint family and divorced him. But once she tasted Javed’s muslim cock she adjusted to the joint family setting of his family. Surely she was overwhelmed by the power & strength of his big muslim cock.
    If this story does not prove the domination of the muslim cock on a Hindu woman’s mind then what else does ?

    • Aftab salam walakum!!! so true the power of muslim lund(cock) long live muslim and its wild cock!!! and many kudus to all those hindu females who had the guts to come out and express their desir and lust for muslim lund.
      [email protected]

  4. M so happy for u sudha… Kudos to u and javed

  5. Muslim maliko se chudwane me koi burai nahi hai. Hindu boy maximum satisfied nahi kar pate aur tabhi hindu ghar ki sareef ladkiya muslimo ki rakhail ban jate hai. Hum hindu hi rahete Hai muslim nahi bante. Hindu god ka hi puja karte. Hindu pati namard hone ke baad bhi usse pyar karte aur kaya chaiye hindu ladke ko. Jitna din jayega hindu ladkiya aur jada se jada muslim mardo se chudwayegi aur unki rakhail banegi

  6. ys akhil bilkul sahi kaha apne.muslim se chudwane me koi burai nahi h.mai to apni married bahan ko ek 40 sal k muslim se chudwana chahta hu.

  7. hi aftab ur from where i m in mumbai.

  8. ram Bhai i am with u me b tumhare jaisa he kana chata hu didi se

  9. thanx vikky.apni bahan muslim se chudwane me bahut maza aatta h

  10. aftab ur contact no or email id.i want my sis under u.

  11. Muslims are real man with vigour, they started fucking our Indian Royals and elites since mediaeval times and Akbar the great was father of Hindu Muslim unity and now our princes Muslims making us brides kudos thanks

  12. sudha u r right.

  13. Muslim man Hindu aurto ki jismani jarurate ache se samajhate hai

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