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How european white girls are pleasing muslim refugees

Earlier today i said i was going to wear something sexy at the Refugee Hostel. Well i bought this outfit during my recent holiday to Morocco and wore it underneath a standard pair of jeans and a cardigan so the charity organisers wouldn’t know.

The Hostel is an old Hotel, so Refugee’s that have recently emigrated to the UK can live there whilst they are found proper accommodation to be settled in. They all have their own rooms to sleep in and also have their own en suite bathrooms. They are also literally all Men aged between 18-40.

My role as a Volunteer at the hostel is to help look after them. I do things like bring them food from the Kitchen and sometimes help out in the laundry room. Though i’m mostly there to give them moral support and make them feel at home in their new country.. and i certainly do that.

Because they have their own rooms i’m able to hang out with them in complete privacy. I have the hots for quite a few of them, they’re just so sexy. Today i went into three of their rooms, one after the other, and took my clothes off in front of them, revealing my outfit underneath and performing a seductive dance for them.

Two of them were Middle Eastern and the other was African, though i couldn’t tell which countries they were from specifically because none of them spoke any English.

Watching their lustful eyes gaze upon me is such a turn on, it makes me feel so sexy, knowing how much they want me. It wasn’t long till i saw their big cocks get hard in their trousers.

The first Man couldn’t resist himself and got up from his bed and approached me. He grabbed me by my shoulders and span me around and pushed me against the wall whilst raising up my little skirt and shoving his hard cock inside my pussy, which was incredibly wet.

He pounded me so hard and i came pretty much instantly because i was so turned on by what was happening to me. I loved feeling his hands tighten against my hips as his body tensed and his hot cum filled my pussy. He didn’t speak English but i could tell by his smile that he finally got what he travelled all those miles for.

I visited two other men afterwards who both fucked me, the first fucked me doggy style on the bed as he pushed my head into the pillow whilst calling me names in his native language. The next also fucked me doggy style but pulled my hair and kept spanking me. His African cock was massive, i’d guess around 8 inches. Both came inside me, leaving my pussy used and full of cum. In fact can still feel all of it inside me as i type this.

When i was finished i put my normal clothes back on and went downstairs like nothing had happened, then returned home. Today was a good day and i look forward to returning for more Volunteering work in the near future.

3 thoughts on “How european white girls are pleasing muslim refugees

  1. in a German school,they have asked girls to dress modestly so as not to offend the Muslim refugees staying in the gym… They know that Muslim Arab men are dominant and have high libido and they are willing to take the risk..

    Putting a white girl near a muslim guy is like putting a lamb next to a lion…No wonder rape cases of white girls by muslim men are very high in Europe

  2. true. vry commen. now. i m indian living in spain now lots of reffuge camp. me my others frnds girl. often visit there. helo nd. fucked lots

  3. My very pretty young, B4 hair on it White daughterswear very short dresses or skirts, and remove their panties and show hugely hung muslim guys their baldies. They take many muslim penises a day. End racism now, B4 hair on it white girls fuck 4 muslims a day.

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