How to find real Musalmans

As large number of musalmans in the chat here are fake, I feel the need to write this post. Of course you can chat with anyone you want, no one is getting banned but if you want to be sure if its not fake then this is a guide for you.

First of all the Musalmans are more of real world people, they do things in real whose reaction we see on the internet like so called love jihad. The musalmans are not typically internet warriors and they don’t have to go to porn sites to find a girl to get laid. They are getting all the pussy you could think of. As we speak most of the love jihad is happening on facebook itself.

It doesn’t mean that Musalmans dont go to adult websites, many here are real but most here are cucks who wish to fulfill their fantasy which includes and is not limited to chatting with hindu girls with muslim names. Others feel manly while chatting with a muslim name and they sometimes even think about becoming one and then there are those who want to mess around with a muslim name.

So how to find real Musalmans

If he doesn’t use a real human name and uses some made up name then that’s a red flag.

If he is being overly aggressive, rude or abusive, thats a big red flag. “What kind of idiot would spoil his own party ?” That is more likely some frustrated boy.

You ask for his real facebook profile, or any other social media account and then tell him to post something to verify if its his.

If he doesn’t want to reveal his real account then there is the dirty way.
You ask for his dick pic and see if its circumcised. Of course he could send you any pic so to verify it you must ask for his dick pic along with a piece of paper with his name written on it which he should be holding close to his dick.

If you want musalmans on facebook then let me give you a little help, here are the links to thousands of real hot musalmans for you (you’d have to be logged in on fb to see) You won’t be able to look at all of them in your lifetime.

This is it, its as simple as that.

4 thoughts on “How to find real Musalmans

  1. Good that someone made this article. But I have a sincere question. I’m not pretending to be a muslim. I’m a Hindu cuck and honest about it. Do hindu girls like talking to people like me? I just want to know how to be a good cuck. Please mail me at [email protected]

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