How to become a H!ndu sissy

I wanted to share the steps of accepting to be a Hindu sissy. I personally went through all these stages when my mom converted to Islam and married an older muslim man. I am explaining these steps keeping my slut hindu mom in perspective. You can replace her with your own mom, sister, daughter or wife.

Stage 1: Anger and Jealousy
This was the phase when Salim was dating or casually meeting up with my Hindu mom Shikha. This happened soon after my moms divorce. I would get a little angry at how easily he could seduce my normally conservative mom. He would openly kiss and touch mom in front of me as if to show how easy it was for him to get a hindu brahmin lady. I knew he was fucking mom quite often at his place and that upset me a lot. On top of that he was already married and had a wife. In spite of being angry it used to turn me on a lot thinking anout my Hindu mom getting fucked regularly by an older Muslim guy. Whenever i jerked off my little brown hindu dick I would imagine my mom getting fucked in all her holes by Salim.

Stage 2: Anger turning to slow acceptance
This was the phase when I started to get to know Salim a little more. He gave mom a much needed job in his company and also hired me part time. With this action both of us were completely indebted to Salim. He started coming to our house almost everyday which resulted in me listening to my mom getting fucked and her moaning in pleasure from outside the door. Salim slowly started to get to know me as well which slowly made my anger disappear. He was the strong male figure in our household and my mom obeyed him completely. Salim slowly started to introduce Islamic practices in our household. He would expect mom to wear a hijab while going out. He started to discourage mom to hold any sort of puja inside the house and gave her a few Islamic books to read. Even during this time I would jerk off violently thinking about my hindu mom giving her pussy away to a muslim guy.

Stage 3: Feeling of helplessness
I reached this phase when I saw with my own eyes my mom getting fucked by Salim. This happened early in the morning one day when I saw mom sucking on Salim’s huge musalman dick. That was followed by an awesome fuck session which ended in Salim cumming inside mom’s hindu pussy. These visuals turned me on so much that i remember cumming in my pants without even touching myself. When I saw Salims big dick and the confidence with which he fucked mom I knew that my little hindu dick would never be a match against a muslim dick. My respect for Salim actually grew at this point.

Stage 4: Complete Submission and acceptance of being a Hindu Sissy
Many things happened in this stage which made me a complete Hindu sissy. The first incident was when mom informed me that she was pregnant with Salims baby. The second incident was when mom announced that she was going to convert to Islam and change her name to Taslima. Third was when mom got married to Salim and became his second wife. These incidents convinced me completely that hindu brahmin women are born to satisfy Muslim men.

Advice to Hindu brothers: Please go through the points above. They will help you to encourage more and more hindu sisters to fuck and marry muslim men. Ever since my mom started fucking Salim there has never been a day that I have not masturbated without thinking about my slut mom. Trust me its a very rewarding experience.

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